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59 Automation features for Intelligent Hiring – Part 3 – Resources

Screening of resumes and finding the best talents within a limited timeframe seems to be one of the biggest challenges for the hiring teams. It is also seen that about 52% of the talent acquisition leaders claim that the most challenging part of the recruitment is the identification of suitable candidates from a large applicant pool.

However, AI for recruitment is now one of the leading ways to get over these challenges. Recruitment automation does not only allow recruiters to better leverage their ATS but will also provide the ability to hire more efficiently, shortlist more accurately, and even screen resumes without any biases.


Recruitment teams worldwide are now turning towards recruitment automation as one of the best ways to overcome a lot of challenges while also ensuring there is a smooth procedure being maintained throughout.

Do check out the first and second lists that consist of the initial 30 features before going on to the next set of features. These features will help you understand how recruitment can be made easy and why you need to use them!

Some of the main factors due to which the recruitment automation is on a rise can be provided as follows:

  • A competitive economy full of talented individuals calls for the acquisition of top talent
  • With improve data analytics, hiring leaders are turning towards data-based hiring in order to increase the overall performance and turnover.
  • The prediction of hiring teams’ size to remain the same or contract will lead to collaboration between humans and technology at a much larger scale.

Here is a list of the features provided by TurboHire that will accompany you during your entire process:

Employer Branding:

Each company has its own brand views along with brand terms. Keeping a constant employer brand and following them throughout is not possible if there is no proper communication within the team. With the help of TurboHire, recruiters can now create their own brands and manage them on a single platform along with all their teammates. Some of the advantages of using this feature can be provided as follows:

  • Allows to set up a branding logo
  • Provides own brand link
  • Get access to a customized brand name.

With all these advantages playing a significant role in the creation of an employer brand, recruiters will now be able to do this task with ease.

According to Capterra, it has also been observed that:

  • TurboHire has received 4.1/5 based on the overall usage of the features
  • A score of 4.0/5 has been awarded for the ease of use as mentioned by the clients
  • Customer service has been rated as 4.1/5

The data provided by Capterra are completely based on real-time data from verified user experiences.

Email Templates:

Creation of emails right from scratch to editing them and then sending them in bulk to a lot of candidates is a tough task unless you have got software that will ease out this experience. Luckily, TurboHire has got just the answer that you’ve been looking for. TurboHire provides an easy way out while creating and providing templates for emails. These email templates are not only customizable but are also quite accessible for the recruiters. Easy editing and sending out emails will now make the procedure easier.

Recruiters can also standardize the overall messages that have been sent out to candidates through this template functionality. This template will also range from updating the candidates regarding the recruitment process to even letting the candidates know if there’s an open position in the company.

SMS & WhatsApp Marketing:

With optimizations of social media for recruitment purposes increasing on a large scale, it is inevitable to remove social media from the hiring processes. In order to track the optimization of these resources, TurboHire provides recruiters with SMS and WhatsApp Marketing that allows recruiters to send out messages and updates regarding the hiring process while also letting the candidates know all they need to know regarding the steps involved. This feature also allows a faster response rate and lower waiting time than required to reach out to individual candidates on a single message basis.

With bulk messaging options it has become much easier to check the updates of the candidates and select the best ones.

WhatsApp Template:

“WhatsApp has 2 billion active users worldwide and on an average, a WhatsApp user tends to spend about 38 minutes per day on the app.” – Backlinko

With such an enormous number of users using WhatsApp on a daily basis, it is sure that WhatsApp is one of the mediums to reach out to candidates quite quickly. Compared to email where the open rates are about 12% to 30.5% it is observed that the open rates for WhatsApp are 98%. Hence it is seen that emails might even get lost in a cluster of mails however the chance of opening a WhatsApp is more or less guaranteed to be read.

There is also a higher level of privacy when recruiters communicate with candidates through WhatsApp. The use of a channel like WhatsApp will also ensure that there is an impact on the brand of the employer. Where the company will be understood as more of a relaxed type than the traditional uptight type.

Requisition Portal

Requisition is said to be a part of the checks and balances that many organizations tend to follow in order to enforce hiring processes. All those companies who would like to hire new employees for their company will need to go through this process of completion of a job requisition.

A long-form requisition is one that includes the long-form job description which is essential when creating an accurate job posting. A typical job requisition for the requisition portal will include job title, department, fill date and the requisite skills and qualities that are necessary for the job. All of these details can now however be readily acquired via TurboHire where easy contact with requisition portals can be made.

Accessing multiple requisition portals at the same time will allow a much faster reach rate among the candidates than sending in requisitions one by one.

Approval Workflows:

An approval workflow is said to be an identified set of sequential tasks that help to complete the entire planned process. Each task will allow other approvers to share their input before the process has been concluded. In the creation of a workflow, it is essential to mention what the goal will be, break down the steps that the task will contain, identification of all the factors that need to be added, and of course inform the team about the workflow so that they can also update their views.

All of these tasks related to approval workflows might sound a bit complicated but when you use TurboHire, you get an automated approval workflow established which provides easier management of all the tasks. Some of the benefits of approval workflows can be provided as follows:

  • Faster processing rates
  • No more paperwork
  • Lowering of costs
  • Better coordination within the team

Automated Workflow Trigger

Workflow automation without a doubt is said to be one of the easiest ways to save money and boost overall productivity while also improving the employees’ work experience by eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks. Workflow automation is technology automation that takes up manual tasks and automates them in order to reduce time consumption and improve speed.

Workflow automation uses a simple logic-based rule which automates many common businesses process including a variety of tasks. One of the most popular uses of workflow management is seen in conjunction with email marketing. Apart from this recruiter can also use automated workflow triggers for payroll systems, insurance policies, expense accounts, and even other official systems to conduct HR tasks.

With automated workflow triggers being utilized by recruiters, it is possible to provide updates to employees and even candidates to ensure a smooth hiring process is being carried forward.

“Digitization and a focus on streamlining business processes are accelerating demand for modern workflow automation management systems, which Grand View expects to show a CAGR of 27.7% through 2025.”

Oracle NetSuite

Ideal Candidate Definition:

When you say ideal candidate, it means that you need a candidate that has the requisite skills to do the job and is a good culture fit within the organization. Hence in order to determine which candidate is the best option for the job opening, it is essential to specify the ideal candidate definition. Each company has its own requirements and hence will also have its own ideal candidate definition.

No matter what the requirements are, TurboHire allows an easier way to define your ideal candidate with this feature. This allows customization for the job opening that your company has and hence helping you find the right candidate during the hiring process.

Interview Approvals:

Recruiters and managers need to stay on the same page for the hiring process to be smoother. However, this might not be possible if there is no coordination. To maintain proper coordination, it is essential that the interview approvals are done on a timely basis.

In order to conduct interview approvals on a timely basis, TurboHire provides an easier way to access the details and let your manager know everything right away. This will also let your manager know at which stage you have reached and how long it will take to fill up the open position.

Offer Templates:

When a hiring team finds the right candidate, the recruiter tends to contact them in order to let them know about the position and the job offer. When the job offer is verbal the hiring manager needs to call the candidates and let them know they are selected. Then depending on the company’s policies, recruiters may either send an email or in writing regarding the job offer. A job offers no matter what means must be formal and the details of the same must be accurate and confirmed by the upper management.

A typical job offer will include the following:

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Starting date
  • Work schedule
  • Reporting Structure
  • Salary compensation or bonus compensation that is included
  • Paid time leave
  • Employee benefits
  • Privacy policies
  • Termination conditions

With all the information being needed to be added in, it is necessary to cross-check whether there is anything that has been missed out. To ease out the process and customize the offer letters to be sent out, TurboHire provides offer templates that can be used for communicating with the candidate.

Candidate Signature:

Getting the signature of a candidate, especially when working in a digitalized era, will be hard to get the documents faster. This is why it is important to utilize as much automated software as possible that will speed up the document submission procedures. When this task has been completed fast, it will be faster to fill in the open position as well.

TurboHire in order to simplify this task of getting the candidate’s signature provides an automated feature that will both indicate where the signature is supposed to be added while also giving editing properties to candidates to enter their sign.

Onboarding Forms:

After devoting endless hours to finding, interviewing, and selecting candidates it is now time to reach out to the candidate to fill up the onboarding forms. However, with a lot of forms pertaining to each position and each of them being stored in a different file, there are times when recruiters may get confused as to which form to be sent out to which candidate.

Onboarding is not just the process of a candidate joining the company, instead, it is said to be the moment right from accepting the offer letter to actively fulfilling their role.

To send out the right forms to the right parties, it is essential to keep a track of all the onboarding forms on a single platform. TurboHire provides this feature that will keep all the onboarding forms in a single place segregated based on the positions and the candidates that need them.

Offer Reports:

Recruiters work hard to find out the right talents needed for the organization. When recruiters do quite a good job in their roles, the organization is the one that benefits the most. Accurate insights into how the recruitment is working for the organization and how it is helping to improve the process almost tenfold is important. This can be known by using the Offer reports.

The offer reports through TurboHire allow HR officials to showcase what sorts of activities have been performed along with recording parameters such as the number of job openings, a number of candidates in each stage, time is taken to fill in the opening, and the interview trends.

This offer report will also contain information such as the role of each candidate along with the compensation offered to the candidates.

Salary Calculator:

Finding out the necessary amounts and how much the company has to invest in the candidate is something that needs special care. When calculating the salary of a candidate various factors need to be considered such as follows:

  • Basic Salary
  • Conveyance allowance
  • Dearness allowance
  • Special allowance
  • Cost to company
  • In-hand salary
  • Professional tax
  • Tax deducted at source
  • Employee provident fund

In order to check out all these factors and mention the right amount, TurboHire provides a salary calculator that allows the calculation of salary for each candidate based on their roles and the deductions that need to be done within minutes.


Hope this list is one that helps you to make the entire hiring process a simple task. While there are still a lot of tasks at hand why not make it simpler by using these features. This list of features is not the only one prepared for recruiters, there is a fourth list coming along that will help you even more with proper recruitment plans.

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