The Guide AI in Recruitment
The Guide AI in Recruitment

The Guide: AI in Recruitment

Early adopters of AI in recruitment are witnessing 75% reduction in cost per screen. Learn more on how AI is innovating HR and recruitment.

AI Is Impacting Recruitment In The Right Way

  • 66% of recruiters want an improvement in their process of identifying the right candidates.
  • 64% of recruiters feel the need to lessen the time spent in going through resumes.
  • 46% want to reduce the level of incompetencies while hiring

What You Will Learn

Increasing use of AI
in Recruitment and HR

  • Improve candidate experience
  • Single source for all hiring data
  • Reduce hiring biases

Benefits of AI powered
Recruitment for recruiters

  • Automated sourcing
  • Talent discovery/ rediscovery
  • Screening & assessment

Benefits of AI powered
Recruitment for candidates

  • Candidate oriented approach
  • Faster response time
  • Employer branding

How Early Adoptor Companies
Are Using AI In Recruitment

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Provide level playing field for candidates
  • One way video interview

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