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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

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Candidate screening is the second stage in the entire recruitment process. While it is just one of the parts of the recruitment process, it is seen that this process consumes a lot more time than it should actually take. If you are worried about this time-consuming task and want to see a way out of it, then you can check out the resume scoring feature and what is the importance of resume scoring in candidate screening.

How do you conduct the candidate screening process?

While a lot of recruiters are aware of the concept of candidate screening, here is a small gist to understanding how the candidate screening stage actually works.

The entire process of candidate screening will involve certain filtering criteria that help find the right candidates. This advanced filtering will allow recruiters to search various criteria such as the candidate’s:

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Checking all of these criteria especially when you’ve got a large number of applicants can be a hugely time-consuming task. To ease out this process the concept of resume scoring was introduced.

What is resume scoring in candidate screening?

When the candidates submit their resumes, the recruiters can take a look at those resumes however it might be hard to find out the top 10 candidates who match all of the said qualities. It is when you use a feature such as a resume parser that you get to know all about the skills that a candidate consists of at a single glance.

Now based on the number of qualifications that a candidate consists of, it is possible to rank the resume of the candidate. The scores will then help the recruiters to decide on which candidate is the perfect match for the job.

What are the benefits of using the resume scoring feature?

Now you might be thinking that yes once you use the resume scoring feature, you can definitely find the candidate but how does that help me as a recruiter? Well, if you have the same doubt here are some benefits of using a resume scoring feature apart from helping you find the right candidate:

1. Enables an AI-based candidate screening

The AI-based candidate screening will allow for an automated candidate screening process. This process will not only look out for the requirements based on your need but will also analyze the existing employee database to find the right match for the company. You can also gather information on the candidate’s social media profiles and other such online information that may help your final decision.

2. Improves the overall quality of hire

Every business for its growth needs a good hire. Candidate screening using a resume scoring feature will help in this matter by tracking down good candidates and based on their skills you can check out how the quality of hires increases.

3. High volume hiring

Resume scoring helps score a number of candidates which means that if you need bulk candidates; based on these scores you can check out which candidates match the profile and hence provide a number of candidates with the best hire possible.

Final thoughts

The recruitment process as it is; is a long process, not to mention how exhausting it can be if you keep on checking thousands of resumes. However, by knowing all about the importance of resume scoring in candidate screening it is possible to keep your targets at bay while also providing your company with some of the best hires. 

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