Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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Turbohire Processed, Parsed, and Matched 1 Million Candidates
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No-Code Automated recruitment solutions for Accel

A study on how TurboHire helped industry-leading venture capital firm Accel curate a space to showcase jobs for 165+ portfolio startups while reducing their time-to-hire.

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In search of a unified space to exhibit jobs with automated publishing features and augmented candidate-job matching functionality.


Received more than 500 applications for leadership positions and onboarded 15 companies using TurboHire.


Accel is a global venture capital firm with offices in India, the US, and the UK, working with start-ups and investing in them throughout various phases of growth. Founded in 1983, and managing over $9.6 billion in the capital, Accel Partners has a long history of partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams to build world-class businesses. Accel today invests globally using dedicated teams in Palo Alto, California, New York City, London, and Bangalore.

Accel has helped entrepreneurs build over 300 category-defining companies worldwide. In India, Accel has made investments in companies such as Ace Creative Learning, Babyoye, BookMyShow, Collectabillia, EduPristine, enStage, Flipkart, Freshworks, Forus Health, HealthcareMagic, Kirusa, Mitra Biotech, MuSigma, Myntra, Perfint, Power2SME, Probe, PropTiger, QwikCilver, SureWaves, TaxiForSure, Trivone, Vinculum, and Virident.

Being a venture capital firm, Accel concentrates on sectors like SaaS, Media, Consumer, Mobile, Infrastructure, Customer care services, Security services, Enterprise software, and E-commerce. The growth capital investments of the company focus mostly on developed organizations requiring a larger amount of capital for business expansion

Challenges Faced By Accel When Hiring

Things that were missing from Accel’s hiring process before onboarding TurboHire:
  • Curation of jobs in a single place,
  • Access to portfolio companies to create jobs and get them approved,
  • Automated publishing of jobs on their candidate-portal,
  • AI-based matching functionality for candidates,
  • Searchable candidate database.
Accel was looking to launch a platform to showcase leadership jobs for their 165+ portfolio start-ups in a single place. This could take a massive amount of time if done manually without a responsive and adaptive recruitment platform.

They wanted to provide an easy-to-use and intelligent platform for recruiters to list jobs while also creating a single platform for candidates to find relevant openings.
Hence, overseeing and scale the hiring of 165+ portfolio companies without a smart recruitment platform was becoming quite a challenge.

Accel required not just a smart but also an intelligent recruitment solution that would:

● list out job postings for applicants,
● help recruiters match candidates according to the job requirement.

This was achievable with TurboHire’s augmented recruitment tools that parse resumes and rank candidates based on their evaluation scores to find the perfect fit.

TurboHire has helped Accel build its own “Turbo Hiring” process. TH has provided them with a configurable platform that they extensively used to convert their recruitment ideas into reality.

Three of the many reasons why Accel chose TurboHire are:
  1. The ability to build a job-listing page that contains a “submit resume” functionality for candidates who might be interested.
  2. Outstanding customer service and problem solving while working together to solve issues.
  3. TurboHire’s ability to streamline candidates for a job based on configurable criteria.

How did TurboHire help Accel?

  • TurboHire’s platform provided Accel the ability to scale and extend the configuration to curate a hiring process of its own.
  • The Augmented Intelligent features of TH helped them match and rank candidates, reducing the overall time-to-hire and taking the burden off of recruiters spending time going through resumes.
  • Since TH is built as an API-first model, they were allowed to easily integrate all of its functionality in their systems of choice
The initiative of Accel to bring all of its portfolios on a single platform could have made them spend a huge amount of capital during its execution process. TurboHire made this possible easily with its smart features and augmented intelligence saving tons of time and money.
Most loved features of TurboHire

Keyword Search

Candidate Ranking

Resume Parsing


TurboHire’s Impact On Accel
During the early stages of using TurboHire, the company had already onboarded 15 companies using the platform. They claimed that more than 500 leaders had applied through the platform.

Currently, Accel has a limited number of people to oversee 165 companies. This has been made possible because of TurboHire’s AI-based features. The matching feature of TH has been the most loved one as it also provides the recruiter the functionality of future matching.

Accel had used TurboHire to build their own recruitment pipeline. We have been called a “NO-CODE” platform to build a hiring system. The highlight of using TurboHire was that it resembled the value possessed by Accel: “making our customers the hero of our story”.

At present, TurboHire’s platform built for Accel is being used by more than 10 portfolio companies including the likes of Zenoti, MindTickle, FabHotels, in a limited roll-out phase.

After using TurboHire, there were more than 32,000 candidates that had been sourced in a span of just a few months. Accel’s goal is to onboard all 150+ companies to enlist all their leadership roles in a single platform.

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