Recruitment Automation: A 101 Browse Through

It is no doubt that time waits for no man. Well, the same goes true when a hiring process is being conducted. The time taken for sending emails, contacting candidates, tracking the communication, and then reporting makes most of the precious time in your hands go wasted. Well, then what could be the solution to both grow your business while not spending a lot of time? Recruitment automation is the answer! Through this recruitment automation: A 101 browse through the guide you can now check all about what recruitment automation is and how it will actually help you spend less time and gain more productivity!

What is Recruitment Automation?

Starting with a very simple and quite an evident question, what exactly is recruitment automation? Well, in terms of simple words it can be rightfully said to be an automated software that enables the hiring process to be streamlined and get things done quickly during the hiring processes. This process may include workflow approvals, communication, candidate sourcing, and much more. In short, it can also be said to be a tool to improve both bottom-line and top-line growth.

With the help of recruitment automation, there can be changes in the workflow such as follows:

1. Reducing busy work:

Automation of those tasks that you often forget or happen on a repetitive basis will help complete the tasks right on time.

2. Improving accuracy of data:

By identification of those inaccurate or incomplete data, it is possible to automate various cleanup processes.

3. Engaging audiences:

Provide a high-touch experience to everyone including candidates, clients to even contractors throughout the process of hire.

What are the benefits of Recruitment automation?

There are a lot of benefits that recruiters get when they opt out of recruitment automation. Some of the benefits can be provided as follows:

1. Improving the quality of the hiring process:

There is no one size fits all type of metric that helps understand the quality of the hiring process. However, there are some parameters that help understand whether the quality has been improved or not. Recruiters who use recruitment automation can check the following top 3 ways through which they can measure the quality of hire:

  • Time is taken to fill in an open position: The number of days that a recruiter takes to fill in an open position.
  • Hiring satisfaction: How satisfied are the hiring managers and whether they find the newly hired candidates to be an ideal fit.
  • Retention: The length through which the new hire stays at the company is said to be the retention time.

Recruitment automation will help by providing data on previous and current hires in order to replicate success in the recruitment process.

2. Improved cost to hire:

The amount of time that has been wasted on the hiring process due to manual tasks is one of the main reasons why recruiters tend to seek alternative ways to ease the procedure. When using software it can tend to be quite expensive such as buying the software and paying for the maintenance of the software and then even needing to pay an additional license fee each time there is a new upgrade. However, this becomes much easier when recruiters tend to use cloud-based recruitment automation software like those available at TurboHire where it is cost-effective and works on a minimal amount of subscription fee.

3. Productivity tends to improve:

With the help of recruitment automation, it is easier to automate everything right from candidates sourcing to scheduling interviews and even from screening applicants to conducting automated background checks. Being a recruiter is not just a limited period of work, instead, a recruiter will need them to be active 24/7 which makes it hard to work if there is no assistance. However, when recruiters get recruitment software they can access all the updates within just minutes and answer or communicate with the candidates while “on the go”.

What are some of the ways that recruiters can use recruitment automation to their advantage?

As a recruiter, you might have come across such a statement where you are asked to do a lot of tasks with a minimal amount of resources. When such situations occur, it tends to take a heavy toll on recruiters. To avoid such heavy tasks coming onto a recruiter altogether here are some of the ways through which recruitment software can help recruiters get their advantages:

1. Accuracy:

It does not matter how organized or how the flow of your company goes on, it is always hard to escape any sort of human error. These errors in turn affect employee productivity and morale. Rectifying them takes a lot of time and hence one of the best options that are left is to make sure such errors do not occur. In order to avoid such errors from occurring at all, recruitment automation is one of the options. The use of recruitment tools not only helps break any sort of complexities but will also streamline the entire process.

2. Overall consistency is maintained:

The increasing need for talents increases complexity in the entire hiring process. It is hence needed that uniformity is maintained throughout the recruitment space. It is however observed that manual recruitment is rarely consistent as every recruiter has their own ways of approaching the job. When a recruiter uses recruitment automation tools there is the maintenance of consistency as it detects and removes any variable outputs and identical processes.

3. Candidate experience is enhanced:

Apart from benefitting the recruiters, recruitment automation tools, often tend to provide a great candidate experience as well. By automating specific processes recruiters can focus more on building relations between the candidates and the company. Also due to faster response and lesser waiting time candidates get a seamless experience.


It is hence seen that you can speed up the entire recruitment process with just some simple automation tools being added to your tasks. Apart from easing out the procedure, recruiters can also get rid of any repetitive tasks such as resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communications. With the help of an automated process, you not only reduce your workload but will also keep both the company and the candidates happy throughout the process. This in turn will improve the employer’s brand image and workplace culture.

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