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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

TurboHire’s Employee Background Verification With IDfy Integration

Hiring a fraud or dishonest person can cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. Even one fraud coming through the system is too many. That’s why the best companies leave no stone unturned in checking the background of new hires.

We are excited to announce our integration with IDfy to make your hiring process super successful.

In the supposed final stage of hiring, a recruiter will evaluate the interviewed candidate and ask for the decision of the HR manager. Once the decision is made the recruiter sends across an offer letter to the qualified candidate. Did you think choosing the right candidate was the final step towards making perfect hiring? Think again.

About IDfy

IDfy is one of Asia’s leading identification and verification companies. Their client list includes HDFC Bank, British Telecom, Fidelity Investments, Cognizant Technologies, Amazon, Dream11, AirBnB, Airtel, Vodafone, Britannia, and HUL.

IDfy’s tech-driven BGV solutions are built for today’s age of remote joining and working-from-home. The BGV process is digital – from collecting documents digitally, verifying them from sources, capturing physical location online, online criminal records checks, and more. IDfy takes over the entire process from offer to onboarding, ensuring a smooth experience for the candidate.

What Is Employee Verification?

An Employee Verification service is the review of a candidate’s data to confirm their professional background and appropriate work experience which is required for a certain job profile. It is the verification you need in order to check an applicants’ performing background in an effective way.

Why Should The TurboHire-IDfy Integration Matter To You?

It’s extremely important to double-check the information provided by candidates before you get them on board. While recruiters use TurboHire for Intelligent Recruitment, integrating with IDfy means that they can now also trigger verification with a set of comprehensive, tech-enabled processes for background checks across multiple sources to ensure the authenticity of a candidate’s data and information.

The Larger Trend In Hiring

Background checks and identity verification is often overlooked by those applying for a job. However, more and more companies are now using fraud detection and data verification to ensure that the employee has not exaggerated their role or skills and experience. This also enabled the recruiting team to manage their costs and help them improve their business agility.

What’s The Value For Your Organization?

Do you remember the case of former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who landed in the headlines for allegedly misrepresenting his college degrees? A case of False Credentials. Why are we telling you this?

Hiring someone with false credentials can directly affect your recruitment process and your employer branding, too.

IDfy’s integration with the TurboHire platform will ensure the authenticity of the candidate’s data and information. This will secure the recruiter’s future by ensuring:

  • Employee integrity
  • Real-time data
  • Anytime access to reports on every employee profile.

To add value to our words we are sharing with you TurboHire’s integration with IDfy video:

Hiring someone with false credentials can directly affect your recruitment process and your employer branding, too. Do your due diligence before bringing a new hire on board.


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