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Better hiring strategy? Recruitment score will help

A recruitment calculator will help you learn what is working and what isn't by using assessment tools during the hiring process. Better hiring metric insights means better hiring strategies being put into action. Let’s check how recruitment calculator can help you out now!

What will this calculator help you analyse?

You can use the Recruitment Calculator to check whether the recruitment expenditures made by your business have been aligned with the returns. The Recruitment Calculator by TurboHire will provide you with figures and KPIs that directly affect the different phases of your hiring process.

Amplify the value of your hiring


5 stage assessment

When it comes to hiring five sections are important to be regularly analyzed. These five sections are talent discovery, screening, skill assessment, interviewing, and onboarding. Better analysis means better hiring productivity.


Get correct hiring score

A talent acquisition plan that consists of everything right from technology, data-centricity, and collaboration? Well, the recruitment calculator score will help you find out.


ROIs for every hiring manager

ROIs that are unique to your organisation, well, you can now get it specially curated with the recruitment calculator to get direct impacts on your hiring processes.


Analyse plans based on results

A recruitment analysis with questions to judge what’s working for you and what can be done better can now be utilized. With all questions being answered get the results from which plans can be strategized.

Recruitment Calculator FAQs

Have questions? We’re here to help.

The recruitment calculator provided by TurboHire consists of key recruiting metrics that provide measurements and a good insight into how effective your current hiring process is. These metrics will also help determine the valuable ROI on your recruiting investments.

Assessing your recruitment functions will help to ensure that your processes are quite efficient, cost-effective, and data-driven. When you use the recruitment calculator to measure your recruitment process on a consistent basis while focusing on the improvement based on the results obtained, you will see a change in your hiring strategies, a reduction in time and cost, and a procedure free of bottlenecks in all.

There are 5 basic categories through which the recruitment calculator will assess the quality of an organization’s recruitment process and can be provided as follows:

  1. Candidate Sourcing – Helping in both active and passive sourcing of candidates using integrations and automation
  2. Candidate Screening – Utilization of technology and automation to pre-screen and screen eligible candidates
  3. Assessment of Skills – Building a data-driven shortlisting process that uses a number of advanced assessments for skills
  4. Candidate Interviewing – Formulating a collaborative and structured interviewing process for the candidates, assessing them without actually spending real-time interviewing while saving time by automating adminstrative tasks such as scheduling and communications.
  5. Offer and Employee Onboarding – Allows effective use of technology to ease out the onboarding of candidates during the offer stage.

The result can be obtained within three categories where the recruiters can observe the efficiency levels with the recruitment calculator, without a recruitment calculator, and the impact that has been observed due to the usage of the recruitment calculator in the hiring process. For example,

Sr. no.CategoryTodayWith THImpact
2.Recruiter Productivity2034.0170.00%
3.Interviews Conducted106.238.50%

A recruitment calculator helps evaluate whether you're getting the right ROIs in your organization. Talent Acquisition KPIs tend to change based on the organization but our recruitment calculator will show your current KPIs that will have a direct impact on your recruitment efforts.

Organizations that have utilized the intelligent recruitment calculator have witnessed:

  1. Cost-to-hire – Cost-to-hire plays an important role in recruitment budget planning. While using the recruitment calculator it has been observed that there is a reduction in the cost to hire. It is important to know whether the hiring team’s budget has been utilised properly. A recruitment calculator helps to identify these costs and optimize them in the right way.
  2. Time-to-hire – Understanding the concept of time-to-hire and optimizing it will allow a recruiter to get a clear picture of how much time it takes to fill in a position. This in turn will help recruiters to improvise their hiring strategies going ahead. This will ultimately help hire faster and better.
  3. Candidate Experience is improved – Recruiters can measure the satisfaction level of candidates with the application process that the company has offered and whether there needs to be any improvement being made in the process. Candidates who have a positive experience will also want to remain for a longer time within the company.
  4. Quality of hire is improved – These metrics can be continually measured to check whether the candidate hire is a quality hire or not. The candidate can be assessed for their success, especially throughout their first year of employment which ensures that the quality of hire is being maintained.

Getting the recruitment score via the recruitment calculator is very easy and will consist of only 4 simple steps as provided below:

  1. Step 1: Log in to use the recruitment calculator
  2. Step 2: Now enter all your details before you start using the recruitment calculator
  3. Step 3: Inside the calculator, you will be prompted to answer some questions by marking “Agree, Somewhat Agree, Disagree”
  4. Step 4: Lastly, you can view your result based on the recruitment calculator’s measurements.

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