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Unclear expectations through a job description mean leading to complete dissatisfaction of employees as well as the company! Looking forward to your next e recruitment and seeing that there is still a job description being left out of the list that needs to be completed in order to start the campaign? Well, why worry when you have us right here to help you out by giving you a guide on How to write a well-defined Job Description.

You will now be able to find out the best method to follow while writing job descriptions. You will also be able to find out how to get that crisp piece of information all in one place while also being able to deliver the point in the right way.

What Is A Job Description?

We all hear about job descriptions, but what exactly does it mean? Job description in the simplest of simple words would mean a list of all the expectations that a company places while offering you an opportunity to work there. This set of expectations can range anywhere from a small task to a detailed number of tasks depending on the position.

But when we talk about job descriptions it is important that you create crisp copies of the same as that will be the initial point where you will be meeting the next potential talent who you would like to hire for your company needs.

It is only when you mention most of the responsibilities related to the role in the job description properly, that the employee understands their duties and what the company expects from them which helps them analyze whether they are actually fit for the role or not.

What should a well-defined job description consist of?

When you think of writing a job description the very first question that arises would definitely be what exactly is supposed to be included while curating the draft for e recruitment in hrm. Well, there are a lot of different things that need to be considered while you write a job description which again depends on a lot of conditions placed by the company. Some of the most common conditions that are specified by the companies that affect the responsibilities can be mentioned as follows:

  • The number of days you work for the company
  • The amount of time you will be devoting each day
  • The workload that you need to complete in a given period of time.

Steps involved in the process of creating a well-defined job description

To understand how to write the job description based on these conditions and some of the other requirements here are some steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Perform a thorough job analysis

The process involved in gathering the entire information related to the job and its tasks will not only help you understand how the task is actually performed in daily life but will also help you curate a better description. Here are some tips that you need to follow while gathering most of the information:

  • Interview the employees and find out how exactly the task is being assigned and performed.
  • Ask your employees who are already performing the task to fill in questionnaires and worksheets that will help you compile factual data.
  • Collecting job details from other descriptions provided by other companies while also taking a look at the salary surveys.

Once all of this information has been collected, you can cross-check the details provided with the help of a senior colleague in that particular field.

Step 2: Make sure you add in essential functions that pertain to that particular role

When you consider a particular role, there are certain functions that are quite essential and must be done by the candidate who will be hired. These essential functions will be something that is unique to the position and there are certain aspects that need to be considered while designing this part such as:

  • What are the methods through which these functions can be performed?
  • Whether there are any other means or person who will be capable of performing the functions inside the company itself?
  • Check out the frequency with which the employee needs to perform these functions.

Step 3: Organise the data in a structured format

The structure of the job descriptions can depend on the company’s preferences however there are some basic structures when it comes to employee recruitment that need to be kept in mind while changing the original pattern. The basic pattern and topics that are a must while curating the job description can be provided as follows:

  • Title of the job: You need to initially mention what the name of the position that needs to be filled in will be.
  • Classification: Such as whether this role is exempt from any particular acts or laws
  • The salary range being offered: Mention the level of compensation that the company plans to provide in order to employ the candidate.
  • Reporting manager: Mention who the newly hired candidates will be reporting to so that they need not ask around as to who is responsible for their tasks.
  • Date: Include the date within which you would like this position to be filled in
  • Functions pertaining to the position: It is quite important that you mention all the functions that the hired employee will perform.
  • Competency of the candidate: Mention all the skill sets that you are looking for in a particular candidate.
  • Work environment: Mentioning what the work environment will be while also letting them know what to expect is a must.

Step 4: Give a disclaimer notice

It is always a great idea to add in a disclaimer, as the functions that you have mentioned for the position might also change depending on the completion of the project or the speed with which the employee may work.

Step 5: Signature Lines are a must

In order to validate the job description, you might want to add in the signature lines which shows that not only were the job descriptions officially written but were also supervised by some of the senior colleagues in the company.

Step 6: Finalisation

You can finally go through the draft and proofread the entire data. Once this is done the job description can now be added to portals through which you’d love to hire. With all the 6 steps being followed you will be able to create the right and much-defined job description to find the right candidate.

HR Toolkit

While writing a job description is now easy, you can get an easier way out of this task, by just referring to the job description templates via HR toolkit. This startup HR toolkit is a comprehensive guide which will help you prepare al the required details in advance which makes posting a job description a much easier task. This is what we call an intelligence recruitment software.

This comprehensive guide will also contain various different resources such as formal mail to HR, work from home request mail and even attitude survey questions.


While job descriptions are the first step to hiring, they may either affect you positively or negatively, based on how you have curated the entire description. It is hence important that you take utmost care while creating the descriptions. You might also want to get help from experts regarding How to write a well-defined Job Description.

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