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What Is Talent Discovery In Recruitment Automation?


Recruitment is one of the most important processes in any business and investing in humans is said to be one of the biggest investments that any business can ever make. It is eventually the ‘people’ who will be the ones to perform most of the tasks that an organization needs. Talent Discovery is all about selecting the right person!

Because according to Steve Wynn:

“Human resources aren’t a thing we do it’s the thing that runs our business”

It has hence always been important to check the type of person that you are selecting for the job and how it impacts your business. It is only with the help of the right person that a company can move forward in the right direction. With more and more organizations looking for talents it has almost become impossible to find the right candidate. Recruitment automation however helps companies to gain momentum and select the ideal candidates at a faster pace.

What is talent discovery?

Talent Discovery is a tool that helps you to gather all the necessary details that are needed to understand a job requisition, add in your expectations regarding the candidates, and then keep a documented record about the entire process.

This tool allows recruiters to dive deep into the talent pool and find the candidates that are an ideal match for the ones they are looking for. This tool apart from showing which candidate is right will also help recruiters to compare real-time labor market data and hence give an in-depth look at the active supply and competitive demand of a provided position to check where the right talent can be found while also checking the salaries provided for the role.

Why do companies need automation in the discovery of talent?

Recruitment is no wonder going to rule the companies soon and it will soon take up most of the human resources tasks that need to be completed. It will not only reduce a lot of workloads from recruitment managers but will also ensure that there is a continual flow of work without any obstacles.

Most of the companies that are worried about their future have also started utilizing the recruitment automation features that assist them in clearing out bottlenecks in the funnels while also optimizing the process. They are also improving equity in hiring and reducing the overall operating expenses while also being powered with data that is needed to meet their KPIs.

These companies that automate the process have also found that there is a lower number of candidates that drop out during the process due to the long processes involved in the application. You can also find more data on the same in our latest eBook, Recruitment Automation: A 101 Browse Through. Here are some of the reasons that specify the necessity of automation in order to discover talent:

  • It helps save a lot of time so that most recruiters can focus more on meaningful tasks
  • You will eventually see more productivity achieved due to candidate rediscovery and pipeline nature
  • It will help you achieve faster time to hire and lower cost to hire by helping you understand the tasks that need to be completed.

How does recruitment automation help in discovering talent?

Now that you have understood why recruitment automation is now one of the most used methods in most companies, here is how it will actually help with some of our TurboHire features to assist you:

1. Creation of application procedure that will set you apart from most of your competitors:

You can take part in the customization of messaging and candidate application flows in order to exhibit the company’s culture and EVP also known as Employer Value Proposition. This will in turn result in more applicants getting attracted to your job posts, your candidate volume increasing, and hence speeding up the hiring process.

2. Advertising the jobs that you post on channels that will help bring a greater number of applicants:

The talent discovery tool helps you to organize candidate campaigns with your objectives being kept in mind such as applications, hires, or retention. Usage of non-traditional channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, or Facebook can also be optimized for the advertisement of your job openings. This helps engagement among the younger generation and hence leads to a greater volume of candidates than most of your competitors.

3. Resumes can now be dropped:

Instead of checking longer resumes, a talent discovery tool helps find real-time predictions for on-the-job success. Hence there is more emphasis on perfect fit based on soft skills, life moments, and personality traits.

4. Dashboards that drive more results:

The Talent discovery tool helps perform real-time data analysis to report on the hiring process right from the first click to multi-year retention.

5. ATS Integration through TurboHire:

There is no longer a need to change any of your ongoing recruitment processes, instead, you can make it even faster by integrating with TurboHire and hereby obtaining more benefits.

Talent re-discovery as a part of talent acquisition:

Apart from sourcing candidates and discovering new talents, talent rediscovery is one of the best methods to source reliable and best-performing candidates. Especially when there is a lack of time to hire a new candidate, all a recruiter needs to do is go to the vast talent pool database and find that one right candidate.

Talent discovery involves looking at a large database of resumes in order to find out the number of candidates who were not checked out during the previous hiring process. The database often tends to be one of the greatest potential sources to find the candidates who might have either not got the chance to reach the interview level or that might have not made it to the cut.

In a candidate-driven market where recruiters are pressurizing almost daily to find out new candidates, talent re-discovery is one of the options that will help find the candidates even before the job opening has been posted.


While it is still true that finding the right candidate is not a child’s play, recruiters can still try out their best to find out the one candidate they are looking for by using TurboHire’s talent discovery tool that is assisted by recruitment automation features! Also, with the help of tools that bypass sensitive information such as gender, sexual, orientation, etc. it is possible to gain a more unbiased candidate pool than when the options are displayed.

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