Partners & Integrations

Applications & Integrations

TurboHire lets you integrate with a wide ecosystem of industry partners to help recruiters build a systematic and structured recruitment process. Choose from over 25 integrations to develop a seamless hiring experience along with TurboHire’s intelligent recruitment tools.


Use any of these HRMS tools to reduce your HR paperwork and save time. Efficiently process and store employee information and recall them without any hassle. Integrate with these for a smart management system.

  • HROne

    The ultimate HR management software for creating goals, onboarding, managing tasks, etc making daily HR activities easier.

  • Oracle

    Manage the entire employee lifecycle of your company with their HCM cloud while it holds vast amounts of HR data.

  • Uknowva

    A cloud-based solution to manage your daily business management requirements.

  • Taleo

    An intelligent solution to manage your human resources operations with tools for sourcing and onboarding.

  • Darwin Box

    An enterprise-ready solution to help you automate day-to-day HR activities and take some manual work off of your plate.

  • SAP SuccessFactors

    A collaborative solution to hire only the best candidates by automating hiring tasks from job requisition to onboarding.

  • EmployAStar

    Integrate with EmployAStar through TurboHire to achieve your business objectives and track productivity.

  • Greenhouse

    Structure your hiring process with Greenhouse’s features along with TurboHire’s to make the most of your recruitment efforts.

Single Sign On

We allow you to verify multiple accounts or websites using only a single set of credentials.

  • Office 365

    Integrate with the free versions of Microsoft Office 365 suite from the TurboHire portal to keep your docs and workbooks at one place.

  • Google Workspace

    Integrate with Google Workspace to get access to all productivity and collaboration applications from TurboHire

  • LinkedIn Recruiter

    Improve your recruitment efficiency by integrating with LinkedIn Recruiter to hire the best candidates.

Job Board

TurboHire lets you integrate with multiple job boards at once to let your job postings acquire a global audience to find the best candidates. Increase your chances of getting top-notch candidates to improve quality-of-hire.

  • indeed

    Give your jobs global exposure by making a listing on Indeed and get better candidates.

  • iimjobs

    The best place to find relevant candidates to fill your middle and senior management positions.

  • Google Jobs

    Integrate with Google Jobs to help job seekers easily find your listings increasing your job visibility.


    The biggest employment website in India and the Middle East to improve your candidate discovery practice.

  • Dice

    The hottest place right now for tech employers around the world with a pool of contract and permanent opportunities.

  • Monster

    Discover global candidates from Monster accompanied and find employees that match your company’s visions.

  • Career Builders

    One of the largest employment sites in the US integrated with employer software and tools for your benefit.

  • Jobsora

    Integrate with Jobsora and find candidates for specified sectors like education, sales & marketing, accountancy, law, etc.

  • Career Jet

    One of the leading jobs and careers sites in India with a huge audience allowing you to find the best talent.

  • Hirist

    The best place to post your jobs if you’re hiring for tech-specific roles like developers for Java, Python, Php, Android, etc.

  • LinkedIn Jobs

    Post your jobs on the Linkedin Job Board directly from TurboHire to increase your candidate reach.

  • Ripplehire

    Ripplehire with TurboHire brings to you powerful employee referrals to make use of your employees’ connections.

  • JobServe

    Source candidates from various domains and industries according to your requirements by integrating with JobServe.

  • Careers24

    Get a wide pool of candidates to choose from while customizing your location specifications with Careers24.

  • CareerJunction

    Source quality candidates from this South African job board with wide-ranging applicant reach.

  • Pnet

    Recruit your ideal candidates by sourcing from Pnet after integrating it with TurboHire.

  • Jobsora

    Get access to one of the most popular job portals, Jobsora, and reduce your sourcing time by integrating it with TurboHire.

  • Postjobfree

    Make sure your job posting is reaching as many candidates as possible with the help of this integration.

  • Jooble

    Get access to a quality talent pool from this India-wide job portal with candidates from various industries.

  • Jobrapido

    Find your ideal candidate across cities in the country and across various domains from Jobrapido with TurboHire.


With no out-of-the-box solutions for communication, TH lets you integrate with the basic communication tools used in regular life to handle your candidate connections with the help of emails, text messages, and group messages.

  • Gmail

    The most widely used mailing solution integrated with TurboHire for seamless communication with your candidates and fellow recruiters.

  • WhatsApp

    The easiest and quickest way to communicate with your candidates alongside merging personal and professional experience.

  • Outlook

    A communication hack for employers for easy management of employee and candidate emails.

  • SMS

    Stay in touch with your candidates at the most basic level to ensure there is no communication gap.

Candidate Assessment

Assess your candidates in the pre-screening stages of the hiring process using these integrations to evaluate their skills, behaviour, technical knowledge, ability to perform under pressure, etc.

  • Adaface

    Finding tech-specific qualified candidates has been made easier and faster with the integration TurboHire x Adaface.

  • My anatomy

    Assess candidates better to hire only the best with TurboHire x MyAnatomy and improve your quality of hire.

  • Mercer Mettl

    TurboHire x Mercer Mettl provides you with a suite of candidate assessment tools to assess behaviour, aptitude, skills, and many more.

  • HackerEarth

    Find the best developers in the market by using tech-centric assessments provided by HackerEarth x TurboHire.

  • HackerRank

    Use TurboHire x HackerRank to upgrade your technical hiring strategy, reduce your time to hire, and identify the best skills.

  • Perspect AI

    Assess your candidate's skills using games, VR, and AI to discover the true talent and potential.

  • iMocha

    Get access to 2000+ skill tests and 200+ job role-specific tests by integrating with iMocha through our portal.

  • EduThrill

    Integrate with EduThrill to assess candidates across 8000+ topics with customized assessment tests.


Scheduling candidate interviews, calls, and meetings have never been easier. With TurboHire, you can schedule your candidate tasks and communications directly from Google Calendar and Outlook.

  • Google Calendar

    Have a definite view of your day-to-day tasks and schedule your activities with ease.

  • Outlook

    Organize your emails and calendar and sync them together with Microsoft Outlook for a personalized experience.

Video Interviewing

Integrate your favourite video conferencing application with your TurboHire account and enjoy the combined benefits of the application along with TurboHire’s intelligent interviewing tools.

  • Zoom

    A one-stop solution for meetings, phone calls, chats, conferences, online events with flawless video and experience.

  • Google Meet

    One of the most widely used video conferencing applications for conducting interviews with candidates for seamless communication.

  • Google Calendar

    Have a view of all your scheduled interviews in one place and easily communicate about them to candidates.

  • Microsoft Team

    Create teams and channels during the interview process for easily organizing your interviewing needs.

Background Verification

Run background verification checks on candidates before onboarding

  • IDfy

    IDfy offers real-time verification of your candidates to ensure safety while onboarding remotely.

  • Millow

    Automate your background verification procedures with Millow and stay ahead of the safety and security standards.

  • KPMG

    A leading provider of tax, advisory, and audit services integrated with us to maintain safety standards

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