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4 Recruitment Automation Solutions : Part 1 – Resources


Whether you are aware or not, your company is one of the competitors along with other companies to recruit some of the best talents. With more and more job openings being available it is becoming hard to find candidates who are open to work. However, this does not mean that there is a lower number of talents available, it is just that even with a higher number of applicants it has become hard to find the finest! Recruitment automation is one of the ways to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline resume view, hiring, vetting, following, and onboarding candidates.

Automated processes can quickly get you through a bundle of resumes and applications within just moments while putting ahead some of the best candidates. AI automating unlike any other software application will have hard-coded algorithm riles that it follows which means that you can decide on the data that it needs to follow for a specific job opening, and voila, you get the best candidate!

Why is recruitment automation important?

Automation in recruitment does not necessarily indicate that there will be a replacement of humans with tools that can readily complete the process. It instead only makes it easier for humans to complete the tasks. This consideration was taken into effect due to the various factors such as time and money being spent a lot on each of the processes. To reduce both of these factors while producing the best results, it was made as a solution for rapid hiring.

It is also seen that the hiring process is not just done for a single position, instead, there are multiple candidates being selected for multiple positions which makes it difficult to get the candidates that fill in all the categories as expected. Automation in such cases helps takes the burden away from the recruiters by applying AI and machine learning to routine activities that include right from outreach to an offer.

Some of the additional benefits due to which recruitment automation has become a necessity in hiring can be provided as follows:

  • Helps improve candidate tracking
  • Improving compliance
  • Predicting the best fit and high performing candidates
  • Limiting any sort of human error and workforce bias
  • Reducing intense human labor activities and hence saving a lot of factors such as time, energy, money, and resources
  • Improving productivity, efficiency, and candidate experience
  • Modernizing recruitment to streamline hiring processes
  • Candidate tracking made easier

Solutions for intelligent hiring:

Solutions from TurboHire are not something that changes the entire process, instead, it takes special care to streamline the process to make it easier to hire good candidates. These features do not only combine intelligence and automation but also allow configurability to be a part of the process to scout the best talents. Here is a list of 4 solutions and 24 features that you can access through TurboHire for easy recruitment options:

A. High Volume Hiring:

Hiring in a higher volume is a tedious task, especially when it is done for a bigger company, for example, Birlasoft. However, if you think it is actually hard here is how TurboHire made it easier for Birlasoft to hire a higher number of candidates. By using the features provided by TurboHire, Taleo, a company that integrated with TurboHire, made use of intelligent advancements which led to three times more productivity along with seamless integration and lower hiring costs. Here are some of the features that helped in higher volume hiring:

1. Automated Scheduling:

Automated scheduling is a tool that allows recruiters to reduce the time required for hiring by automating the interview stage. Recruiters can tool where candidates will select a timeframe within which they can provide the interview and recruiters can schedule the same. This allows for convenient interview scheduling without any hassle.

2. Chrome Extension:

Get a chrome extension from TurboHire named TurboHire connect that allows recruiters to actively connect with all the sourcing channels through a single account. This makes it more organized to contact each of the sourcing sites and hence gather all candidates in a single place.

3. Enquiry forms:

Need to get to know the candidates but there are a lot of them? Then these inquiry forms will allow a candidate to let the recruiters know what information they have left out on their resume. Using the forms can also help recruiters collect the information in a much more customizable and comfortable format.

4. 1-way interviews:

A 1-way interview is an interviewing method that allows recruiters to assess the candidates without having to actually conduct an interview. In this feature, candidates get an automated set of interview questions that are asked which they need to answer. This helps not only save the time for the recruiter but also allows candidates to take part in the interview no matter where they are. This feature provides a form that consists of all the answers which make the assessment of the candidate easier.

5. Email and test automation:

If there is a communication gap between the candidate and the recruiter, it can now be filled with email and text automation features. This feature allows for a smooth communication experience where the recruiter themselves need not send in a message each time they’d like to contact the candidate. Instead, they can just automate the entire message-sending process as and when they require it.

6. Evaluation Scorecards:

Each candidate can be rated based on their performance during the assessment. This ranking will let the recruiter emphasize more the top talents that have been ranked higher than those candidates with lower ranks. This feature, in general, will make the process of going through multiple candidates easier.

B. Hyper Growth Hiring:

It was observed that after using TurboHire’s features, WakeFit, an R&D-based home solutions company was able to hire about 270 candidates in bulk along with interviewing about 850 applicants and generated about 1200 applicants with an improved 40% progress in their candidate evaluation process. This led to great growth in the company with a higher number of best talents being attracted. Here are some of the features that allowed this goal to be achieved.

1. Applicant tracking system:

ATS also commonly called the Applicant tracking system is a tool that helps recruiters to create job boards, screen candidates, collate data, track the hiring process along with providing smart hiring ideas. This tool has it all in a single place which provides ease in the hiring process.

2. Integrations:

Now make it easier to continue with your existing process, without having to make any additional changes to it. The integrations feature helps connect your software or application within which the hiring process is ongoing along with the TurboHire account. This integration feature will also consist of a number of tools readily available that can be used for hiring right away.

3. Offer management:

The processes that are involved in the final stage of hiring such as letting the candidate know they are selected, sending an offer letter along with the process of onboarding a candidate can be automated with the offer management feature.

4. Referrals:

Referrals are one of the most effective ways to get some of the best talents out there. These referrals either within the company or out of the company can be collected within a single account and can be assessed actively to find the right talent. Having referrals from someone you know, will also be a more secure and trustworthy way to find talents.

5. Partner Management:

When there is more than one stakeholder who is checking the candidate, screening them, approving, and interviewing them the hiring task is more scattered. To organize this scattered process, it is possible to use partner management. This feature allows the management of partners without having to check in on partners individually.

6. Candidate Assessments:

Assessments can also be called short tests that candidates must attend before moving forward to the interview stage. To customize this test, recruiters can use the candidate assessment feature which provides automated assessment and its results.

Final words:

The overall recruitment process will consist of a lot of tasks such as workforce planning, workforce redeployments, internal career pathing, and skill mapping. Improving the quality of candidates and hence improving the quality of business is only possible due to recruitment automation solutions that have allowed for much speedier work experience. It was observed that with companies who tried the TurboHire features, there was an increase in the applicant volume by an average of about 50 to 100 submissions in a single post and hence leading to a better list of potential candidates.

This list contains the initial two solutions along with their 6 features respectively. Do look forward to the rest of the 2 solutions along with their features coming up in Part 2!

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