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59 Automation features for Intelligent Hiring – Part 4 – Resources

As a recruiter, there is always a moment where you might have found yourself frustrated with the amount of time that you have spent doing the same repetitive and time-consuming work without getting any good hiring results!

If you are among those who just said yes, then you should consider yourself as one of those in the recruitment world who is still unaware of recruitment automation. Because it is seen that those who use recruitment automation are far more relaxed while hiring candidates as they get only the best of results.


Automated recruitment can also be considered to be the next big thing in the recruitment industry. It has one of the main goals is to reduce the amount of time that recruiters tend to spend on repetitive and simple tasks and hence freeing them with more time to do more strategic work.

The ultimate goal of recruitment automation will also be to get better and more efficient hiring that drives significant business results for your organization. Modern recruitment automation tools such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, and Chatbots all contain a number of features that will help recruiters automate the individual tasks or even the entire workflows within the recruitment funnel.

In the initial three parts, a list of various features was described that helped recruiters to conduct and complete their hiring tasks at the earliest. Similarly, in this last set of features provided by TurboHire, it is now possible for recruiters to gain a deeper insight into how hiring can be made easier.

Internal Job Posting:

An internal job posting is a job opening that is made available to the existing employees in a company rather than a normal public posting. This can be one of the most powerful tools for employee retention and there are data that show that internal mobility will also lead to a longer employee tenure and better employee productivity and engagement.

While external recruitment is one of the processes to get candidates easily, the internal job posting is another one of the best options due to the following reasons:

  • Shortens onboarding time
  • You can hire quickly
  • Saves a lot of money
  • Boosts retention

Using the internal job posting feature from TurboHire is also simple as you can just post the job opening and this feature will allow notifications to be sent through to your employees to get instant response.

Referral Jobs

“One study found that Over 45% of employees referred by colleagues stay for more than four years, while only 25% of employees sourced through job boards stay for longer than two years. Referrals were favored by 82% of employers for yielding the best return on investment (ROI)”

Apollo Technical

Employee referral jobs are one of the best sources to get candidates that can match your ideal type. This will help you automate the referral program which means this will help eliminate the heavy lifting on your part.

With the help of the referral jobs feature from TurboHire it is also possible to gain referrals from not only your company’s employees but you can also check out the referrals provided by partner vendors and other partner portals. All of this can be accumulated in a single place and can be segregated based on the candidates that you feel are the best.

Report Library:

Creating reports on each stage of the hiring process is a task that consumes a lot of time. To ease out on the same, TurboHire provides the report library where you can check what sort of report you would like to create, and within just an instant you can create your report by customizing the data you’d like to enter.

This report library will eventually help you even in emergencies especially when you are asked to provide a report on the spot while also handling the recruitment process. This hence makes both the hiring process and the report-writing process go hand-in-hand without having to be left behind during the process.


Right from sourcing to placing to even pay you need a report that is not only accurate but also up to date in order to make the best decisions for your business growth. With the help of the Dashboard feature from TurboHire, it is possible to select certain reports that you would like to view and check them all out in a single place. With insights into various activities that you have conducted via reports, you can focus more on your team’s time on the most revenue-generating activities.

One of the examples is by checking through the reports which type of outreach, follow-up, and onboarding tactics seemed to increase the time-to-fill.

Dashboard Sharing:

How to share the reports each time you create one? Well, there is just a single easy solution to this problem! All you need to do is share your dashboard that contains all the reports that you’d like to share with the management and the stakeholders. This Dashboard sharing feature by TurboHire makes it easier to access the reports no matter where you are while also letting your fellow coworkers know about the reports that you are working on.

This feature also helps in the analysis of the reports and hence helps coworkers to understand the cash flow and inform the office staff to prioritize the most profitable jobs, clients, and candidates.

Custom Report Builder:

With the age of automation at its dawn, why work hard, instead of aim at working smarter! How to work smart? Well, all you need to do is save time on creating those thousands of reports and keep on using those templates that are already prepared for you to share in just minutes.

With the help of the custom report builder by TurboHire, you can check out the templates that you’d like to customize and hence create the reports that you are either due on or would like to prepare in advance. Some of the advantages that the custom report builder provides can be stated as follows:

  • Allows a faster report generation
  • No more mistakes in report generation
  • Only add information that you’d like to report
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Your overall performance increases
  • The time taken to fill in a position is also reduced

Training Guides:

Training newly hired candidates are essential to start them off on the right foot. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if it is not planned properly. While you are hiring the best of candidates, it is still seen that you will need some the other sorts of training in order fully integrate with the company and its functions.

However now with the help of training guides provided through TurboHire gives a much more ideal way of training the newly hired candidates. This will also help the new candidates to settle in at a much faster pace while also providing a smooth flow to the hiring process.

Role-based Access:

Proving only the right information to the right members of the team is important to entrust a smooth functioning within the team. This can now be handled by using the role-based access feature that has been provided by TurboHire which allows the recruiters to allow only those members to check the information they need to see based on their importance.

Teams & Orgs

Coordination cannot be brought about if there is no proper communication. It is hence important to create teams and orgs that will allow better communication within the team. With the help of this feature via TurboHire, recruiters can customize the number of teams and the team members that are needed to be included in a particular team. The better the team coupled together the better the flow in a particular team will be.

Custom Deployment:

You can now also use TurboHire not only on a single medium but you can also use it on your own domain address. This improves a much-controlled hiring process. This is seen as you will have control over both your domain while also handling TurboHire’s account at the same time.

Multi-geo accounts

No matter what the location is you can now access the TurboHire account from anywhere you’d like to access it. With the help of multi-geo accounts, it is possible to use the account with ease no matter where you are which means making the hiring process an easier one even on the go!

Multiple people at different locations can also check out the same account at the same time, this allows a comfortable and smooth process ongoing without any interruptions.


If you already have a process going on and would like to integrate the same into the new TurboHire account the integrations feature can help you. This feature allows easy and seamless integration of data through the account and hence helping you proceed with the hiring process without facing any obstacles.


These are all of the features that you need to be aware of in the recruitment automation process. These features being one of a kind will allow you to get a much-advanced way to get through the entire process. Finding the right hire for your company is definitely challenging but using these recruitment automation features makes it a lot easier.

Whether it is regarding the remote hiring process that you’d like to conduct or the identification of the right talent for your next job opening, recruitment automation software is the key that will allow you to spend lesser time searching through loads of resumes and more time to engage with your top candidates.

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