🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

The use of an outdated hiring system, manual scheduling of interviews, and lack of a systematized tracking system can bring in trouble for not only the recruiter but also for the HR team involved in the hiring cycle. Introducing TurboHire, your complete suite of intelligent hiring that is also the world’s leading Talent Intelligence Software.

When there’s too much on the plate, you might get confused about where, to begin with. Hence we have clubbed the 30 core features to become a super recruiter with TurboHire, in this 2-part series. (The choice is yours, the option and effort are ours!)

We are living in a technology-assisted world where every profession is deriving more value from artificial intelligence (AI). TurboHire is helping to reduce the manual workforce, cost of recruiting, time of recruiting, and engaging candidates with the organization.

The process of hiring has been made simple and luxurious using sophisticated tools developed by TurboHire. This comprehensive list will give you a better idea of how our features will smoothen out your recruitment cycle.

Let’s help you become Super Recruiters!

15 TurboHire features to help you become a Super Recruiter – Part 1

1. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing is a combination of tools and strategies utilized by a company to connect with and sustain potential talent in the pre-candidate stage.

The strategy of recruitment marketing is to promote work value for the association and building up an organization’s culture or brand to pull in deserving candidates. Recruitment Marketing exploits digitized marketing strategies, for example, data analytics, social media platforms, hyper-targeted messaging, omnichannel communication, and automation.

TurboHire is integrated with job portals or boards such as Indeed, Career Builder, DICE to help with the recruitment marketing needs of your organization. We also use social media handles such as LinkedIn, Facebook for Jobs, Google Jobs for marketing the job openings your organization currently has. Not just that, TurboHire utilizes Facebook for talking to candidates who have visited your company’s career pages very recently. The re-discover algorithm of TurboHire also helps to re-target passive candidates automatically.

According to g2.com, in the category of Recruitment Marketing, TurboHire has been rated 4.9/5. A rating of 9/10 has been acquired in terms of requirements met, along with 9.2/10 rating in ease of use.

The score of the TurboHire products have been calculated by real-time data acquired from verified user reviews so far.

2. Candidate Discovery

Candidate discovery is a search, match, and rank ability that will help a recruiter in finding the most appropriate candidates in their very own candidate information base.

It utilizes AI hence it comprehends the sort of applicant your association recruits and gives you a short rundown of candidates from the existing candidate information database. Candidate discovery has lately become a recruitment trend that is being used by most big companies.

46% of recruiters and HR managers have identified “finding the right candidate” as the biggest hurdle in hiring today. -Linkedin

One of the biggest challenges for an HR manager is to source the right candidates. When you do not have appropriate or enough information, collecting data manually can result in counter-productive hirings. There will be no ROI of the recruitment. With TurboHire, you can make use of the Evaluation Engine to ensure that your candidate screening process is efficient enough.

How can recruiters make use of TurboHire’s Candidate Discovery?

  1. Each resume is turned into AI-enhanced, data-driven Candidate Smart Cardsso that you do not have to take the hassle of going through the entire profile but only get to see the data and information that is relevant to you. Plus, you can customize the Smart Card filters depending on your evaluation needs.
  2. TurboHire’s candidate discovery makes use of the custodial dataset of your organization to source talent based on the company’s hiring needs.
  3. With TurboHire’s Smart Card feature, you can search through millions of candidate databases just like you would search for something on Google. It’s that easy to find the top 10% of the talent for your organization.
  4. Have you noticed how convenient is the candidate network of LinkedIn? Imagine the same for discovering candidates for recruitment, made possible by TurboHire.

Bonus read! The core modules of intelligent hiring are here

3. Employee Portal

An employee portal, which is also called an intranet portal, is a secure website where information is shared and discussed within a company or organization, which keeps all the staff on the same page.

Employee Portal is a platform that interfaces everybody in an association under one head. Having an intranet makes an efficient work process and improves employee commitment.

71% of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success. – Harvard Business Review

TurboHire creates an internal portal for employee referrals and internal job postings. The most important goal of an Employee portal is to share effective knowledge. With TurboHire, clients can customize their portals according to their needs and contribute by adding pages. All updates can come together in a single place and individuals are allowed to comment on them as per their wishes.

4. Career Portal

A career portal, otherwise called a job portal, is a modern name for an online employment board that assists candidates with securing positions and helps recruiters in their journey to find ideal candidates.

A career portal contains direct links for work. Most career portals permit you to go after positions online promptly, or they give links to do as such. At times, a job portal may give extra data, for example, an organization’s site or an immediate contact number for the HR office.

TurboHire set up an AI-powered modern careers page (Talent Network) to attract candidates. This career portal works for the benefit of both companies and applicants. TurboHire’s Talent Network aims to help candidates looking for jobs by connecting them with growing companies with open positions.

The Talent Network has 2 sections – Recruiter and Candidate.

  1. For Recruiters: In the Talent Network, a recruiter can create a job, promote it, and find the best candidates using AI-based skill matching.
  2. For Candidates: Candidates can drop their resumes and use AI to match them with relevant jobs. They can quickly find matching jobs and can apply in one click.

5. Chrome Extension

Extensions are small software programs that make the browsing experience customized for an individual. They empower clients to tailor Chrome’s usefulness and conduct to individual needs or preferences.

Talent Connect is a google chrome extension introduced by TurboHire to enhance your productivity without leaving any RMS, job boards, or internal job portals.

2 ways Talent Connect helps in hiring:

  1. This extension can save hours of time in sourcing candidates.
  2. Candidate profiles can be exported to your TurboHire account from multiple online platforms with just one click.

6. Candidate Ranking

The best way to initially screen candidates quickly is to choose the top-ranked scorers on pre-employment tests and pick them out for resume review and interviews.

Candidate Ranking is a tool that helps you decide and evaluate which are the top candidates ideal to be the best fit for your organization, out of a database of thousands.

It is safe to assume that almost 75% of candidates who apply for a single job posting do not match the overall requirements. This means that if a recruiter is going through resumes manually, they will have to go through the resumes of this 75% too which is nothing but a waste of time.

How can TurboHire help in evaluating which candidates are ideal and which are not? Instead of going through all of the resumes, the Candidate Ranking tool of TurboHire helps you finalize the best resumes, leveraging AI, to give you the top 10% of the entire database that matches your company’s hiring requirements. How is this possible?

TurboHire utilizes Meta Driven Recommendation Engine that evaluates candidates by generating scores for each resume. This helps you shortlist the Smart Cards of the candidates who have had the highest scores only. You do not have to manually go through each resume in detail and imagine the amount of time you will save in hiring.

7. Resume Parsing

Resume parsing is a process that changes over an unstructured type of resume information into an organized arrangement.

A resume parser allows you to evaluate and analyze a resume and the information in it. The information extracted is in a format that can be read by machine languages such as JSON or XML. With the help of resume parsing, it becomes easier to save multiple resumes together and then analyze the data automatically, whenever required.

TurboHire provides Resume Parsing not only to analyze resumes but the engine also helps in seamlessly extracting data from resumes to ensure that your hiring team can meet with nothing but quality resumes.

You safely bet on TurboHire’s Resume Parser for detecting 98% accuracy in extracting information. Apart from accurate analysis, the AI-enhanced resume parser of TurboHire helps recruiters meet candidates with qualified skills and experience that are required in their industry.

How can TurboHire’s Resume Parser be important to a Recruiter?

  1. Get data and information from resumes that are relevant to you.
  2. You can save the contact information such as email, name, phone number all in one place.
  3. You can extract the work history and skills of the candidate.
  4. You get nothing but quality candidates.

Did you know? In 2020, we crossed 1 million candidates parsed

8. Candidate Smart Cards

TurboHire converts the resumes into a structured smart card like a Linkedin profile. These smarts cards are AI-enhanced to give true power in the hands of recruiters.

TurboHire makes use of Candidate Smart Cards in order to go over candidate profiles in a quick and efficient way that is customizable as per the company’s needs.

Whatever information you need of a candidate, can be filtered and added to the Candidate’s Smart Card. This also helps in deducing the skills and capabilities of the candidate by matching the skills given in the resume with the requirements in your company’s job opening.

9. Automated Interview

The number one interview scheduling challenge for Recruiters and HR professionals is finding a time that works for everyone.

In One-Way Video Interviews, questions can be more straightforward, and more data about the candidate can be shared.

In this configuration, it is a lot simpler for the recruiter to ask some extra questions to get a better understanding and to check the precision of the responses. Another additional advantage is that the outcomes are not reliant on other candidates or the environment.

How TurboHire conducts One-on-One Video Interviews?

  1. TurboHire allows Automated Interviews to avoid Phone Screening, Integrated Live Interviews, and structured evaluation with evaluation templates.
  2. TurboHire also has tools like screen sharing and recording for an integrated live interview platform.
  3. These interviews are automated along with AI-based analysis.

10. Panel Interview

In a panel interview, a gathering of individuals who ask questions and choose if you’re the correct candidate for the work.

56% of companies have a dedicated person on their recruiting team who is responsible for scheduling interviews. At the point when board questioners function admirably together, they can consolidate their qualities to ask the best and most effective interview questions.

TurboHire can hold live interviews for a structured evaluation of the candidate.

In the case of panel interviews, TurboHire auto-collects evaluations from the hiring managers and interviewers. TurboHire also helps in scheduling interviews between the interviewers and the candidates as per their benefit.

11. Chatbot Assessment

Chatbot assessment is basically an intuitive programming application, so we can assess them from human variables or usability point of view, and spotlight on measures, for example, task completion, client fulfillment, and so on.

A chatbot assessment is merely an attempt to present a human-like interaction and analyze the conversation with AI.

50% of businesses plan to spend more on chatbots than on mobile apps.

Now leverage the AI in your conversations with applicants and add natural language to make those conversations interactive – that’s the beauty of the Chatbot Assessment of TurboHire. By leveraging artificial intelligence, your HR team can successfully manage most of the regular tasks and the FAQs related to the assessment of a job opening. Imagine this feature to be your virtual hiring assistant that will automate all inquiries and questions coming from your candidates, putting the power in the hands of the recruiter.

12. Interview Management

On average, Recruiters are spending two-thirds of their overall hiring time on the interview process. Using an AI-based Interview Management System is an incredible method to make the process of interviewing productive, reduce the time required to hire, effectively make a timetable and set up meetings, and track them over the long haul.

In the recruiting cycle, interviews are one of the most costly components as they need important assets to be accessible to direct these interviews.

TurboHire has a very sophisticated process of handling interviews:

  1. TurboHire helps the company to build an interview by creating its screening question template and sending it to candidates in bulk.
  2. Candidate responses are recorded and they are allowed to reply back at their own convenience from the device of their choice.
  3. Responses and reviewed, shared, and collaborated with others for evaluating candidates and sharing recordings for review.
  4. Structure candidate evaluation with configurable templates.

13. Behavioural Assessment

Recruiters use behavioral assessment or social evaluations during their employing cycle to help organize their rundown of candidates or guide an organized interview.

52% of companies use skill and knowledge assessments in hiring, and 38% use predictive behavioral assessments.

They are eventually attempting to anticipate if your conduct is a solid match for a particular job or a more extensive working environment culture. When appropriately administered and managed, behavioral assessment tests anticipate the performance potential and conduct of candidates in the work environment.

With TurboHire, you can benefit from AI for comparing the skill sets of applicants.

When you apply it, you are provided with a job compatibility score and behavioral analysis score. These scores give the recruiter knowledge of the personality of the candidates, along with their traits. Behavioral assessment can also be conducted on the candidate during the interview stage.

14. Bulk Scheduling

Bulk scheduling can remove the pressure from interview scheduling to focus on improving the interview experience.

Candidate interviews can be easily scheduled using AI recruitment tools which reduce the risk of poor candidate experience caused by several rescheduled meetings and back and forth emails.

TurboHire makes bulk scheduling seem like a cakewalk using its effective manage and schedule system.

This is how the bulk interview scheduling tool of TurboHire works:

  1. Communicate to candidates effectively using an in-built messaging service.
  2. Send Bulk communication to candidates.
  3. Automated reminders to candidates about various system processes.
  4. Share smart-shortlist with the Interview Panel for review and planning.

15. Group Discussions

“Group Discussion”, famously marked as GD, is a well-known technique utilized by numerous associations (organization, foundation, business college, and so forth) these days to check whether the applicant has certain character attributes.

For example, relational abilities, public speaking confidence, team spirit, initiative capacities, social conduct, and critical thinking aptitudes.

Group Discussions structure a significant portion of the short-posting measure for enlistment or confirmation in an organization or establishment.

Online group discussions in the recruiting process can be held with the help of the Free Scheduling & Video Interviewing Platform powered by TurboHire for 2 months.

These discussions can be recorded and the structured feedback can be captured. During an online GD, each candidate can be structurally evaluated with configurable templates with the help of TurboHire.

There’s A Second List

TurboHire has been helping Recruiters and HR professionals to focus on high-volume recruiting to radically diminish the time they have to screen candidates through a sophisticated application measure that additionally adds to the candidate experience. However, these are only half of the features to look into. There is a second list for your convenience and understanding.

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