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500+ HR Templates
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A one-stop destination for your HR templates and checklists. Find ready-to-use templates curated by our industry experts. We have covered a wide variety of fields covering information and resources required to attract the best talent to your business.
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  • Background Verification Checklists

    Background Verification Checklists

    Background verifications can save recruiters from hiring the wrong candidate and will also help check the eligibility of the candidate for the job role. With some of the easy to use and customizable checklists templates, recruiters can avoid hiring the wrong candidates.

  • Company Policies

    Company Policies

    Company Policies make an important part of a company's terms and conditions. Their goal is to protect the business interests of the company and the rights of the employees and clients.

  • COVID-19 Templates

    COVID-19 Templates

    The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive change in the workplace and working trends.  The templates you will find here will help you communicate with employees better regarding Covid-19.

  • Hiring Mail Templates

    Hiring Mail Templates

    Hiring email is your first stage of communication with candidates. We have provided you with the best templates of hiring mail that is format-specific.

  • HR Mail Templates

    HR Mail Templates

    HRs have a lot to do already! Use our wide-ranging email templates from our HR Toolkit, based on possible communications that HRs are required to make.

  • Human Resource Survey Questionnaires

    Human Resource Survey Questionnaires

    Conducting surveys help HR to analyze performance and goals of employees, while ensuring important metrics are on the right track.

  • Interview Mail Templates

    Interview Mail Templates

    A collection of interview email templates containing interview scheduling, reminder, assignment, and more. We have included easy-to-use formats to make the job simpler for recruiters.

  • Interview Question Checklists

    Interview Question Checklists

    Interview questions are a determining factor in the quality of the interview. We have included the best questions to ask during an interview for you to hire the best candidates.

  • Job Description Templates

    Job Description Templates

    We have made a diverse collection of job description templates for you to choose from. Marketing, sales, education, design, we have covered it all.

  • Job Offer Mail Templates

    Job Offer Mail Templates

    Job Offer Mail templates: Anything you need to communicate with a candidate before onboarding, you will find it here. Win your candidates with these ready-to-use formats.

  • New Hire Checklists

    New Hire Checklists

    New Hire Checklists have made one element of the cumbersome recruitment process easy for you. Everything you need to communicate with a new hire has been laid out in our templates.


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