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Repos- Fueled by YES is transforming energy distribution with a vision to move the world towards a carbon-light future. They are doing this by bridging the gap between the supply and demand of current fuels. Repos is on a journey to bring all the fuels, be it liquid, gas, or electric, under one roof and make them available using special-purpose vehicles that are capable of distributing fuels safely and efficiently with the help of the latest technology with just a click on the phone.

They strongly believe and function on one simple thought “YES” and one belief has the power to change the world. Repos is doing that by bringing the possibility of ordering energy/fuel on an app to the world, with advanced technologies and an e-commerce platform for energy.

Repos specialise in diverse industries namely-
Petrol Pump, Indian Startup, Make it Possible, Doorstep Delivery, Sales, Services, Entrepreneur, Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Tech, Internet of Things, E-Commerce, Energy, IOT, Diesel, Fuel, Startup, Energy Startup, Energy distribution & Diesel delivery.

Challenges Faced By Repos In Hiring

Repos is a fast-growing 2017 startup that recently raised seed funding of US $ 7.2 M on May 12, 2022. With 242+ employees strong team, they have multiple openings every month but the recruitment process at Repos was manual and faced the following challenges-

It was challenging to keep a track of all the applications that were being received in huge amounts from different 6-7 platforms for one single job and did not have one common platform where they could collect all the applications.

Post receiving the application keeping track of the entire poll was another challenge. They required building a candidate lifecycle at one platform, the process being scattered made it difficult for them to follow this. They needed a tool to streamline their process and reduce all the manual efforts of collecting and arranging the profiles.

Repos also being a culture-based organisation, and the cultural interview was one important aspect for them in shortlisting the candidates. They required a strong system that can align technical interviews followed by cultural interviews in their recruitment process. Their hiring process was brief but very stringent and very straightforward.

Recruitment Solutions Provided By TurboHire

Repos have been using TurboHire for a time frame of over one year now. The team at Repos believed that Turbohire and Repos are both a startup, therefore TurboHire understood the requirements of the recruitment process at Repos and provided a flexible, streamlined and centralised platform needed for a fast-growing organisation. They also came across features that they were not expecting to have, all these factors made them replace the manual process and adopt TurboHire.

How Is TurboHire Helping Repos?

Using Turbohire they got one single platform for end-to-end recruitment process and candidate lifecycle management. This has given them a smooth flow of talent acquisition.

With an entire database of candidates in one place, they can now track different stages of candidates from rejection and selection to offered or dropped. Whenever the candidate is applying again, they can get back on the same tracker and see the whereabouts of applying, rejection and current stage.

The hiring period has been reduced, productivity has been increased, and the level of automation in terms of the entire process has been increased. The kind of database that they have right now has been improved as compared to the previous one.

Most Loved Features Of TurboHire

Candidate calibration score

The process of setting calibration score criteria provides flexible filters that align with the JDs and is loved by Repos. Based on set criteria, skills, education, and experience an individual candidate rank is provided, this has been a big plus for the team at Repos.

Job board integration

Since their biggest challenge was to source candidates from 6-7 different platforms, now with TurboHire they can do it all at one point. TurboHire is integrated with job boards like Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn and 10+. They were expecting to merge their career page with the ATS, but then merging the rest of the job platforms was an additional winning point.

Offer letter

The earlier offer letter process was tedious and included printing, scanning, waiting for the candidate to sign, and then sending back the same. However, the offer letter module at TurboHire brings together all the stakeholders and the approval process at one point and also tracks the offer acceptance and drop rate.


They can now track all the metrics required to improve talent acquisition. From the number of people applying to the number of people offered all the reports can be generated, shared and added to the dashboard. This has helped them optimize their process from quarter to quarter.

TurboHire-Impact On Repos


Total number of candidates processed


Number of jobs managed


Number of profiles shortlisted

682live interviews

Number of interviews conducted


Number of candidates offered/hired


Improvement in the overall productivity of the team by

Repos has been highly satisfied with all the prompt customer service and response to their queries. Having used ATS for the first time, they have adapted to the platform smoothly with the help of a seamless onboarding process by the customer success team at TurboHire.

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