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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Cipla onboards TurboHire to Digitally Transform its Hiring

What is Candidate Sourcing?

Candidate Sourcing is the process of tracking and finding candidates who can be potential hires. These candidates can consist of both active and passive candidates – candidates who might have or might not have applied for an open position.

While soucing candidates, you obtain various information about the candidates such as name, qualification, previous work experience, and contact information. Candidate Sourcing is the first step in the hiring process after you have posted a job opening.

According to Linkedin reports, only 36% of candidates actively apply for an open position, while 90% of candidates are open to new opportunities. Candidate Sourcing is a crucial step in Talent Acquisition as it determines the quality of candidates your company is looking to hire. When the quality of candidates sourced goes up, your overall quality of hire goes up.

Why does Candidate Sourcing get difficult?

Candidate Sourcing can get difficult as not all candidates who are looking for new jobs or opportunities might apply to the open positions in your company directly. For reasons like these, hiring managers or recruiters have to research candidates on various job boards, platforms, and online job sites for potential hires.

Another major issue in this process is having all the candidates in one single place or platform. Accumulating all the candidates in a single place can help you, screen candidates, better and compare them more efficiently.

Recruiters have to be always updated with the latest sourcing trends and be aware of the quality of candidates that may be found in the various job sites. Some of the top sources of hire are:

  1. Indeed: 65%
  2. CareerBuilder: 11%
  3. LinkedIn: 8%
  4. Craiglist: 4%
  5. Monster: 2%
  6. Glassdoor: 2%

Apart from these, 7% of candidates are being sourced from unspecified sources, according to the Sources of Hire report.

What is TurboHire Connect?

TurboHire Connect is a Google Chrome extension that lets recruiters and hiring managers collect candidates from various sources and insert them into their TurboHire accounts. It can help you select your preferred candidates and their information from job boards, online job sites, resume banks, and various other sources and accumulate them in the candidate pool of your TurboHire account in a single click.

How does TurboHire Connect help Recruiters?

After the TurboHire Connect extension is enabled on your browser, you can drop candidates from various sources to your TH account in one single click. This is a very efficient method for having all the potential candidates and hires in a single platform. The various advantages that can be acquired from this are:

1. Reduced time to hire

Imagine the time that would be required if you would have to manually extract candidate information from over 5-6 job boards or sites and insert them into your own database. TurboHire Connect would do this for you in just one single click. This saves an ample amount of time extracting valuable candidate information while reducing the overall time required to shortlist a candidate during the hiring process.

2. Better screening of candidates

Having a unified and uniform candidate database in your personalized recruitment platform (For example, your TurboHire account) can help you make better comparisons between candidates obtained from multiple sources. This improves your overall efficiency in screening and shortlisting candidates.

In addition to that, having all the candidates in your TH account would also let you use our screening tools and features like Resume Parsing, Candidate Smart Cards, and Candidate Calibration tool to make sure you only hire the best candidates.

3. Increased quality of hire

As a result of better screening of candidates, the quality of candidates hired automatically improves. Having a unified candidate pool enables the recruiter to make better hiring decisions and carry out the recruitment process more efficiently. This also gives you an idea of which sourcing channels provide better quality candidates and this would help you in making better sourcing decisions.

How does TurboHire Connect work: A Walkthrough

Here we have provided a walkthrough of how you can install and configure TurboHire Connect into your systems and how to make use of it.


The TurboHire Connect Chrome Extension can be downloaded in two ways:

  1. From your TurboHire account
  2. From the Google Chrome Web Store

Let us walk you through how to install it from your TurboHire account. This can be done in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Profile > Apps and look for TurboHire Connect.
  2. Click on ‘Install‘ to open the extension in the Chrome web store.
  3. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to install the extension

To install it directly from the Google Chrome Web Store, you can directly visit the TurboHire Connect link or search for “TurboHire Connect” in the web store. The final step simply requires you to click on the “Add to Chrome” button to complete the installation.

How to use TurboHire Connect?

You can use TurboHire Connect to source candidates and obtain all the necessary information about them. Here are the steps on how to enable and use it:

  1. When you visit the supported platforms and find candidate profiles you want to source, the extension will automatically get enabled.
  2. Click on the extension and log in with your TurboHire credentials.
  3. Once you’re logged in, you have to click on “Start Extracting Candidates” and select the candidates you want to.
  4. Select the job or resume bank to which you want to add your candidates and click on “Add Candidates”.

After completing the above steps, you will find your candidates in the form of Candidate Smart Cards in your TurboHire account after they have been parsed using our Parsing Engine. They will be located in the Job or Resume bank that you had selected earlier.

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