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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

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Definitive Hiring Guide to Candidate Resume Scoring

Scanning through the resume and selecting the right candidates will need a lot of time. However it is a bit easier when you get to score the resumes and select your candidate based on the scores. This report will help you understand all about how does resume scoring takes place. You can also refer to some problems and its related solutions to get a better idea on ow you can tackle a number of problems in candidate resume scoring.

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Key Highlights

Candidate resume scoring is the new way to check the resume of the candidates. Ere are some of te points that are covered in the report which helps your way in understanding the process:

  • Problems and solutions for candidate screening

    You can find some of the reflective problems and solutions that are mentioned in the industry report taken from real time data to help you understand the candidate screening process better.

  • Evaluation approach to score resumes

    Get to know how various evaluation methods can be used to screen candidates to ease out the entire talent discovery process.

  • Using scoring engine in screening

    Scoring engine is a great way to check the right match for your desired candidates and this can now be checked out via this industry report.

  • Results derived from candidate resume scoring

    About 90% of irrelevant resumes can be removed with the help of these resume scoring tools. This recruitment automation will help ease the screening process at an intelligent and easy level.

3. Table of content 3
  • Introduction to candidate screening & resume scoring
  • Problem identification in candidate screening
  • Solution to candidate screening
  • Evaluation Approach to candidate resume scoring
    • Data Input
    • Process
    • Recommendation
    • Stack Ranking
    • Success Evaluation
    • Value Generation
    • Non-Goals
  • Results in candidate screening and evaluation
  • Appendix
  • Acknowledgements
4. Summary 3

How has screening of candidates changed with the help of resume scoring? Is candidate resume scoring a better way to evaluate the candidate? Is it possible to remove bottlenecks related to candidate screening with this feature?

If these are some of the questions you are trying to find answers to, well, you can now refer to this industry report consisting of in-detail explanation on how the resume scoring attribute works. Further, learn how it will not only help you but your entire TA team during the hiring drives.

Download the report now and get a comprehensive guide to candidate resume scoring.

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