🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Cipla onboards TurboHire to Digitally Transform its Hiring


Hiring Transformation Platform

Finally, a complete hiring solution that creates business impact
and great experiences for all stakeholders in the hiring process.

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Trusted by 100+ companies across
15 major industries and 6 countries

TurboHire is globally compliant for all hiring use cases across major industries like Automotive, BFSI, Hospitality, Healthcare, IT & ITES, Logistics, Manufacturing, Pharma, Realty, and Software-SaaS

A Complete Hiring Solution for Enterprises
that creates Business Impact

Creating experiences and impact for all 5 stakeholders of the hiring process

TurboHire Platform

  • Using AI and automation, TurboHire creates unique experiences across the hiring process. from sourcing to pre-onboarding, that result in business impact. Our globally compliant platform offers login-less mobile-friendly experiences for all stakeholders, including Recruiters, Candidates, Interviewers, Approvers, and Leadership.
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“The impact of TurboHire can’t be told it can only be experienced. I don’t know how we lived without TurboHire before”

Uma Maheshwari

Uma M

HR Head


Recruiter Experience

  • TurboHire’s AI-driven platform boosts recruiter productivity by streamlining tasks and focusing on strategic engagement, enhancing efficiency and job satisfaction through mobile-friendly, login-less interactions. The result is a higher quality of hires with significantly reduced effort and time investment.
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“The AI helped us reduce manual efforts in sourcing and screening by over 8 times. And my hiring managers simply love the ease of mobile-accessibility and sharing feedback on candidates”

Veena J.

Veena J.

Lead Recruiter

1. TurboHire_Recruiter-Experience

Candidate Experience

  • Candidates enjoy a seamless, intuitive application process with quick, transparent communication and a simplified hiring journey, accessible from any device. This minimizes the stress and uncertainty associated with job applications, leading to a positive perception for employer branding.
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“Our biggest delay in recruiting was a slow engagement with response from candidates. Using the multi-channel approach, we are seeing a 50% reduction in response time”

Poonam S.

Himanshu S.

Lead HR

2. TurboHire_Candidate-Experience

Interviewer Experience

  • interviewers benefit from AI-matched candidates, ensuring they meet only the most suitable applicants, thus improving the quality of interactions and decision-making efficiency. This allows for deeper and more meaningful evaluations, contributing to better overall hiring decisions.
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“The AI helped us reduce manual efforts by over 8 times. And my hiring managers simply love the ease of mobile-accessibility, interviewing, and sharing feedback on candidates”

Veena J.

Veena J.

Lead Recruiter

3. TurboHire_Interview-Experience

Approver Experience

  • Approvers experience streamlined decision-making with intuitive tools and real-time analytics, enabling faster, well-informed approvals and optimized resource utilization. The platform’s automation capabilities reduce administrative burdens, allowing approvers to concentrate on strategic decisions.
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“We have multiple approval workflows setup in TurboHire and it helps us significantly. The bulk actions feature is very helpful for multiple high volume hiring”

Amit M.

Amit M.

Lead TA

4. TurboHire_Approver-Experience

Leadership Experience

  • Leadership gains strategic insights from TurboHire, which helps boost productivity, reduce costs, and achieve significant ROI, fostering growth and talent acquisition. These insights enable leaders to adapt quickly to market changes and scale workforce strategies effectively.
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“We use analytics extensively in TurboHire. It has not just helped us gain new insights but also helped improve collaboration with the business teams”

Amey Y.

Amey Y.

Lead HR

5. TurboHire_Leadership-Experience

One Platform, Many Solutions

From all blue- and grey-collar scenarios to leadership
and white-collar, TurboHire solves all your hiring needs.

Globally Compliant and
Deployed Across Countries

A complete platform that can handle even complex
non-linear hiring processes across multiple geographies.

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