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ūüéČ Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Hiring a new employee is a big decision and it does not just affect the employee, but will also affect the company that is hiring that employee. It hence becomes quite important that the new employee is thoroughly checked for his or her background and whether they are suitable for the role. Especially when there is a lot at stake while onboarding a new employee, it becomes important to check everything about the employee. Background verification helps with the process. In this particular article, you will get to know how TurboHire’s integration with HelloVerify will help recruiters to make sound decisions and choose the most suitable employee.

What does background verification mean?

A hiring manager is responsible to check through thousands of applications, shortlist them and then interview them to find out the right candidates. Now, after going through all this process, if the new employee turns out to be a bad hire, it means all of the efforts and time spent on hiring the new candidate will be an utter waste of time. To make sure this time and effort included does not go to waste, recruiters must optimize background verification.

Background verification is a process that helps recruiters to verify the information provided by candidates during the stage of recruitment. This process will involve checking the education records, employer details, address checks and even resume checks to identify whether the details provided are valid or not.

About HelloVerify

HelloVerify is one of the most leading background verification platforms in India that provide a robust and compliant background screening process. This process provided by HelloVerify does not only include benefits for recruiters, from large enterprises but also for startups and individual businesses. The process will also benefit the company by building an organization that is based on trust between the employees and the factuality of the information.

HelloVerify provides more than just background screening to recruiters. They also help recruiters to check for the following information:

  • Drug and health check
  • Continuous monitoring checks
  • Digital id customer background checks
  • Statutory check
  • International check

With all of these being available, recruiters can stay assured about the factuality of the information regarding the new candidate they need to hire.

What are the steps involved in background verification?

Certain steps are involved in the process of background verification and can be provided as follows:

  • Initially, companies like HelloVerify will contact the previous employer of the candidate to ensure that the data provided is up to date.
  • Then they will look into the public database to check for any criminal records or illegal activities. Followed by this verification, they will check for degrees and certificate verification.
  • Lastly, the verifications of the candidate‚Äôs address will be done.

How does HelloVerify integration with TurboHire help recruiters?

Recruiters who utilize the TurboHire recruitment automation platform get an additional benefit when it comes to background verification as they get an integration that will automate the process. With the help of HelloVerify’s integration with TurboHire the following benefits can be availed by the recruiters:

1. Improvement in the quality of selected candidates

Recruiters can easily avoid bad hires at an early stage by conducting background verification so that there is no loss of time and effort being indulged in the selection of the candidate. Along with the reduction in the number of bad candidates, the process will also weed out the applicants who are trying to hide serious issues.

2. Maintains a safe and productive work environment

The background verification process will ensure that there is a better work environment being provided which will not only be beneficial to new hires but also to existing employees. Avoiding those candidates with criminal intentions will be easier and hence provide a safe environment. This will subsequently give a better and more productive environment to the employees.  

3. Minimizes the employee turnover

There are certain circumstances where after hire, a candidate might no longer want to be a part of the organization. This again leads to a loss of time and effort. With the help of background screening, it is possible to reduce the amount of employee turnover and hence provide a better-established work environment.

Final thoughts

It is hence observed that with the help of background verification, recruiters can check for bad applicants and remove those affecting the hiring strategies. TurboHire’s integration with HelloVerify and the subsequent process will also help reduce the amount of loss caused by dishonesty or fraudulent activities. With an improvement in the quality of hires, it is also possible to maintain a safe and trusted work environment. 

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