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Guide to create a successful Candidate Sourcing Strategy

What is Candidate Sourcing in Hiring?

Candidate Sourcing includes proactively looking for and connecting with qualified candidates to fulfill your organization’s job requirements.

Sourcing frees you up to immense areas of the talent pool you didn’t approach previously – among both passive and active candidates who in any case wouldn’t apply since they don’t think about your organization’s opportunities. Sourcing permits you to assume responsibility for your pipeline and start discussions with the talents you truly need.

Regardless of whether you secure candidates on job boards, through employee referrals or social media, or from other applicants provided data, powerful and fruitful sourcing requires an essential strategy.

A candidate sourcing strategy can boost a company’s reach and outcomes. Below are five steps that will help in building a “robust” candidate sourcing strategy.

5 Steps To Building A Robust Candidate Sourcing Strategy

1. Job Posting – First Step in Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing should include everything from publicizing on job boards to directing profoundly focused effort endeavors to arrive at quite certain, narrowly qualified applicants.

Candidate Sourcing has become easier with TurboHire’s One-Click Job Posting feature which helps HR managers to post a job description across multiple job portals/ boards in a single click. So imagine if you have created one job opening, with this feature you can share the opening to all premium level and free-to-use job boards.

As mentioned before, TurboHire’s job posting feature can help you integrate with premium job boards such as Indeed, DICE, and Career Builder so as to be able to market your job opening across social media platforms such as Facebook for Jobs, LinkedIn, and Google Jobs. This becomes extremely helpful for passage-level job searchers to come across your job openings, increasing the number of potential talent applying to the job.

2. Re-Target – Second Step in Candidate Sourcing

For most organizations, re-targeting applicants is a missed chance. Despite the fact that practically all – 99 percent – of organizations accept reconnecting applicants will help them construct their talent network and ensure their brand image, less than half of businesses actually go through it.

An AI-powered ATS system is a big help in this step. In order to keep track of candidate-specific abilities, number of declined candidates, number of potential candidates, an Applicant Tracking system is definitely a must.

With TurboHire, candidate ranking becomes easy. You can attract the best talent, no matter in which stage of the job searching stage they are. For example, if you are coming up with a hiring ad, TurboHire’s Candidate Ranking feature helps you to target even those candidates who might have browsed the career page of your website but did not apply.

3. Social Promotion – Third Step in Candidate Sourcing

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter: posting jobs on these platforms help you increase the visibility of your job ads among potential candidates.

Some broad tips to remember when you’re posting a job on a social media platform:

  • Keep your post short.
  • Make it clear it’s a job promotion.
  • Incorporate significant data.
  • Hype your company’s culture.
  • Make it easy for candidates to apply.

TurboHire has a unique feature for promoting jobs on the social media platform. With this feature, the recruiter can at the time of posting a job, can promote jobs on social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even post the jobs on personal networks such as WhatsApp and Telegram. There is also an option to forward it to mail ids. This feature has been included because LinkedIn is a source of quality candidates and Instant messengers like WhatsApp and emails will help in targeting the right set of candidates faster.

4. Build Your Brand – Fourth Step in Candidate Sourcing

The reason a candidate has been responding to your job postings or has been ignoring it is your company’s brand. Employer Branding lately has become a vital element for sourcing candidates. Candidates almost never respond to jobs if they have a negative idea of your company.

Employer Branding is basically how you market your organization to future candidates and prospects. This can be made possible by exhibiting your organization’s significant cultural differentiators, and later trying to intensify them so that you are able to situate yourself as one of the best work environments. An employer brand — or your so-called “talent,” or “individual” brand — has a relationship in defining the embodiment of your company, curating and modifying the goals of your company to draw in the best applicants from the market.

TurboHire has tools for finding candidates for a job in the existing database of organizations. This helps improve employer branding as it goes out for candidates who have already applied in the past. Our platform provides a candidate-friendly Career Page that allows candidates to automatically match to open positions. You can have a first-hand experience right here.

5. Effective Discovery System – Fifth Step in Candidate Sourcing

Candidate discovery is an instrument in the ATS platform which helps recruiters and hiring managers to efficiently look for feedback and correspondences of the past candidates to grab an understanding of the prerequisites of the recruiters dependent on the search parameters. It curates a standardized approach of recruitment based on AI and machine learning to match candidates perfectly with the skills and responsibilities required for the job.

Not having a productive and efficient hiring system in place can have adverse effects on your hiring process. It’s even worse if the process is manually undertaken. To tackle this ineffectiveness in current hiring methods, TurboHire’s Candidate Evaluation Engine helps HR managers undergo an efficient candidate screening process.

In a nutshell, using TurboHire’s Candidate Discovery tool meets the following criteria:

  • TurboHire converts resume into SmartCards so it is easy to look into the whole profile of a candidate.
  • It makes use of existing company datasets to look at candidates based on the company’s requirements.
  • TurboHire’s Smart Search allows you to perform Google-like searches on your applicants’ database.
  • TurboHire builds a LinkedIn-like candidate network for recruitment.

8 Tips For Successful Candidate Sourcing with TurboHire

Successful Candidate Sourcing Strategy with TurboHire

  1. Explore beyond basic searches.
  2. Use Boolean Search techniques.
  3. Track potential online sourcing channels. Example: GitHub, Behance, and DeviantArt.
  4. Use AI to match candidates with jobs.
  5. Use Employee Referral Programs.
  6. Sync with Hiring Managers.
  7. Track your Sourcing Records.
  8. Background check on potential candidates.

The TurboHire Impact on Candidate Sourcing

The best candidates are in such high demand that it’s important to be more vital on the off chance that you need to win them for your group. At the point when the opposition for top-level ability is high, you need to go out and discover the type of candidates you need for your association to succeed. The above-mentioned strategies and tips can help you fill your pipeline with qualified talents so you can pick the best recruit for your team.

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