🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

TurboHire has parsed 2 million candidates

We are so happy to share with you the news that we have crossed 1 million candidates processed. The past year has seen TurboHire grow by leaps and bounds, with a positive growth rate and we are only positive about keeping this momentum going. Since the first candidate processing, we have come a long way. Let’s just say #Hirebettercandidatesfaster is looking forward to becoming faster!

What does that mean? A1 scanning, accurate analyzing, and seamless extraction of candidates’ information for quality hiring. TurboHire’s Resume Parser helps recruiters and other hiring stakeholders find only quality candidates, preferably the ones whose skills and experience meet the qualifications and requirements from the candidature.

This is what has helped TurboHire in achieving the 1 Million Candidates processed milestone:

  • Processing various file formats: This includes PDF, doc., DOCX, ZIP. Gives candidates the freedom to upload a resume in their choice of format.
  • Extracting information from complex resumes: Extracts information with precision from divergent formats. For example, image scanning.
  • Lighting fast processing: Takes 1-3 seconds to process resumes, irrespective of the level of complexity.
  • Resume quality scoring: Indexing resume based on their pedigree with AI-backed score, no matter what the job profile be.

The cumulative improvements are provided by the TurboHire platform across three important recruitment metrics:

  • Time to Hire – time elapsed between engaging a candidate and accepting an offer.
  • Cost to Hire – money spent on making a hire.
  • Quality of Hire – value a new hire brings to the organization.

Turbohire is a result of a bunch of passionate people getting together to solve a problem plaguing the recruitment process. We started TurboHire with 1K applicants and grew to 10K as we built the platform. Further, we crossed 100K as more customers joined us on our journey. Touching the 1M candidate parsing record is the foundation of improved algorithms, better candidate-job matching, and our path to marching towards the 100M candidates. We believe each passign day is an opportunity to grow from the improvements made. The 1 million candidate milestone indicates that we are working towards the right direction.

Abhishek Kabra, CTO & Cofounder

Did you know? Almost 30% of the total jobs posted on job portals receive duplicate resumes. With TurboHire you can retarget candidates using the existing database to see which candidates would be the most suitable for an opening. This helps you to come across repetitive applications. This also has a direct impact on the cost to hire, significantly helping you reduce additional cost implications.

With a single click you can match eligible applicants using your database. A calculative brief on how we are making the recruiting process faster & easier, so far:

  • 72% reduction in cost to hire: You can save cost to hire usually incurred while posting a job on the job portals.
  • 75% reduction in time-to-hire: As a consequence to the above point, you can cut down on the time to market the job opening and also the time spent in candidate screening.
  • Creating better candidate experience: When you target the top 10% of the candidates you are better prepared to ensure that the candidate experience is right.
  • 60% increase in quality of hire & 50k+ shortlisting of “quality” candidates.

This is a moment for TurboHire when we are looking back to see how far we have come, as we gear up for the journey ahead.

Aman Gour, Co-Founder

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