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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Automated One-way Interview is an interviewing method for the recruiter to assess the candidate without actually spending real-time interviewing them. Real-time interviews require either the interviewer or candidate to travel and spend a significant amount of time. On the other hand, automated interviewing mode lets the recruiter send a set of questions to the candidate and allows the candidate to answer and send them back at their own comfort. Here is a guide on what is automated interview and how you can utilize the interview process for better hiring strategies.

Why are Recruiters using Automated Interviewing process?

There is a reason why every bit of technology is evolved and acing automated video interview or one-way interview depends on how good a candidate understands the recruiter’s motive behind it. There are primarily 3 main reasons why recruiters are increasingly using automated interview process:

1) To reduce the phone screen time

This is the exact reason why TurboHire’s one-way video interviewing took birth. Keeping your answers crisp cutting all the irrelevant information will get you double-clicked on this parameter.

2) Improve the candidate experience

More often than not, job-seekers are busy traveling for multiple interviews or geographically distant to their desired jobs. To make it more convenient for the candidates, recruiters choose to go with one sided video interview. This will let the candidates give the interviews whenever and wherever they want.

3) Zoom up their performance

TurboHire’s AI-based recommendations before and after the one-way interview make the job of any recruiter much easier. In order to get the best out of many features such as reporting, evaluation, and offer roll-out, recruiters often look to use their complete set of features including the one-way video interview. This not only makes their job easier but more efficient.

What are the Benefits of Automated or One-way Interviews when Hiring?

In a pandemic stricken world, growing companies cannot give up on quality hires despite the challenges posed. One definitely need not be a tech-savvy person to adopt the video interviewing for it has great direct benefits such as:

  1. It saves the recruiter a lot of time by skipping the unsuitable candidates in their first few minutes without actually spending the whole hour interviewing.
  2. Drastically brings down the cost to hire allowing the hiring teams to connect across geographies and remotely evaluate the candidate responses.
  3. Rates high on flexibility for both candidates and recruiters enabling them to tailor the responses at their own convenient time and location.
  4. Recruiters can manage high volumes of passive job-seekers by choosing to evaluate some later, which otherwise is a tedious task.
  5. It improves the evaluation consistency and helps the recruiters hire the best fit by having a structured and objective hiring process.

What is TurboHire’s Automated or One-way Interviewing tool?

After the much-awaited interview call comes in the form of a one-way video interview platform link, you might want to know more about how TurboHire one-way video interview works. What happens in the background before you get an interview call, is really straightforward. A recruiter will scrutinize candidates’ profiles on the TurboHire talent acquisition platform and send the candidate an interview link they deem fit. It takes only 5 simple steps to submit a flawless response on TurboHire after you receive the interview call:

1) Tech check

Let the TurboHire platform run 3 basic checks namely video, audio and network stability on the device you are going to take the interview. This is to ensure that your interview recording is not hampered midway.

2) Try it out first

We do not want your golden opportunity to be lost due to your non-familiarity with the platform. Try out the demo option before actually taking the interview to play around and identify the points where you have to be extra careful.

3) All reals

Click on “Take the interview” to answer the actual interview questions. Each question will be followed by the maximum recording time allotted and specific instructions from the recruiter.

4) Re-upload

It is natural for humans to make mistakes. If you think the recorded answer is incomplete or not your best version, do click on re-upload and send your best response keeping the time limit in mind.

5) Look out for status

After every successful upload of the answer, one can see the status of the video upload next to the question. Keep track of the status and contact the TurboHire support in case of submission failure.

Why should you use TurboHire Automated Interviewing tool?

TurboHire’s automated video interviewing tool or one-way video interviewing platform stands out for 5 reasons:

  1. TurboHire’s candidate cards allow the recruiter to have a quality shortlist ahead of sending out the interview invites.
  2. The AI-based candidate screening post the response submission helps in improving the quality of hire.
  3. Having an end-to-end talent acquisition platform including the one-way video interviewing feature is bound to save a lot of time. It eliminates the loss of coherence due to data transition from one platform to another.
  4. Video backups help in reviewing the candidates at a later point of time. Re-evaluating the candidate responses can also help the recruiters match the existing candidates for future jobs.
  5. Rich candidate experience on both web and mobile which can strongly improve the employer branding.

How to conduct automated video interviews with TurboHire?

One-way interview in TurboHire can be conducted in 3 simple steps:

1. Set-Up

Create the questionnaires and templates relevant for video interviews

  • Question Templates-These consists of a list of questions that would be recorded by the candidates.
  • Email Templates– Consists of the templates for prefilling the email templates.
  • Scorecard Templates– Set up various metrics for the evaluation of candidates for a structured evaluation process

2. Request

Select the questionnaires of your choice and request candidates to submit their responses to questions.

3. Review

Review the answers submitted by candidates and evaluate them based on criteria defined in the evaluation templates With TurboHire’s evolved AI, you can preserve human-like interactions with candidates and significantly improve employer branding even while you don’t physically attend to the candidates. Talk to us today and let’s make your hiring process much faster and more efficient!

Remote Hiring Using Automated One-way Interviewing Tool

Remote hiring is an option to hire employees while reducing the cost and time to hire except the fact that you may have to make the decision of hiring the person without meeting them in person. Other than this part, the recruitment process can have the same number of steps. Hiring inappropriate resources can cause financial strain, can waste the time of the team and increase training time and lead to under-performance. If you’re planning to hire candidates remotely for the first time, you’re likely to have all kinds of questions.

Make a Structured Interviewing Process when hiring remotely

Unstructured interviews can lead to information loss. Frank Schmidt and John Hunter published a meta-analysis of 85 years of research which concluded that unstructured interviews explain only 14 percent of employees’ performance.

Using structured interviews, following the same procedure for every candidate, and basing the assessment on qualitative parameters like candidate score will enable the recruiter to make better decisions.

As Ben Datner explains in his recent Harvard Business Review article:

An interview scorecard can provide a quantitative basis for comparison between interviewers, enabling you to validate your perceptions with your colleagues and learn where your ratings may be outside of the norm.

The qualitative data help for a structured process of evaluation of candidates and removes the decisions taken on gut reactions. This in turn makes the recruitment process more efficient and inclusive and reduces the number of misses.

At Turbohire, the AI technology compares the candidate skillsets with the ideal candidate required and provides a job compatibility score along with behavior analysis which gives the recruiter an idea about the personality traits of the candidate.

15 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Automated One-way Interview – For Interviewers

1. What is Automated one-way interviewing?

Automated One-way interviews (also known as asynchronous interviews) are a novel interviewing concept that allows recruiters to send questions to the candidates which then can be recorded by candidates at their own convenience.

2. Is it too soon to adopt automated interviewing in hiring?

Automated interviewing has become more of a necessity in the post-pandemic modern world. At times recruiters and candidates look for convenience and have the right mindset for the job. In order to overcome geographical constraints, video interviewing is definitely a great choice. That being said, video interviewing is predominantly used for initial screening to skip the time spent on telephonic rounds.

3. I am not tech-savvy. Will I face any trouble interviewing candidates automatically?

TurboHire’s automated one-way interviewing platform has an extremely user-friendly UI. The modular setup helps to hire managers from any background to easily pick their choice of options and push the interview to the candidates. The team will be in constant touch to guide the managers and improvise based on the feedback.

4. How effective is automated one-way interviewing in terms of time and cost?

A typical face-to-face video interview takes nearly 45 minutes. On the other hand, an interviewer can easily evaluate 10 candidates at the same time using automated one-way interview submissions. The remote hiring and evaluating the nature of one-way video interviewing further cuts down the cost.

5. Will automated interviews hamper the candidate experience? I’m worried about it.

We, at TurboHire, understand the importance of the brand outlook of our customers. We have been working on perfecting the user interface to match human-like experiences for both interviewers and candidates. In our observation, candidates feel a sense of freedom and openness while using the automated one-way interviewing platform. In order to benefit interviewers, our platform allows them to try a demo first, re-submit the answers and assure them of the video upload.

6. Can multiple interviewers collaborate to evaluate the automated interview submissions?

We understand that hiring for roles has decision-makers spread across geographies and they need to have their own evaluation. TurboHire allows multiple interviewers to collaborate irrespective of their geographies, evaluate separately and score the candidates based on the pre-set evaluation parameters.

7. Is there a possibility of candidate bias via automated one-way interview?

Human limitations are eliminated at multiple levels during automated one-way interviews. First of all, candidates can submit the interview at the most convenient time. Secondly, recruiters can review the candidates at their own time with a structured evaluation process resulting in fair outcomes.

8. Can an interviewer set his own question templates?

With TurboHire’s automated one-way interview platform, it is possible for the interviewer to set their own question templates as well as evaluation templates.

9. How can you assure the quality of the automated interview video submission?

Three important parameters which affect the quality of the automated interview’s video submission namely video quality, audio quality, and network quality of the candidate are checked before they start the interview. This ensures that the quality of their video submission is standard.

10. How much time does a candidate get to answer the questions?

Timings can be separately preset for each question by the Recruiters. It is understood that recruiters sometimes want to check the spontaneity of the candidate. This can be done by time limiting the submissions. Specific instruction can also be given to each question which will help the candidate to understand the interviewer’s expectations.

11. Will the candidate be able to resubmit the answers?

The re-submit button is available before processing every answer a candidate submits. This helps the candidates from any mishaps and enhances their experience.

12. Is there any post-interview evaluation available?

TurboHire provides standard scorecard templates which can help in evaluating the candidates’ post there interview video submissions. These templates can be predefined by the hiring manager on the parameters of their choice such as personality traits, work experience and other skill checks with respect to the job.

13. Does it work on the candidate’s mobile also?

Easy to use TurboHire’s automated one-way video interview platform works both on a web browser and mobile browser flawlessly. Recruiters can specify their choice of device pertaining to the question in the instructions section if necessary.

14. How easy is it for candidates to get accustomed to the setup?

We understand that giving an automated video interview could be the first time for some of your candidates. In order to help them get accustomed to this environment, we provide a demo option before starting the actual interview. This will help them play around with the platform and understand the intricacies before submitting their actual answers.

15. Can I revisit the candidate responses at a later point?

The evaluation stage might be parked as a future activity for some job postings. To allow this convenience, TurboHire allows the interviewer to save the video recordings within the candidate card and revisit them at a later point. Video backups will be stored for up to 6 months which makes it even better from the point of a busy recruiter, who can make a better decision in their own time.

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Automated One-way Interview – For Candidates

1. How do I give the automated video interview on the TurboHire platform?

Candidates will receive an email intimation from the hiring managers with the link to attend and submit their video interviews. This will be done from the interviewer’s side once the candidate’s profile is deemed fit.

2. I do not know if my internet bandwidth supports this platform?

A three-step quality check is done before candidates submit their automated video recordings. Video Quality, Audio Quality, and Network Quality are assessed before the interview and the questionnaire appears only if the above criteria are met.

3. Do I need to log in to give the automated interview?

Candidates are not required to log in to TurboHire’s automated one-way video interviewing platform. Answer submissions are supposed to be done on the link provided by the hiring managers.

4. I have never used the TurboHire platform before for giving an interview. Help?

We totally understand the candidate’s concern about not having attended any video interview before. In order to help the candidates, TurboHire’s automated one-way video interviewing platform has a demo option that can be tried and tested before giving the actual interview.

5. How do I know if my answer has been successfully recorded?

Candidates can upload their answers and watch through each video being uploaded and displaying a successful upload message. This will ensure that the video submission is successful.

6. I do not want to go with my current recording. Can I reupload?

Yes. candidates are allowed to check their video submissions and re-upload if necessary.

7. Can I set my own time for answers?

Maximum recording time is preset by the interviewer which may be the same or different for every question. Candidates are advised to kindly check the time limit and keep watch of the progress bar in order to submit the answers hassle-free.

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