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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Candidate experience is described as a candidate’s perception of the entire recruitment process. Candidates have certain expectations, and firms must work hard to accommodate all of those needs. While this may appear to be a simple activity, it is actually rather complex. We must first determine who will be the candidate. The term “candidate” refers not only to those who are actively looking for work but also to previous candidates and future candidates who are capable of completing the task at hand. TurboHire believes that a good candidate experience leads to a good recruiting outcome. As a result, candidate experience is critical to the success of any firm.

Introducing WhatsApp Bot by TurboHire

TurboHire has introduced a WhatsApp chatbot to help candidates during the recruitment process. This revolutionary application allows candidates to connect with recruiters, receive updates, and complete various phases of the recruitment process through a conversational interface. To interpret candidate queries and offer relevant responses, the chatbot uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Candidates can use this chatbot to apply for reminders, and receive feedback on their applications in a personalized and fast manner. The TurboHire WhatsApp chatbot transforms the recruitment market by increasing candidate experience and optimizing recruitment processes for recruiters.

How to Use WhatsApp Bot in improving the candidate experience

We have created a system that allows applicants to engage in a data-driven and simple manner. Assume you want to collect data from one candidate or hundreds of candidates at this point.  You can send them requests for data collection. Candidates will be required to answer several questions as well as submit a few documents in response to this request, which is received by the candidates via the TurboHire bot. 

Companies typically request a few documents from applicants when hiring, and it might be challenging to get in touch with each one individually. As a result, we can automate document collection through TurboHire’s chatbot. 

Utilizing TurboHire’s WhatsApp chatbot will be simple if you follow these instructions:

  1. Request the necessary documentation from the candidates, and the candidates will receive them via the TurboHire WhatsApp chatbot.
  2. They agree to answer the questions and then are asked to answer questions such as present location, expected compensation, and so on. If the recruiter requests documents, they can submit them there on the Whatsapp chat.
  3. If the recruiter needs a video resume from the candidates, they can send a one-way interview video request by WhatsApp alert. Candidates can click the link to begin their interview. 
  4. To organize an interview, recruiters can select Zoom or any other interviewing platform from the drop box, select a time, and send requests by WhatsApp and email. You can also set reminders. 
  5. If recruiters need to send an offer letter to a candidate, upload it to the platform, choose the WhatsApp alert option, and then send it. 

This is how simple and convenient we have made TurboHire’s experience for recruiters, as well as how simple and timely we have made it for candidates to take action, resulting in recruiting success for both sides.

Why is Candidate Engagement relevant to employer brands?

You need to understand what it signifies before you start to understand how a candidate’s experiences could favorably or unfavorably affect your brand. The applicant experience may include overt components like the corporate career site for your organization, job postings, or the online application procedure. It can also include more minor interactions with any correspondence via your ATS. 

Making an excellent first impression on top talent will help you win them over before your competitors do by giving them a superior candidate experience. Even if it means providing them with rejection more quickly, job seekers prefer a timely procedure. You can persuade top talent to accept your job offer and resist the temptation to go elsewhere by offering prospects what they want and need throughout the hiring process. 

Always keep in mind that the hiring process reflects the reputation of your company, which can be a deciding factor for someone choosing between several job opportunities. 

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