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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

This is a series that covers improvements provided by TurboHire platform. This assessment is made through four broad stages in the recruitment process which are Candidate sourcing, candidate screening, Interviewing, and decision making. In this how-to-guide, we will cover the 4 stages of hiring: Candidate Sourcing, Candidate Screening, Candidate Interviewing, Decision Making.

1. Candidate Sourcing on TurboHire

First Stage of Recruitment

Discover Candidates with TurboHire

The First stage is candidate sourcing which deals with getting necessary candidates for the job vacancy. This stage can be subdivided into 2 further stages

  • Job approval to a job posting.
  • Job Posting to job screening.

I. Job Approval to Job Posting

Once the job vacancy is approved, the next step is to publicize the vacancy to attract the best candidates. The practice is to post this job on leading job boards in which will attract quality candidates. This is the first step taken by the recruiter/HR manager.

Current scenario

In the current scenario, the recruiter/HR manager needs to individually post a job on each job board. Across the world, there are two types of job boards, premium and free. Candidates’ favorites are Monster, Indeed which are the premium job boards. Free job boards are those which allow the recruiters to post the job at zero cost. Some of them are Facebook jobs and google jobs. The average time spent posting a job on job boards is almost 1.5 hr and the if recruiter needs to publish it on at least 4 job boards to attract more candidates. So, the total time spent will be 6hr.

Time for posting a job on the job board1.5 hr
Number of Job boards4
Total time for posting job in Job board6 hr

Job approval to job posting with TurboHire

Candidate Sourcing with TurboHire

TurboHire is a new-age AI-based talent acquisition system. The platform is packed with features that will help the recruiter in the optimization of each stage in recruitment. TurboHire offers a One-click job posting feature in which the platform will post all the details regarding the job description in all job boards with a single click. So, it only takes a time of one job posting to post a job in all free and premium job boards. This is a huge time saver. Presently, the platform has integration with major premium job boards such as Naukri, monster, and indeed and free job boards such as Google jobs, Facebook jobs, JustDropYourResume page.

More jobs will be shortly added to the platform. TurboHire also provides the clients with the option of creating a custom career page for them which can host the job vacancy on their website.

Time for posting a job in all Job board in TurboHire platform1.5 hr

Improvements to job approval to job posting with TurboHire

Assuming a working day to be of 8 hr, the time in days taken to post a job in multiple job boards without TurboHire will be 0.75 day and using the TurboHire platform is 0.19 day. The time improvement provided by the platform in this stage of recruitment is 75%.

Improvement in time75%

II. Job Posting to Job Screening

After the job is posted on various job boards, candidates will start to apply for the jobs and the recruiters will get a flurry of candidate’s application from these job boards. However, we cannot start screening candidates unless we hit a threshold limit of resume. This stage involves the time between the instant we post the job and start screening candidates.

Current scenario

For the job posted by the recruiter let us assume that the threshold limit for starting screening procedure is 500 resumes. As the recruiter has posted jobs in 4 different job boards and if we are assuming that all these job boards are supplying 100 candidates per day then it takes 5 days to wait for five days. It must be noted that during this stage the recruiter time is being wasted as he cannot work on this recruitment process.

Resume threshold for screening500 Resume
Number of resumes per from job boards100 Resume/day
Number of days between posting and screening5 days

Job posting to job screening with TurboHire

In this intermediate stage between posting and screening, TurboHire provides value a great addition. TurboHire has a unique feature for promoting the same jobs on the social media platform. With this feature, the recruiter can at the time of posting of job, can promote jobs on social media websites like LinkedIn and WhatsApp. There is also an option to forward it to mail ids. This feature has been included because LinkedIn is a source of quality candidates and Instant messengers like WhatsApp and emails will help in targeting the right set of candidates faster. In addition to this feature, TurboHire has developed JustDropYourResume where the candidate needs not enter any details while submitting the resume other than his email for authentication. The above two features attract quality candidates faster. So, if job boards can attract 100 candidates per resume then instant messages like WhatsApp and sites like LinkedIn can attract at least twice the candidates

Resume threshold for screening500 Resume
Number of resumes per from job boards100 Resume/day
Number of resumes from LinkedIn/WhatsApp/Mail200 Resume/day
Number of days between posting and screening1.67 day

Improvements in job posting to job screening provided by TurboHire

The improvement provided by the platform in terms of time is around 67% where 5 days was reduced to 1.67 days.

Improvement in time67%

2. Candidate Screening on TurboHire

Second Stage of Recruitment

When the required threshold number of resumes is obtained the next step is to screen the candidates. This is the most important step in the recruitment process where the recruiter selects those candidates whom he/she feels deemed to be fit and rejects all the others. However, the point to consider here is the number of resumes to go through for the screening process and the fatigue on the recruiter.

Current scenario of Candidate Screening

The usual process is that the recruiter will collect all the CV into his database and opens each resume and reads through it to understand the candidate. On average, it takes 6 mins to go through a resume and to understand a candidate. So, if the recruiter must scan all these 500 Resumes it will take more time before he could comprehend whether he is fit or unfit. In addition to this, we need to consider the human element such as human error and fatigue due to reading these many resumes.

Resume threshold for screening500 Resume
Time spent on one resume6 mins
Number of days between posting and screening6.25 days

Resume Screening with TurboHire

The biggest value proposition that is provided by TurboHire is in the Screening stage of recruitment. TurboHire has built a robust AI-based resume parsing engine that reads these resumes and converts it into a structured database. This enables the recruiter to perform searches, filters, and screen candidates faster and easier. TurboHire has AI-based filters and which has huge significance in the screening process. With this filter, you can quickly filter the ineligible and underqualified candidates and the recruiter will have to open/read a few resumes. This is a huge time saver for the recruiter also the AI will help provide objective filtering of candidates reducing human fatigue and error.

Resume threshold for screening500 Resume
Percentage of resume to be screened by a recruiter25%
Time spent on one resume6 mins
Number of days between posting and screening1.56 days

Improvements provided in Candidate Screening by TurboHire

The improvement provided by the platform in terms of time is around 75% where 6.25 days was reduced to 1.56 days. All this improvement can be attributed to the AI engine of TurboHire.

Improvement in time75%

3. Candidate Interview On TurboHire

Third Stage of Recruitment

Candidate interview with TurboHire

The interview is the next stage after completion of the screening process. If you consider the recruitment funnel the average number of candidates who enter the interview stage will be 10% of the candidate pool. This means if 100 candidates apply for a job only 10 candidates enter the interview stage. In this stage, the recruiter will sync with the hiring manager in conducting interviews and evaluations.

Current Scenario of Candidate Interview

In the normal scenario, the recruiter will have to communicate with the selected candidates on the interview schedule and the same needs to be synced to the hiring manager/interviewer. It takes an average of 35 mins for conducting an interview process of which 25 mins are for the interview and 10 mins for evaluation. In the successive stages of an interview, the number of candidates keeps reducing. The total time involved in this process will be 7.42 days.

Number of candidates entering the Interview stage50
Time spent on each interview35 mins
Number of days for conducting the interview6.42 days
Number of days for communication and sync up8hr or 1 day

Automated Candidate Interviewing With TurboHire

Automated Interviewing Scheduling - TurboHire

Due to the advanced screening provided by the platform in the previous stage less but quality candidates enter the interview stage. TurboHire platform has a built-in Audio/video interviewing platform and the process of scheduling and syncing interviews are simple and easy in TurboHire. With a click of a button, we can schedule an interview and the information with regards to this interview will be communicated to both the candidates and interviewer.

TurboHire also supports an asynchronous mode of interview where the interviewer can pre-set questions to be asked which the candidate will answer, and the recording will be saved for the evaluation. This mode has three significance. First, the presence of a recruiter/interviewer is not necessary. Second, there will be uniformity in interview flow. The third significance is that it reduces the time for the interview stage as multiple interviews can be conducted simultaneously.

Number of candidates entering Interview stage38
Time spent on each interview35 mins
Number of days for conducting interview4.89 days
Time-saving due to asynchronous mode75%
Number of days for conducting interview1.22 days

Improvements in Candidate Interview provided by TurboHire

https://youtu.be/NyR3FTozqtw The improvement provided by the platform is around 75% where 7.42 days was reduced to 1.22 days. All this improvement is due to the Asynchronous Interview mode and One-click scheduling of Interviews.

Improvement in time83%

4. Decision-making stage of Hiring with TurboHire

Fourth Stage of Recruitment

What Is Intelligent Hiring - HR Guide

In this stage, the recruiter will evaluate these interviewed candidates and asks for the decision of hiring manager/interviewer. After the decision is made recruiter will send the offer letter to the qualified candidates.

Current Scenario of Hiring

After the interview stage is over the recruiter will collect the evaluation from the interviewer and performs a psychometric test on the eligible candidates from the interview stage. This result of the psychometric test is sent to the final decision of the hiring manager. The manager decides and communicates to the recruiter, which candidates to be selected, who finally disburse the offer letter. If we assume the time taken for conducting the psychometric test is 30 mins, the decision of hiring manager 20 mins and the time for sending the offer letter as 10 mins. The time taken in the final stage will be 0.74 days

Time spent on each psychometric test30 mins
Time spent on the decision by the Hiring manager20 mins
Time spent on sending offer letter10 mins
Time spent on decision making stage0.74 days

Hiring with TurboHire

In TurboHire there is a feature called Behavioural insight which uses IBM Watson NLP capability to provided insightful information on candidates instantly. So, the time will be spent on making decision by the hiring manager who suggests candidates to the recruiter to disburse the offer letter. TurboHire offers a one-click offer letter feature where you can send the pre-loaded offer letter to the candidates within minutes. The total time spent will be .32 days

Time spent on the decision by the Hiring manager20 mins
Time spent on sending offer letter in TurboHire1 min
Time spent on decision making stage0.32 days

Improvements provided in hiring by TurboHire

The improvement provided by the platform in terms of time is around 56% where 0.74 days was reduced to .32 days. All this improvement is due to the live sharing of candidates with managers and One click offers letter.

Improvement in time83%

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