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500+ HR Templates
& Checklists

A one-stop destination for your HR templates and checklists. Find ready-to-use templates curated by our industry experts. We have covered a wide variety of fields covering information and resources required to attract the best talent to your business.

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  • Company Policies

    Company Policies make an important part of a company's terms and conditions. Their goal is to protect the business interests of the company and the rights of the employees and clients.

  • COVID-19 Templates

    The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive change in the workplace and working trends.  The templates you will find here will help you communicate with employees better regarding Covid-19.

  • Hiring Mail Templates

    Hiring email is your first stage of communication with candidates. We have provided you with the best templates of hiring mail that is format-specific.

  • HR Mail Templates

    HRs have a lot to do already! Use our wide-ranging email templates from our HR Toolkit, based on possible communications that HRs are required to make.

  • Human Resource Survey Questionnaires

    Conducting surveys help HR to analyze performance and goals of employees, while ensuring important metrics are on the right track.

  • Interview Mail Templates

    A collection of interview email templates containing interview scheduling, reminder, assignment, and more. We have included easy-to-use formats to make the job simpler for recruiters.

  • Interview Question Checklists

    Interview questions are a determining factor in the quality of the interview. We have included the best questions to ask during an interview for you to hire the best candidates.

  • Job Description Templates

    We have made a diverse collection of job description templates for you to choose from. Marketing, sales, education, design, we have covered it all.

  • Job Offer Mail Templates

    Job Offer Mail templates: Anything you need to communicate with a candidate before onboarding, you will find it here. Win your candidates with these ready-to-use formats.

  • New Hire Checklists

    New Hire Checklists have made one element of the cumbersome recruitment process easy for you. Everything you need to communicate with a new hire has been laid out in our templates.


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