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4 Recruitment Automation Solutions : Part 2 – Resources


Recruitment automation still stays as a matter where a lot of people are in the study stage. This can only be improved when everyone starts to use recruitment automation and its features in daily life. Recruitment processes are also to be simplified if the recruiter would like to hire high-potential candidates. This simplification only furthermore calls for recruitment automation.

As seen in the last part of this blog there were two solutions mentioned for adapting recruitment automation with its features being explained in detail. Here are the rest two solutions that will help you get on with the recruitment automation and its complete understanding.

Recruitment Automation solutions for Intelligent hiring:

C. Employer Branding:

With the help of a single TurboHire account, and venture capital firm, Accel Partners was able to host a space wherein they could list jobs for about 165+ portfolio companies. This helped all the companies to find the perfect candidates for the job position. All of this was able to possible due to the features that helped them throughout the process. The following features are the ones that helped achieve this goal:

1. Careers Site:

Career sites are the portals that assist candidates to apply for various job openings while also helping job recruiters to inform the candidates that such openings are available. These portals also assist the recruiters as a means to find the ideal candidate for the job.

At times these career sites may need recruiters to pay a premium in order to get the services and hence it becomes quite inconvenient to get the desired number of applicants. This however can be overcome by using the TurboHire careers site feature and creating a job post while finding the best candidate using AI skills.

2. HR toolkit:

HR toolkit helps in the documentation needs of an HR professional by providing various ready-to-use templates. These templates with multi-purpose options provide a better opportunity at communicating with the candidates.

While most small companies might not be so highly burdened with HR paperwork, however, large companies need a lot of paperwork or manual work to be done such as creating reports, sending job descriptions, sending out emails, etc. All of this can be handled by using the ready-to-use HR toolkit option.

3. Offer management:

Sending in an offer letter once you select the right candidate might take time if you need to structure the entire offer letter from the start. If there are multiple positions available then writing an offer letter will consume a lot of time. Instead, you can use the automated modules to send the offer letter as soon as the final stage of hiring is done. This helps foster communication between both the recruiter and the candidate.

4. Referrals:

One of the best ways to source potential candidates is indeed by using referrals provided by internal team members. This process is not only trustworthy but also considered to be secure. Recruiters can also check that there is a higher rate of joining of the candidate when they are referred through an internal employee rather than outsourcing the candidates.

The referral program at TurboHire allows the employees in the company to know that various positions are open and hence allowing them to provide great referrals.

5. Email and Text automation:

No more sending out emails to individual candidates as now recruiters can automate this process of sending emails and texts by using this feature. Here recruiters can select which email they’d like to send to the candidate and at which stage. Based on the stage the candidate is at, they will get the mail and text both options being available to enhance the communication means between the recruiter and candidate.

6. Internal Job Posting:

Allowing the employers to know that various job positions are available and whether they’d either like to apply or would like to recommend someone. The internal job posting feature is quite handy especially when you are in urgent need of filling in a post and do not have time to publish the job descriptions on job boards. This method makes it so much easier to find suitable candidates.

D. Global recruitment:

There is no denying how the pandemic has changed the entire idea of recruitment. It has also made recruiters think of the unthinkable by communicating with the candidates on a global level. This solution allows recruiters to accept diversity and inclusion and hence providing a wide range of candidate pools to select from.

1. Multi-accounts:

Working from or traveling to different locations is made easier when you have access to multi-accounts that allows you to select the accounts based on your geographical locations. Switching between the accounts is easy when you are changing your locations. This increases management efficiency no matter where you are and what you are willing to do.

2. Compliance:

A highly secure portal with military-grade security of customer data will be provided. Recruiters can stay assured about no more leaks of information as TurboHire has also received a CIS, ISO27001 certification that allows for a fully encrypted mode.

3. Dashboard and recruiting reports:

The dashboards allow you to track KPIs (key performance indicators) while also helping recruiters to analyze and display them all in a single place. These dashboards and be customized based on the needs of a recruiter. Recruiting reports can also be handled through a single dashboard and communication can be simplified.

4. Internationalization:

Recruiters can choose which platform they’d like to access based on their geographic location. Each location will need its own configuration to be set up however this will take a lot of time and hence interrupt the entire flow of work. Due to this TurboHire has made it easier to access multiple accounts no matter where the location is

5. Security:

TurboHire allows strong data security which is accessible by the customers and there’d be no access without authorization. Users will also get a strong data security option both by default and one that can be customized.

6. 1-click promotion:

1-click promotion can be enabled which allows the candidate to apply for a job with just a single click. This allows for greater engagement rates. It is otherwise seen that the engagement gets lowered if the candidates are prone to lengthy job applications.

To conclude, recruitment automation is a changing phenomenon however it can be utilized to your own benefit by adapting these solutions and features. This will also allow for better performance overall while also generating great potential candidates in an institution.

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