🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

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The Present Of Hiring

Gen Z Vs Millennials in the Workplace & Hiring

“Explore the dynamics and evolving work patterns of Gen Z and Millennials as we delve into distinctive approaches to reshaping today’s workplace landscape.”

Emerging Trends in the HR Industry 2023
The Present Of Hiring

Emerging Trends in the HR Industry 2023

Now download the latest Report on Emerging trends in the HR industry. This report covers everything you need to know right from the various predictions regarding the trends that are to be expected in 2023 to the high-demanding jobs and skills one must be aware of. With the help of the data accumulated in the report, you can also start working towards better HR strategies that can start impacting your daily processes.

The Present Of Hiring

Definitive Hiring Guide to Candidate Screening

You can now find this report on how candidate screening is conducted and what are the parameters that are included in screening a candidate. While candidate screening is a part of the overall hiring process there are various ways in which a recruiter can screen a candidate. With the help of various automated candidate screening tools, it is now possible to both simplify and organize the process.

The Present Of Hiring

Definitive Hiring Guide to Candidate Resume Scoring

Scanning through the resume and selecting the right candidates will need a lot of time. However it is a bit easier when you get to score the resumes and select your candidate based on the scores. This report will help you understand all about how does resume scoring takes place. You can also refer to some problems and its related solutions to get a better idea on ow you can tackle a number of problems in candidate resume scoring.

Top 5 use cases in Recruitment Automation-cover
The Present Of Hiring

Top 5 use cases in Recruitment Automation

A report on how recruitment automation is transforming the hiring process across industries worldwide. The report discusses why companies are adopting recruitment automation and how they are benefitting from the same. The growth of this new trend in the industry is affecting how organizations structure their recruitment process and this report will be hard proof of why you should do the same.

The Present Of Hiring

Guide to Virtual Candidate Assessment in 2022

A recruiter’s guide on how to cope with the virtual candidate assessment trends and practices in the industry in 2022. A report on why hiring managers are adopting assessment tools and how it is helping them. Find facts and figures concentrating on the perks of virtual candidate assessment in hiring backed with the thoughts of industry leaders around the same. Get insights from a TurboHire survey to understand the candidate and recruiter perspective better.

The Present Of Hiring

Global Recruitment Industry Report

Download our exclusive report on Global Recruitment Industry insights in 2022. A post-pandemic synthese of worldwide recruitment trends that focuses on understanding the dynamics of automation, on-demand workforce, and data-driven processes that are meant to stay. Know what the industry leaders from Forbes, Upwork, LEADx, etc have to say about the ongoing and upcoming hiring dynamics, the in-demand skills, jobs, and much more!

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