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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more


SAP Success Factors

TurboHire Plus SAP SuccessFactors

Partnership that drives hiring success from job requisition to offer and
onboarding. It’s intelligent. It’s smart. It’s collaborative. It’s agile.

Together what does this partnership have to offer?

With SAP SuccessFactors’ partnership with TurboHire you can

Create centralised automated resume banks

Enjoy the benefits of automated interview and scheduling features

Utilise number of premium partner and job boards integrations

Measure progress and generate insights with recruiting reports

A fully integrated hiring solution?
Double the yes.

Get access to the advanced yet collaborative experience of talent discovery,
applicant tracking, and candidate engagement with real-time people insights.

Access a range of recruitment automation features designed for the
intelligent recruiter.

Talent Discovery

Source 2x more qualified candidates with 98% accuracy focusing on recruiters’ productivity.

  • Job Requisition

    A rich position management and requisition tracking module.

  • Job Marketing

    1-click job-marketing and powerful tools for 360 degree sourcing.

  • Intelligent screening

    Utilise pre-screening assessment and screening forms to measure candidate proficiency.

  • Dynamic talent pool

    Automatically update applicant pools and find past applicants all in one place.

Interview Automation

Schedule and interview candidates with leading interviewing tools for 3x better results.

  • Automated scheduling

    Use the best tool for easily finding the most appropriate interview slots.

  • 1-way interviews

    1-way video interviews for automating phone screening.

  • Evaluation scorecards

    Collect feedback from interviews using configurable templates.

  • Configurable integrations

    Easy schedule interviews on platforms such as Meet, Teams, Zoom.

Candidate Experience

Enjoy an omnichannel approach to engage candidates at scale while tracking their activities.

  • Recruitment Intelligence

    Eliminate manual effort and time spent creating jobs. Add intelligence to offers to ensure quality hiring.

  • Data Collection Forms

    Access inbuilt forms functionality to collect all types of data across hiring stages.

  • Collaborative Integrations

    Access over 25 integration partners to extend your global recruiting management solution.

Applicant Tracking

Self-serve ATS that can be configured to suit recruitment workflows and reduce manual management.

  • Configurable workflows

    Use customizable workflows to focus on data-driven hiring and strengthening the recruitment system.

  • Activity tracking

    By virtue of algorithms that can evaluate hundreds of candidates within seconds, one can access the best candidates faster, without bias.

  • Candidate management

    Assists with scheduling interviews, issuing notifications and alerts, sending automated emails to candidates and internal team.

Proactive recruitment tools,
designed just for you

Reports and Dashboard

Discover the power of a fully integrated Reporting tool in action.

Reports and dashboard

Measure progress and generate insights that help you deliver rich reports. Our platform has the option of customising reports for every stage of the recruitment process. Capture candidate activity, recruitment progress, discover bottlenecks, and more.

Offer and Onboarding

Remove inefficiencies to take offer to joining ratio at an all-time high.

Offer and Onboarding

Offer letter module that automates the processes involved in the final stage of hiring, right after a candidate is selected and before they are onboarded. Not only can you automate the offer letter process but also get live status updates of the offer letter.

Streamline your hiring with us. Save
69% time and 23% cost.