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5 must-have tools for every recruiter

Recruitment tools are increasingly being used by most recruiters around the world. However, there is still ambiguity as to which recruitment tools are the best and which recruitment tools do actually help recruiters. To solve these questions and to help you find out the right tool for all your recruitment needs here are 5 must-have tools for every recruiter that without fail will ensure you get the best results!


ATS also called the applicant tracking system is one of the must-have tools especially if you’ve got too many applicants and you’re trying to track their progress. This all-in-one tool is a computer software program that manages the overall hiring process. Hiring managers will be able to screen as well as track candidates who have applied for a particular position. The ATS hence saves a lot of time and money.

Job boards

The job boards allow employers to advertise the vacancies available at their organization. Job seekers on the other hand can easily find out the jobs that are mentioned on the job boards by searching for certain roles. The main benefit of using job boards is that both recruiters and job seekers get a medium to connect and interact with each other. With the help of TurboHire’s integration such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Google jobs, Dice, Monster, Jobsora, Ripplehire, and JobServe job boards, it is easier to access all of these job boards on a single platform.

Assessment and interviewing software

Contacting about 1000+ candidates at the same time can be hard however with the help of assessment and interviewing softwares it is possible to schedule multiple interviews. The assessments also help to validate the candidate’s skillsets and check whether they are the right match for the position. With the TurboHire platform’s assessment integrations such as Adaface, My anatomy, Mercer Mettl, and HackerEarth, and interviewing software integrations such as Google Meet, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Team, recruiters can now verify and schedule various interviews.

CRMs/ Candidate management

Maintaining a great relationship with a candidate increases the chances of a candidate accepting the job offer. With the help of CRMs, it is possible for recruiters to manage and improve relationships with not only current candidates but also potential future job candidates. The CRM allows to automate communication with candidates and hence encourages their engagement. This in turn also affects the candidate’s experience positively. Some of the integrations that TurboHire provides can be provided as Gmail, WhatsApp, Outlook, and SMS.

Recruiting Reports

Creating reports for each of the stages that a candidate goes through can seem like a time-consuming task. The recruiting reports hence help recruiters who are trying to save time by automating the creation of reports. These reports can also be customized as per the recruiter’s needs. TurboHire provides a customized reports option that can be either created from scratch or can be created using templates.

Final Words

Now that you have understood the 5 must-have tools for every recruiter it is now possible to simplify your recruitment process while also saving time and money. These recruitment tools can also aid recruiters in easily integrating their tools with their own websites. This added advantage makes it quite feasible to control the settings and makes hiring easier.

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