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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more


How Hanu Increased Hiring Velocity
With The Help Of TurboHire

Learn how TurboHire's platform helped Hanu to generate streamlined workflows across the entire candidate lifecycle.

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About Hanu

Hanu software has been a Microsoft partner for over 20 years with a mission to enable each organization to arrive at 100% cloud accomplishment along with reaching an extensive product portfolio and services.

Campus Hiring With TurboHire

TurboHire helped Hanu with digitizing campus hiring, which further accelerated Hanu to reach new levels of hiring and thereby meet the set targets.

Hanu’s Interaction with TurboHire

The interaction between Hanu and TurboHire has been highlighted by Amit Kataria. He also throws light on how Hanu has achieved their goals with TurboHire as their go-to recruitment solution.

Hanu’s Future with TurboHire (Going above and beyond)

Amit Kataria expresses how TurboHire with a zeal to learn in the past has been a part of Hanu as a recruitment solution and how presently TurboHire has helped Hanu achieve hiring goals.


The biggest challenge for Hanu was the inability for cross-border interview set-up, workflow, and stakeholder management. Hanu wanted to have a platform that can power up their entire talent acquisition function.


What Hanu required was a recruitment automation tool that gave the information they needed, without wrestling control from recruiters. TurboHire managed to provide a seamless workflow that is adaptable and infused with intelligence at various steps for candidate screening, interviewing, and more.



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decrease in cost to hire

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