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Ways to automate candidate screening in 2022

We do not have flying cars or robots selling shoes, but we are a part of the future now. Especially when it comes to the HR field where recruitment automation is kicking in slowly. This means that there will be a big bunch of tools that HR personnel can now get to assist them with various tasks. However, the most tedious part of HR’s tasks would be the candidate screening section. To help you with this, we have enlisted some of the easy ways to automate candidate screening in 2022.

What is candidate screening?

Before we get into how to automate let’s take a look into what you mean by candidate screening. In the simplest terms, candidate screening can be defined as the process in which the resumes or profiles of potential candidates are reviewed to check their capabilities and competencies.

This method of reviewing the resumes or profiles is said to be a tedious task, as it takes a lot of time to check these and find relevant information regarding the candidate especially when there are a lot of candidates applying for the post.

3 ways to automate candidate screening

If you are wondering how to automate the candidate screening process and what you need to follow to fulfill the same, then now you can refer to these 3 ways to automate candidate screening:

1. Smart algorithms to identify the personality of a candidate

The way a candidate speaks will help determine the candidate’s personality. With the emergence of speech detecting machines, it has now become possible to judge a human on the basis of their speech type.

Based on the sound of a candidate it is easy to distinguish between a dull and uninterested candidate in comparison to a confident and passionate candidate. This method also allows for faster decision-making than wasting time on the phone screening method.

2. Chatbots to screen candidates

Chatbots allow for an AI-enabled tool to help you right through sourcing to screening to even scheduling of interviews. These chatbots will be of great assistance especially when you are taking a rest and you’d like the process to continue.

Apart from helping you out during your resting time, they can also help you with filtering candidates while also almost instantly responding to any queries or needs. This also ensures that there is a great candidate experience being provided throughout the process.

3. Reference checking automation to avoid calls

Checking references and background is a must when you are screening candidates. This is especially important to be done as it allows you to judge the candidate and the validity of their past experiences. However, it becomes a heavy load when you have a ton of candidates lined up for various positions.

In such cases, automated reference checking is one of the best options that are available that saves a lot of time to go out and individually check the candidate’s references. With the help of enquiry forms via TurboHire you can achieve this and hence save a lot of time in the screening process.

Benefits of automating candidate screening

There are several benefits when it comes to automation of candidate screening and can be provided as follows:

1. Productivity rates increases

Candidate screening software that automates the process will help the recruiting teams to work more efficiently which includes not spending a lot of time making critical decisions and so on.

2. Quality of hire increases

The quality of candidates cannot be compromised and so it surely has to be maintained no matter how long the process may take. But what if you can get a shorter period of being assured for hiring along with a great quality of candidates? Well, that is exactly what you get when you opt for automation of the screening process. This means no more compromise.

3. Provides diversity while reducing biasness

When hiring candidates through a traditional hiring process there might be unwanted bias occurring. However, this can be overcome with the help of automation being included in the process. Not only can you reduce biasness but you can also increase the diversity of the team which in turn increases the variety of thoughts or ideas that are produced in a group of members.

Final thoughts

Automation of candidate screening is not the future; it is the present. And with the help of these ways to automate candidate screening in 2022, it is known for a fact that the process is going to be more efficient and streamlined than before.

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