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Definitive Hiring Guide to Candidate Screening

You can now find this report on how candidate screening is conducted and what are the parameters that are included in screening a candidate. While candidate screening is a part of the overall hiring process there are various ways in which a recruiter can screen a candidate. With the help of various automated candidate screening tools, it is now possible to both simplify and organize the process.

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Key Highlights

Candidate screening is now being optimized by tools, but how, here are some points that are stated in the report that support the same:

  • Data supporting

    Data supporting current scenario in candidate screening

    Data has been collected and a list has been curated to support the way through which tools are helping candidate screening.

  • Candidate screening

    Candidate screening problems solved by recruitment automation tools

    With the help of recruitment automation tools, candidate screening problems have reduced while recruiters have 36% more satisfaction.

  • Industry survey

    Industry survey on candidate screening

    With TurboHire’s own survey here are some great facts that recruiters ought to know rearding candidate screening and how it is affecting industries.

  • Thoughts

    Thoughts from Aman Gour, Co-founder, Product & Revenue, TurboHire

    Catch on these thought-provoking statements from Aman Gour on what candidate screening means and how the recent automation has changed the processes.

3. Table of content
  • What is candidate screening?
  • What is the current scenario in candidate screening?
  • Solving candidate screening with recruitment automation tools
  • TurboHire’s 2022 industry survey on leveraging recruitment automation for candidate screening
  • What do industry leaders have to say about the penetration of technology in candidate screening?
  • Acknowledgements
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Why are recruiters wasting a lot of time in candidate screening? What sort of challenges are coming up while screening candidates? How will candidate screening look like in 2022? What are the tools to optimize for better candidate screening?

Well, if you are looking out for the answers to these questions, then now you can skim through our data and check out some of the latest trends in the industry which will help you decide how to strategize your plans while there is a competition going on in the market. Stay on top of all the trends now with some of the best practices.

To know more download the report and get a copy of your own.

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