Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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TurboHire GDPR FAQ’s

TurboHire is committed to adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read about our approach to GDPR here. The following are some of the frequently asked questions to help our clients and candidates.
Clients/ Organizations/ Users with a TurboHire account
What data do we collect?
When a candidate makes a Job Application or is contacted by a TurboHire client in course of Talent Acquisitions Process, we store the following information of the candidate on behalf of our client:

- Email address
- First and last name
- Phone number
- Resume, and all the information contained in the Resume
- Google MAPS data on Candidate location

We also collect usage data, and geographic position through third-party tools like Google Analytics and Google MAPS. This data is may also be mapped to a specific individual but is analyzed only as a whole.
TurboHire does not store any financial or biometric information on candidates. However, TurboHire may have access to such financial or biometric information if any such information is contained in the resume or other documents uploaded by the candidate or where a candidate elects to save his / her financial data (credit /debit card number, CVV, etc.) on TurboHire.
What is our privacy policy?
You can read more about our privacy policy here.
Who is responsible for candidate data?
Any TurboHire client that undertakes the Talent Acquisition process using TurboHire, owns the data of all candidates who respond to or have responded to Job marketing. The responsibility of updating and deleting all candidate data when requested by a candidate lies with the client. TurboHire provides our clients with necessary support (customer support/ product features) to carry out any such requests however and whenever the client wants to.
For how long is the candidate data stored?
It depends on the contract with our client. By default, we store data until it's explicitly removed. But we provide provisions to set up a periodic data removal process for our clients on a contract-to-contract basis. However, we always support data deletion through requests sent to support@turbohire.co for all of our clients. We delete data at the specified/ requested time by our clients with an additional grace period.
Who has access to candidate data?
- Clients that perform talent acquisition process on TurboHire.
- Candidate through requests to Client.
- TurboHire internal team only when a support request is raised by the Client and data access is necessary to support such request.
Which roles/ permissions are required for employees of the client to have access to candidate data?
All users of a client account with roles - Recruiters, Talent Acquisition specialists, Interviewers, Hiring Managers and HR heads have access to candidate reports as per role definition and permissions defined by Client Administrator.
How do clients request candidate data to be deleted?
For enterprise users with specific contracts, they can delete the candidate entry using 'delete' action in candidates' view.

Furthermore, you can email us at support@turbohire.co with the list of candidates' data to be deleted. You can also contact your TurboHire Customer Success Manager for such requests.
How to access audit logs?
TurboHire maintains logs of all actions that are state changing as well as un-permissioned actions for troubleshooting and security. Super Admins of a client account can view the audit logs from their dashboard. Any further processing requests of audit logs should be routed through support@turbohire.co or your TurboHire Customer Success Manager.
Can the deleted data be reinstated?
Can we edit a candidate's data?
Client users and admins with specific contracts, they can delete the candidate entry using 'delete' action in candidates' view.
For any specific request, please contact us at support@turbohire.co with details about the request.
Candidates who took part in Talent Acquisition process for a client
Can I delete/ edit/ view/ access my candidature or personal information?
TurboHire is an Talent Acquisition Software as Service provider and your data provided to the client, is owned by our client who managed your candidature. Please contact the client user who managed your candidature, directly to request the deletion of your data.

If you require any help in making such requests, please feel free to contact us at support@turbohire.co with specifics of Client and Job applied to.

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