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Working in a recruitment team means getting swamped by several job applications and CVs! This means more time is wasted going through them and not getting any productive work done. If you feel like this needs to be ramped up and want a game changer to be included in your daily recruitment tasks, then recruitment automation is the right answer!

In this article, you will find out more about how to use recruitment automation to your benefit while also streamlining the entire process which would have otherwise been a lot of doing. Find out more on how some of the cases through our recruitment automation tools have helped others be successful in their projects and hence providing them a better talent acquisition plan to be established.

What is recruitment automation?

Right from the way of shopping online to even the way we order food online, there is no such field out there that does not use automation anymore. It is all about how to make life easier and how it can benefit the people who are utilizing these automation tools. Technology makes sure that it not only saves our time but also makes sure every task is completed more conveniently.

In a much similar way, recruitment automation is one of the ways that allows HR representatives to convenience their way through the various hiring process. Those tasks that might take a lot of days to get through can also be completed within just minutes or even seconds depending on the task. Recruitment automation being clubbed with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive data analysis, it is only a matter of time that HR leaders start to have a hiring process designed specifically for them.

5 ways recruitment automation has changed recruiting process forever

Getting tasks done is one of the main benefits of recruitment automation, however, this is not the only benefit that is being added to your list. Here are some of the other 5 ways through which the entire hiring game is being changed forever.

1. Job promotion and advertising:

Initially, job advertising and promotion used to be more of manual work than an automated process. In this manual work, recruiters would have had to go through each site while uploading the JDs and setting them up. It is hence considered to be one of the best advantages of recruitment automation.

2. Sourcing:

Finding great candidates and getting them on board is one of the crucial tasks that not only consumes time but also requires a detailed attention span of the recruiters. According to a survey by LinkedIn, about 85% of the global workforce comprises passive candidates. Finding them out and reaching out to them can be a pain for recruiters. Recruitment automation software hence enriches this experience by collaborating with various job boards which makes reaching out to candidates easier.

3. Applicant tracking and screening:

Once you get in touch with the candidate, the next step is to go through each detail which can also be called the screening of candidates. If no proper support for technology is acquired, this process becomes quite a burden to both recruiters and the candidates. This can, however, be overcome by the usage of ATS also called the Applicant tracking system which also the recruiters to follow every single tracking need in a single place.

4. Interview Scheduling:

Manually scheduling interviews may lead to a lot of confusion like overlapping of timeframes between candidates to even candidates not being available at a specific time, however with automated calendars being a part of the recruitment automation tools, recruiters can allow candidates to schedule their interview in their own convenient time which allows both the recruiter and the candidate to get a better interview process.

5. Data and hiring metrics:

Data and hiring metrics help the recruiters to keep a track of all the work related to hiring a candidate right from candidate details to resume to background details being stored in a single place. Managing this huge data on your computer is not just difficult but might also face some security issues. To make sure such a huge amount of data stays maintained, recruitment automation can help. Here recruiters can upload the data directly over the cloud and save a lot of space in the system. There will also be a higher amount of security and missing the data will also never occur.

3 best tools for recruitment automation

With an abundance of automation tools, recruiters are dizzy as to which tools they need to use and what will help them. Hence to clear out this confusion here are the 3 best tools for recruitment automation that can be used for ease of hiring processes.

1. Resume Parser:

Resume Parser is not just a tool, but it is a life-saver! How? Well, a resume parser does not only let you filter through the relevant resumes based on your choices but will also allow you to check out the tiniest of details of a candidate which might have otherwise been left unread. This is what makes the resume parser one of the best tools that recruiters need to use in their daily recruitment process.
Resume Parser is also one of the tools that help in candidate screening efficiently. Here are three main reasons why resume parser remains the best:

  • Manual screening of resume is still one of the most time-consuming sections of a hiring procedure
  • Up to 88% of the resumes that are received are considered to be underqualified
  • A recruiter tends to spend about 23 hours screening resumes for just a single hire. This means for multiple openings it might take more than a week or even a month.

2. Automated Interview Scheduler:

Interviews are a part of the pre-screening process and it needs more than just the timeframe of the interviewer to be free. Here both the interviewer and the candidate need to agree mutually to be a part of the interview. This can however only come true if they have equally set timings which is not possible when scheduled manually.
It is hence easier to utilize the automated interview scheduler which will not only allow the candidates to schedule their interviews but will also provide a constant reminder regarding the upcoming interviews. This allows for a smoother hiring process. According to CareerBuilder’s data, it is found that about 67% of job seekers have a positive impression of the company if consistent updates are provided throughout the application process.

3. Candidate onboarding tools:

While candidate screening and interviewing are some of the important starting points, onboarding a candidate is also one of the most important when it comes to the actual start of a candidate’s work life. This needs to be handled with utmost care as this is where the exact experience of a candidate comes to an end. If this experience is positive only then will the company benefit in its hiring process and its overall brand image. TurboHire with its candidate onboarding tools provides a wide variety of ways to ensure there is a smooth onboarding process being carried out.

Use cases of recruitment automation by TurboHire

Now that you know what recruitment automation is, here are some of the use cases at TurboHire that has helped our customers get a smooth hiring process.


Accel is one of the global venture capital firms which has its offices in India, the US, and the UK. Founded in the year 1983, this company has been managing over $9.6 billion in the capital. This company is one of the giant firms, some hiring challenges were faced, and one of the included curations of jobs in a single place. TurboHire however with the help of its solutions helped Accel solve this challenge to not only an extent where they got to curate the jobs in a single place but also engaging with candidates on a better level.

Kauvery Hospital:

One of the best multi-specialty hospitals with almost twenty years of service in the industry has a top-notch service being provided. According to the statistics, it is known that they have treated about 500,000 patients in about 7 hospitals at various locations. With this big of an enterprise being in question, one of the main challenges for Kauvery Hospital was to find an innovative and intelligent solution that will improve the hiring process in the healthcare industry. However, with the emergence of TurboHire solutions, Kauvery Hospital was about to convert about 1000+ resumes into smartcards which allowed for an easier screening process, and hence an overall improved hiring procedure is activated.


ClearTax, one of India’s leading Fintech companies and trusted by about 5M people worldwide consists of a huge team now. However, this might have not been possible if they did not overcome the challenges that were thrown in their way. One of the greatest challenges that were faced by ClearTax was assembling an ATS system that would help in hiring about 300 salespeople in about just 3 months. Needless to say, this was a success, with TurboHire is being utilized. Not only was ClearTax able to hire 300 salespeople but was also able to complete the entire hiring process at about 3X speed.


Hanu one of the partners of Microsoft for over 20 years, established in 2002 is one of the companies that has a well-managed service being provided to its customers. But is it possible to provide such great customer service when you get challenges being provided to you? Well, it might be hard, but it is not impossible to overcome these hurdles. TurboHire helped Hanu in overcoming one of its greatest challenges to find a better Talent acquisition platform which consisted of a better candidate screening.


An R&D-driven home solutions brand, WakeFit is one of the organizations set up in the year 2016. With ever-increasing success at WakeFit, it has been observed that this company aims at providing its consumers with one of the best sleeping experiences. Getting to such an extent where consumers feel safe to trust in WakeFit is indirectly connected to its employees and their service. And getting the best of employees is not an impossible task but one with a lot of hurdles. This however was overcome by utilizing TurboHire to improve the career pages and hence the employer branding.


While these are some of the examples of how TurboHire has helped various clients with recruitment automation and the features accompanied, you can now get to know more about the same based on actual real-time data through our Report on Top 5 use cases in Recruitment Automation. Do look forward to an amazing data-compiled report with a lot more information on how it can benefit your company as well!

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