Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
One of the world's best Applicant Tracking System and AI-Software - TurboHire
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Say hello to intelligent recruiting which is data-driven, structured and collaborative.


Trusted by the trusted
Microsoft for Startup Program 2020 - TurboHire

Trusted by the trusted

#1 Talent Intelligence Platform

Intelligent Recruitment Platform that combines candidate discovery, integrated interviews and structured recruitment

Find talent with a human-machine collaboration

Humans are innately creative whereas machines can generate data-centric insights. TurboHire brings first of its kind talent intelligence to source, screen and assess candidates

Take candidates from Hi to Hired

Interviewing is a collaborative process to find your next best future employee. With TurboHire, schedule and conduct high quality live and one-way interviews to understand your candidates before making hiring decisions.
WakeFit - Customer Story - TurboHire

Never lose sight of best candidates

An efficient recruitment process is structured, collaborative and data-driven. Engage all stakeholders, keep track of talent pipeline and generate insightful hiring reports all on the same platform.

Powering recruitment teams of all sizes

Trusted by 5000+ recruiters across the globe


TurboHire built intelligent recruiting optimisation for screening and assessme
Hanu built a highly optimized recruitment system using TurboHire to process over 5000 candidates in just 4 months for US and India hiring.It also increased its  hiring velocity with the help of TurboHire


TurboHire helped in an increase of 61% in quality of hire over 1000+ jobs hired 
Vitasta Consulting is a diversified HR services company that has been successfully providing high-quality services for nearly two decades to various industries across India.


Building effective searchable database on top of resumes, for Spectrum by TurboHire  
Spectrum Consultants India Pvt Ltd is a Staffing organization in the 25th year of its operations with a clientele that includes marquee names from Fortune 50 IT companies


Authbridge experienced 70% reduction in time to hire with TurboHire smart platform
Authbridge delivers contactless onboarding and remote authentication through automation for over 1500+ clients across 30+ sectors, including Fortune 500
Hanu - Customer Story - TurboHire
Vitasta - Customer Story - TurboHire
Spectrum - Customer Story - TurboHire
Authbridge - Customer Story - TurboHire
100+ more organizations utilizing TurboHire's intelligent recruitment

Award winning talent intelligence platform

G2 - Customer Review - TurboHire - 2
Great Customer Support Is What We’re About
Premium Usability 2019 Award - TurboHire
Recruiting platforms have been boring, not anymore
Top 10 Best AI Software 2019 - TurboHire
Built for human-machine collaboration in recruitment
G2 - TurboHire - High Performer Asia Pacific Winter - 2021
Committed to quality performance. Always.
Orbis Research - TurboHire - Market Leader
Projected Global Intelligent Market Leader by 2026.
G2 - TurboHire - High Performer Asia Pacific Winter 2021
Staying ahead of the curve, one hire at a time

Stay ahead of the recruitment curve


What Is Applicant Tracking System?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software that deals with the hiring and recruiting measure, including posting jobs and job applications.

Four Stages of Recruitment Process

TurboHire is a new-age AI-based talent acquisition system. The platform is packed with features that will help the recruiter in the optimization of each stage in recruitment.

2021 Global Recruitment Report

Cost to hire is one of the recruitment process metrics that helps organisations measure their total spend associated with filling a vacancy.

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