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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

What is HR Toolkit by TurboHire?

HR Toolkit by TurboHire is basically an easy-to-use collection of templates and checklists that can be used by HR managers for a number of purposes. It consists of all the information and tools that are used across Human Resources areas for communication of policies, leaves, interviews, hiring, etc.

The toolkit has been created specifically keeping in mind the documentation needs of hr managers. Employees are an organization’s greatest assets and the Human Resources department manages them. Therefore, HR has been rightly known as the heart of a company. HR looks over various functions and activities related to current and future employees. Some of their core responsibilities include:

  • Employee Sourcing and Recruiting
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement, Communications
  • Maintain Organization Culture
  • Management-related work
  • Employee Support
  • Health and Wellbeing Policies
  • Maintain Salaries and Compensation

The above list proves that HR oversees a vast majority of functions in a company and should not be burdened with paperwork and even worse, the composition of emails, policies, or job descriptions.

What does TurboHire’s HR Toolkit have to offer?

TurboHire’s HR Toolkit is currently divided into 10 sectors (so far):

1. Job Description Templates

The Job Description section consists of various job description templates. These templates are designed in a ready-to-use manner so that companies do not have to waste time writing lengthy descriptions listing out necessary skills and qualifications. The templates provide a piece of detailed information about the job for a clear understanding of the candidates. They are divided into 5 parts:

  • The definition of the job
  • The functions and activities of the Job
  • A job brief
  • The main duties and responsibilities
  • The key skills and job requirements

2. Interview Question Checklists

Asking smart questions during an interview allows a recruiter to assess the candidate’s overall skills, performance, and dedication. The quality of questions asked during an interview also marks an impression on the candidate and affects the employer brand of the company.

We have curated a collection of interview question checklists based on sophisticated questions that will let interviewers judge the following skills in the candidate:

  • Behavioral skills
  • Soft skills
  • Technical skills
  • Judgment skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Adaptability skills
  • Communication skills

3. Hiring Mail Templates

The hiring mail templates consist of all the mails that are necessary for communication with candidates. The templates have been written in such a way that they can be ready to be sent once you enter all the necessary credentials. It begins with a descriptive paragraph focussing on the key points and importance of the mail; followed by that is the template that is highly customizable and generalized for your company’s preferences.

4. Job Interview Mail Templates

The interview process for jobs is a multi-stage process. It consists of various steps like posting, writing job descriptions, scheduling, etc. One of these steps is sending emails to candidates regarding various topics. Our templates consist of reminder emails, interview notification emails, availability emails, task emails, and more. The job interview mail templates are in ready-to-use formats

5. Job Offer Mail Templates

Job offer emails are a huge part of the onboarding process, therefore, it acts as a first impression of the company towards its candidates. Hence, it is important to send out well-written and detailed job offer emails. Job Offer Emails are not only sent to new employees but also to existing employees as promotional emails and we all know that keeping up with your employer brand with existing employees can be tricky.

For your benefit, we have included various types of job offer emails like emails for full-time, contractual, remote, informal jobs.

6. HR Mail Templates

The Human Resources department in the company has to communicate with existing and future employees on a regular basis. The process of composing new emails every day can become tiring and wastes a lot of time.

Our collection of HR Mails are in well-defined formats where the HR member would only need to enter the details of the company in the given spaces and it would be ready to send. We have also included possible subjects for these emails accompanied by thoughtful guidelines that need to be followed while sending them.

7. New Hire Checklists

We all know how much value a company puts in its new recruits. So, the communications conducted with them should live up to these values too. There are a lot of elements of a company that new hires should be notified about and we have almost covered them all. Any announcements, checklists, policies that you need to inform your newly recruited candidates should be written in a well-composed manner. Our new hire checklists templates have fulfilled these criteria and we have included specific guidelines for the same.

8. Company policies

With a lot of policies being implemented nowadays, it is important that HR professionals stay on top of these policies which will allow them to stay informed while also letting the employees know about their privileges. With the help of the company policies template provided through TurboHire, it is possible to customize a company policy according to your organization’s terms.

9. Human resource survey questionnaires

The human resource survey questionnaire proves as one of the most efficient tools to gather information both regarding the organization and the employees. With the help of the HR survey questionnaire, HR professionals can also customize the templates as and how they need them. Based on various situations these templates can be utilized.

10. COVID-19 templates

With the pandemic being around the corner, it is time to revise the COVID-19 policies. With the help of the COVID-19 templates, HR can customize the COVID rules and regulations that need to be followed in the workplace when working. Based on various conditions, these can also be utilized for informing the employees regarding the right way to stay safe and the right method to keep themselves and their families from any troubles.

A non-boring toolkit to take care of the rather boring paperwork!

The Human Resources Department already has a lot on its plate. Writing job descriptions, emails, or company policies should not be another time-consuming process for them. Writing these requires an ample amount of time doing research and putting the words together. Therefore, TurboHire has provided everything HR teams need to communicate on a single plate.

TurboHire’s HR Toolkit provides helpful materials and information for managers and supervisors. These templates have been created using expert HR guidance and up-to-date according to the present market standards and demands.

Can HR Toolkit by TurboHire be useful to your organization?

Companies around the world are setting their spotlight on HR teams to lead the way into the future. Proper leadership accompanied by an efficient HR team is critical for a company’s success. On these terms, organizations must focus on adopting advanced HR tools to simplify existing processes and to open the door for new methods.

The modern-day workforce is anxious to discover reason and significance in what they do each day. Thus, HR toolkits are currently starting to involve solutions that focus on holistic employee experience, that includes development, learning, wellbeing, and satisfaction – past just compensation.

TurboHire has been helping companies of all sizes hire better. The company is eager to watch HR teams diving into innovations like analytics, chatbots, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and mixed reality to deliver enriching, informative and engaging employee experiences.

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