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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more


Recruitment Automation: A 101 Browse Through

The eBook talks about the various stages of recruitment that can be automated and how to do so. It contains a detailed description of features that help recruiters understand how AI-backed intelligent tools can make hiring tasks easy. It also talks about why recruitment automation is becoming more and more popular and what are the myths around it. Learn exclusively about all the whys and hows of recruitment automation and try our ATS for free to experience it yourself.

Recruitment Automation is preferred by both recruiters and candidates.

In addition to making hiring processes easier for recruiters and hiring managers, what does recruitment automation have to offer to candidates? Does it contribute to a better candidate experience? Let’s explore.

What You Will Learn

59 Must-Have Features of Recruitment Automation

From applicant tracking to offer and onboarding candidates, the eBook covers an end-to-end feature distribution phased out according to the various stages of hiring.

Feature Reviews by Customers

Every customer has a favourite feature that grasps their attention. Read what they have to say about the tool after using it to improve their hiring experience.

Job management

Recruitment Automation Myths

What are some popular myths that recruiters are afraid of? Will Recruitment Automation eliminate or replace recruiters and hiring managers? Download and learn.


27 Survey Questions around Recruitment Automation

Learn what TurboHire’s audience thinks about recruitment automation, how it drives results, and what factors in the hiring process it affects and improves.

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