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5 recruitment tools every recruiter should be aware of

With the advance of technology, it has become easier to hire candidates that are the right match based on the requirements. While most recruiters still use the traditional ways of recruitment a lot of recruiters have started to utilize recruitment tools that work on AI to get tasks done faster. Especially when recruiters have heaps of work that needs to be completed it is important to know more about the recruitment tools that help work faster. Hence here are 5 recruitment tools every recruiter should be aware of and should definitely use to get better productivity. 

What are recruitment tools?

Recruitment tools make it easier for recruiters to advertise their jobs on job boards apart from also helping them fill in vacant positions. The main aim of these HR recruitment tools is to simplify and automate the job search for both the candidates and the recruiters. Recruiters can use these recruiting tools to find candidates apart from also checking whether they are the right match for the position. 

Top 5 recruitment tools that every recruiter should be aware of

Every year there are new HR recruitment tools being developed and some of them might not be the right ones for your hiring process. If you are among those who are wondering which of the recruitment tools are the best ones then here is a list of top recruiting tools that you should be aware of!

1. Job boards

Job boards are one of the best recruitment tools that recruiters should utilize to post job openings. This also allows candidates to find the right jobs based on their skill sets. There are also job boards that allow the pre-screening of candidates on the company’s behalf. This makes sure there is the identification of suitable candidates right away. Recruiters can also use boolean recruitment tools that provide specific search results. 

2. Customized assessments

Assessments can be customized based on the roles for which the candidate is being chosen. There are also various integrations provided by TurboHire that helps recruiters to select third-party vendors who provide customized assessments for the roles you need. 

3. AI Chatbots

AI chatbots help provide automated responses to any questions that a candidate asks. This provides convenience to both candidates and recruiters. These questions can be some of the commonly asked questions regarding interviews or application-related. Chatbots can be integrated with the recruiter’s website as well for ease of use. 

4. AI-powered interviewing software

With TurboHire’s AI-powered interviewing software it is possible to both schedule and conduct interviews using a single platform. This also allows recruiters to save time as candidates can schedule their interviews by themselves. These interviews can also be recorded by the recruiters for further documentation purposes.

5. ATS

An applicant tracking system is one of the most commonly used tracking systems that collect candidates’ information in a database and identifies the various steps of the hiring process. It also allows tracking of each applicant and which particular stage the applicant has reached. ATS tools for recruitment are quite beneficial as they also allow the automation of messages and interview schedules along with providing custom report options to recruiters.

Benefits of utilizing recruitment tools in the hiring process

Hiring the right candidate is one of the most crucial tasks that a recruiter must carry out. This task can however be eased out by utilizing some of the recruitment tools. These recruitment tools also provide certain benefits such as follows:

  1. Saves time for recruiters: Using the top recruiting tools can help save an ample amount of time especially when menial tasks are considered. 
  2. Attracts talents: Recruiters will be able to attract top talent in the industry by utilizing these recruitment tools.
  3. Secured data: Keeps the data related to candidates secured even when there are more than thousands of applicants for a particular opening. 

Final words

Recruitment is a long and complex process that is also often hard to navigate at times. Even if there is a set goal along with a set time it seems quite hard to hit that goal of hiring a suitable candidate within the timeframe. However, with technology’s boon it is now possible to make the process not only quicker but also cost-efficient and of much higher quality. The top recruiting tools for finding candidates serve the same purpose and hence provide a better opportunity for recruiters to increase their productivity.


What are recruitment tools?

Recruitment tools can be rightfully said to be the tools that help ease out recruiters’ tasks by automating them and providing better results. 

What is often used as a recruitment tool?

One of the most common recruitment tools that most recruiters use nowadays can be said to be ATS or applicant tracking system. Also, due to its ease of use, it is now one of the most widely used recruitment tools for better quality recruitment. 

What is the role of a recruitment toolkit for hiring managers?

A recruitment toolkit is a collection of recruitment tools for hiring managers that enables them to conduct various hiring processes such as reaching out to candidates and ensuring that the hiring process is proceeding smoothly. 

What is the best recruiting tool?

While ATS is considered to be one of the best recruiting tools, there are also other tools such as an automatic interview scheduler, and resume parser that can be used for good results. 

What tools do recruiters use?

Recruiters use a number of recruiting tools that helps them ease out the hiring process such as ATS, resume parsers, job boards, and chatbots. 

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