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59 Automation features for Intelligent Hiring – Part 2 – Resources

In the previous blog, we had covered in detail the 15 core features of TurboHire that will escalate HR Professionals and Recruiters alike to becoming Super Recruiters. This blog is a continuation of that, discussing the 15 other features, which are equally essential, in helping you better your Recruitment Strategy. Let’s cut to the chase and resume the series for you. From Hi to Hired, your essentials for discovering the right talent are right here.


We need to face it; we are never going to take the ‘human’ world out of human resources. This also means that you will be the one who is ultimately responsible to create a job description, sourcing candidates conducting interviews, and even checking the final outcome of the process right from good to bad candidates that you have encountered. However, this does not mean that you need to burden yourself because you will have the help of recruitment automation where you get to automate interview processes and save your valuable time and find and check out only the best of the best candidates. This will save time while also providing a great candidate experience. Here is a list of recruitment automation features for intelligent hiring that will provide you with a much easier process.

Interview Scheduling

On average, Recruiters are spending two-thirds of their overall hiring time on the interview process.

Using an AI-based Interview Management System is an incredible method to make the process of interviewing productive, reduce the time required to hire, effectively make a timetable and set up meetings, and track them over the long haul. In the recruiting cycle, interviews are one of the most costly components as they need important assets to be accessible to direct these interviews

TurboHire has a very sophisticated process for handling interviews:

  • TurboHire helps the company to build an interview by creating its screening question template and sending it to candidates in bulk.
  • Candidate responses are recorded and they are allowed to reply at their own convenience from the device of their choice.
  • Responses and reviewed, shared, and collaborated with others for evaluating candidates and sharing recordings for review.
  • Structure candidate evaluation with configurable templates.


Evaluation of a candidate comes along with a scorecard. Now, what is the purpose of these scorecards? This scorecard allows recruiters to find out the score of each candidate where they are rated based on the performance on the assessments provided. A scorecard also allows a recruiter to judge candidates without showing any evaluation bias which allows them to provide a generalized hiring process. With the help of scorecards there can be standardized evaluation rate scales which can be provided as follows:

  • 3 point system
  • 5 point system
  • 10-point system

Evaluation Reminders

Evaluations of several candidates mean a tiring procedure. However, with the help of evaluation reminders, both the recruiters and the hiring managers can then check these evaluations and remain in the loop while hiring a candidate. This feature from TurboHire also allows a much easier way of setting reminders and completing tasks in time. Collaboration within the team will allow a faster candidate selection process while also saving an ample amount of time.

Meet, Zoom, Teams Integrations

Meet, Zoom and Teams are three different platforms that need separate scheduling to get on a meeting. Whether it is for meeting up with a candidate, discussing with managers regarding their evaluation, or submitting reports, this meets, zoom, teams integrations feature is one of a kind that allows recruiters to schedule a meeting on all the three just within a single touch.

Block calendars across platforms like Google, and Outlook with the help of TurboHire’s Meet, Zoom, and Team integrations platform. This framework is astounding for sharing a link to your Outlook/Google Calendar, setting schedules, and creating automated bookings/meetings to be shared with candidates.

Calendar Sync

“A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” – Peter Turla.

Using a Calendar sync platform for a company is of utmost importance as it assists you with viewing the important events of the day/month/year. It helps in avoiding clashing events and overlapping meetings. Calendar sync also aids you to track your time to hire and hiring yield ratios.

An organization can easily view all the upcoming interviews in the TurboHire Calendar sync platform. TurboHire’s Calendar sync helps the organization set deadlines, distribute work, and define priorities. It gives a chance to view all the scheduled meetings, one-way interviews, panel interviews, ongoing candidate evaluation, hirings, etc at a single glance.

Interview Reports

Creating reports of interviews and their assessments needs a lot of assistance from fellow recruiters. In order to do this efficiently, TurboHire brings you Interview Reports which are automated reports that can be created based on the interview experience and the overall performance. Creating all of these reports in a single place also allows easier access whenever a team would like to take a look. These reports are created based on the performance of the candidates. Not only does this feature provide an overall report of the process but will also allow recruiters to create a report of each stage of the hiring process. With the help of this feature, recruiters can also further capture candidate activity, recruitment progress, discover bottlenecks, and much more.

1-way Interview

“A bad interview experience can influence the opinion of 80% of candidates about a company, even though they may have had a good opinion of them beforehand.” – Kenjo Blog statistics

The number one interview scheduling challenge for Recruiters and HR professionals is finding a time that works for everyone.

In One-Way Video Interviews, questions can be more straightforward, and more data about the candidate can be shared. In this configuration, it is a lot simpler for the recruiter to ask some extra questions to get a better understanding and to check the precision of the responses. Another additional advantage is that the outcomes are not reliant on other candidates or the environment.

How TurboHire conduct One-on-One Video Interviews?

  • TurboHire allows Automated Interviews to avoid Phone Screening, Integrated Live Interviews, and structured evaluation with evaluation templates.
  • TurboHire also has tools like screen sharing and recording for an integrated live interview platform.
  • These interviews are automated along with AI-based analysis.

Automated Scheduling

“On average, recruiters are spending two-thirds of their overall hiring time on the interview process. “ – The 2020 Yello Interview Scheduling Survey.

Perhaps the greatest bottleneck in recruitment is scheduling. Regardless of whether it is the underlying phone call, meeting an HR, or arranging board meets, clashing calendars, and tight periods is a nightmare. With the help of an automated interview scheduling platform, corporate recruiting groups can offer consistent, self-administration scheduling for recruitment events, from job fairs to campus hiring.

Partner Portal

A Partner Portal, otherwise called a job portal, is a modern name for an online employment board that assists candidates with securing positions and helps recruiters in their journey to find ideal candidates. A Partner Portal contains direct links for work. Most Partner Portals permit you to go after positions online promptly, or they give links to do as such. At times, a job portal may give extra data, for example, an organization’s site or an immediate contact number for the HR office.

TurboHire set up an AI-powered modern careers page (Talent Network) to attract candidates. This Partner Portal works for the benefit of both companies and applicants. TurboHire’s Talent Network aims to help candidates looking for jobs by connecting them with growing companies with open positions.

The Talent Network has two sections – Recruiter and Candidate.

  • In the Talent Network, a recruiter can create a job, promote it, and find the best candidates using AI-based skill matching.
  • Candidates can drop their resumes and use AI to match them with relevant jobs. They can quickly find matching jobs and can apply with one click.

Sharing Permissions

Setting up permissions and sharing them is an integral part of coordination within the team. There is at times information that is confidential and can only be viewed and is not allowed to be edited. For such information that need not be edited the owner of the information can set the permissions in such a way that they are optimizable to just view the details. In such a way the sharing permissions feature by TurboHire will help share information along with your teammates while also ensuring there is no change or leakage of information.

This feature will also allow recruiters to segregate the permissions based on the various department, units, or sub-units in the organization and hence providing only the relevant information to the relevant parties.

Duplicate Prevention

On average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. It’s regular for similar individuals to apply to your openings multiple times on different occasions. It’s incredible they’re so anxious to work for your organization yet you need your applicant records to be perfect and smoothed out. The duplicate detection feature makes it simple to recognize duplicate applicant profiles and merge these resumes into one.

Resumes are an important element of the recruitment process. They give you an overview of the candidate before interviewing them. However, it is impossible to keep track of the whole resume database and keep out for duplicates. TurboHire accurately detects duplicate resumes and merges them. There is usually no requirement for detective work on behalf of the recruiters when you use TurboHire.

You can’t have your applicant records stalled with repeated profiles. Furthermore, you can’t sit around idly searching for copies and eliminating them yourself. TurboHire makes the process of cleaning out candidate lists automatic and hassle-free.

Info Forms

With the help of the info forms feature you can now collect all the relevant data from resumes which is highly customizable in your own comfortable structure that is readable. Such an option comes in handy especially when you have the resume of a candidate and the information provided in it is not much visible. For example, when you check a content writer’s resume you will check for main keywords such as SEO or other skills.

However, some of the skills that are mentioned which are of importance may not be quite visible. To avoid such problems from occurring the info forms allow you to form a customizable data entry that the individual can fill by themselves and hence let the recruiters know about the other information which might have not to aught their eye.

Social Job Share

“A majority of recruiters (75%) use applicant tracking software to find potential employees, while 79% use social media.”

“Social professional networks are the #1 source of quality hires, followed by internet job boards and employee referrals.”

Chris Kolmar

Social media is the go-to platform for all the candidates to find relevant information regarding various openings. It is hence considered to be the main tool for recruiters to share and let the candidates know about the job openings and hence allowing them to find the opportunities.

Engaging with candidates on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram will now also be much easier with the help of the Social job share feature. You also need to go onto individual websites to upload these notifications. With the help of this feature by TurboHire, recruiters can actively send a single notification which will then be shared on all social platforms.

Email Tracking

Sending bulk emails can be done easily but tracking them that too when there are thousands of applicants is way too much for a task to be handled by a single person. To ensure there is a simplicity in his process, recruiters can now handle all of these processes in a single platform through the email tracking feature provided by TurboHire.

This does not only allow you to track the emails but will also send you a notification when you receive an email or will also allow you to generate customizable email templates that can be readily sent without any delay in the process.

Automation of email processes hence benefits not only the recruiters but also the candidates who will get a much better candidate experience. This in turn will also improve the band quality of the company.

Enquiry Forms

Evaluation helps determine what works best and things that can be improved in an organization. An Enquiry Form is a document to measure the performance of a company/employee/recruiter, etc. It is important for the development of a company and it provides space for growth and feedback. The key to this is that the Enquiry Form includes all the necessary details and provides space for elaborate feedback.

TurboHire creates an Enquiry Form to get feedback from Interviewers to make strategic and informative decisions. TurboHire’s Enquiry Form is concise and clear and can be stored and shared with whoever is necessary.

There’s a third list coming soon!

TurboHire provides recruiters and HR professionals with the help they need to recruit candidates in higher volume and hence diminish the time that is needed to screen candidates using sophisticated methods.

TurboHire’s recruitment process which is powered by AI uses multiple features and much more that provide an in-depth look into your entire procedure. Recruiters will now also be able to use the intensity of AI through features and tools which will help them source, screen, and recruit the best candidates. The list of features that are highlighted above is the one that makes TurboHire unique making the recruitment team more efficient.

However, these are only the second quarter of the list. With more features that will make your process more convenient, there will be another list of features you can check out!

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