Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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How TurboHire Helped WakeFit Hire approx. 270 Candidates In 45 Days

In the first 45 days of using TurboHire for recruitment activities, Wakefit hired approx. 270 candidates, interviewed 850 applicants, along with 8 vendors, and generated around 1200 application count

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An adaptable and automated workflow was required to improve interview to shortlist ratio and also reduce the cost to hire.


TurboHire helped Wakefit create different interviewing processes for various roles to derive the best time-to-hire and improvement in the quality of hire along with Automated Document Collection.


Wakefit is a research and development-driven Home solutions brand, evolving out from being a sleep arrangements organization set up in March 2016. It was established with a dream to democratize sleep in India. It intends to make front line sleep products at its manufacturing plant in Bengaluru at a reasonable cost by upgrading costs through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model.

The Home Solutions market in India is fixed at INR 10,000 crores starting in 2016 and is required to develop to INR 14,000 crore by 2021, according to industry reports. India is the second most restless nation on the planet, according to a worldwide report. Wakefit.co's yearly review Great Indian Sleep Scorecard's 2019 report indicated that 45% of individuals feel a superior mattress is a thing that could have any kind of effect on their sleep wellbeing.

Wakefit makes creative sleep products that assist you with getting a decent night's sleep, each night. According to them, a peacefully sleeping mind has a peaceful life too. Every one of their products is accessible on the website and you'll see that it's anything but difficult to purchase their products on the website.

How TurboHire Helped WakeFit In Improving The Process Of Hiring

1. Vendor Management To Resolve Duplicate Candidatures
It's normal for the same individual to apply to your openings on different occasions. It's extraordinary they're so anxious to work for your association yet you need your applicant records to be clean and smoothed out. TurboHire makes it simple to recognize duplicate applicant profiles and merge them into one.

WakeFit was hiring for the roles of customer service, support, and sales when they approached TurboHire.
2. Careers Page In Improving Employer Branding
The Careers Page in TurboHire helped to engage WakeFit’s Employer Branding by posting jobs on the page and involve employees to refer or apply internally. All the referral campaigns have been powered by JustDropYourResume, where an employee can simply drop the resume of their candidate and complete the application. Thus the AI-powered Referrals and Careers Pages helped to pull great candidates for WakeFit while also ensuring the best matching of open-jobs to candidates.
3. High-Quality Support During Trial Period Helped In Getting Customers On Board
The Trial period offered by TurboHire enabled Wakefit to gather all the information on how well our product has been designed to meet all their recruitment needs. They were able to take an ample amount of time to discover all the features of TurboHire and understand their value.

“Effective human-machine collaboration is leading to significant improvement in efficiency in the Talent Acquisition Processes”

Talent Acquisition, Wakefit
4. Creation Of Optimized Workflow For Various Job Requirements
TurboHire used various methods like Ideal Calibration Score, Keyword Filtering, Education context, Work context, Competency to provide a powerful tool for the recruiter to shortlist the best candidates. This resulted in an interview to shortlist ratio improvement by 2.5X.
5. From In-Person Walk-In Drives To Virtual Walk-In Drive
On an average, recruiters open only 20% of the resumes. It is not humanly feasible to go through all the candidate profiles on each new job role and also required a huge amount of time and money

TurboHire’s Candidate Discovery Platform not just helped in reducing the time to hire but also significantly reduces the cost of hiring for organizations. It further helps build an organization’s brand by reaching to candidates who have applied in the past for their jobs.
6. Rich Reporting Dashboard
The TurboHire reporting dashboard analyzed, tracked, and reported real-time data regarding the results of WakeFit. They were updated automatically and the users of the company can get instant access to critical information. This helped in keeping a track of all the activities with accurate numbers.

Final Output

TurboHire helped Wakefit create different interviewing processes for various roles to derive the best time-to-hire and improvement in the quality of hire. They derived insights out of data using dashboards. Automation for the tedious process like document collection and screening was utilized. The creation of an agile method for interview scheduling for feedback incorporation during the process was introduced.

In the first 45 days of using TurboHire for recruitment activities, Wakefit hired close to 270 candidates, interviewed 850 applicants, along with 8 vendors, and generated 1200 application count.

Most loved features by WakeFit

  • Referral Portal
  • Automated Document Collection
  • Vendor Management


Reduction in time-to-interview


Better evaluation of candidates


Reduction in efforts in document collection

Statistical Report

  • Reduction in time-to-interview by 33% by adaptable workflows.
  • Automation of document collection leading to 3X reduction in efforts.
  • Reduction in the number of interviews by 40% with better evaluations of candidates.
  • The first few weeks were 20 hires per week which later picked up to 50 in the last 3 weeks.

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