🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

AI in recruitment is termed to be the largest tech-induced change in the recruitment industry. Recruiters globally are utilizing AI-powered recruitment platforms to boost their recruitment journey. Enters TurboHire. An AI-powered Intelligent Recruitment platform that enables recruiters and HR professionals to make better and faster talent decisions. 100+ organizations have used TurboHire for building a data-driven, structured, and collaborative recruitment process.

From candidate sourcing to verification of candidates before onboarding, TurboHire has the potential to positively impact your recruitment experience. There are three well-defined modules:

1. Discover

We, humans, are innately creative whereas machines are capable of generating data-centric insights. TurboHire brings first-of-its-kind talent intelligence to help you source, screen, and assess candidates.

2. Interview

Interviewing is a collaborative process to find your next best future employee. With TurboHire, schedule, and conduct high-quality live and one-way interviews to understand your candidates before making hiring decisions.

3. Structure

An efficient recruitment process is structured, collaborative, and data-driven. Engage all stakeholders, keep track of talent pipeline, and generate insightful hiring reports all on the same platform.

To help you better understand the role we can play in your recruiting process, we have created this guide to illustrate how we can assist you on how to make a SMART recruitment process with TurboHire. Let’s begin.

TurboHire – Your SMART Recruitment Platform

  • Search Network effectively searches through your existing resume database.
  • Multichannel Sourcing from job boards, vendors, referrals.
  • Assisted Screening using AI to stack-rank candidates.
  • Recruitment Tracking to manage workflow and engage stakeholders.
  • Talent Interviews are automated and live with recordings available.

1. Search Network

TurboHire provides recruiters with a list of ranked candidates that directly corresponds with the search request. This search request could be in the form of a query, a job posting, or a recommended candidate. Via this search, the candidate which matches the request is automatically selected, and depending on a set of key criteria they are ranked, using machine-learned models in multiple passes.

This is not like the traditional search and recommendation in hiring that majorly focuses on an estimated relevance to a certain query. With our platform, there has to be mutual interest between the recruiter and the candidates in the context of the job opportunity. In simple language, it is not just the candidate showing interest in the recruiter’s search but the candidate who is contacted by the recruiter must also be showing interest in the job profile. This makes it crucial for the right use of appropriate metrics for the optimization of the right results.

You can generate Smart Profiles by auto extracting the information from resumes. We further provide a behavioral overview of the candidates, along with extracting social media footprints. Not just searching by top colleges and recommendations, we also help in providing the relevant score and patented algorithms against each candidate, thereby merging all essential information into a Smart Profile.

2. Multichannel Sourcing

Multichannel Sourcing means looking out for quality candidates via various applicant channels which could include job boards, social networks, and more, rather than solely focus on one channel. Why should you limit your applicant reach to one source when a multi-channel sourcing strategy enables you to attract quality candidates soon after you post a job opening across several channels at once? This will ultimately help you speed up your total hiring velocity.

As you receive applicants from multiple sources, review potential candidates on a regular basis to keep the hiring process moving. According to TurboHire data, 70% of new hires are reviewed within 12 hours of applying. By speeding up the initial review stage, you can move candidates through the rest of the hiring process quickly, helping you fill the open role sooner rather than later, and ensuring you don’t lose top candidates to the competition.

TurboHire offers a One-click job posting feature in which the platform will post all the details regarding the job description on all job boards with a single click. So, it only takes a time of one job posting to post a job on all free and premium job boards. This is a huge time saver. This will help you build an SEO-friendly Careers page since you will have all the relevant information in one place. Our platform could be your single source to build an employee portal or a Careers page with an entire resume database similar to a LinkedIn-like search. Further, you can also index your jobs on Google search for more impressions, and also generate referrals from employees.

3. Assisted Screening

Once you get the required number of resumes are obtained, the third step is to screen the candidates. This is the most important step in the recruitment process where the recruiter selects those candidates whom he/she feels deemed to be fit and rejects all the others. However, the point to consider here is the number of resumes to go through for the screening process and the fatigue of the recruiter.

The biggest value proposition that is provided by TurboHire is in the Screening stage of recruitment. TurboHire has built a robust AI-based resume parsing engine that reads these resumes and converts them into a structured database. This enables the recruiter to perform searches, filters, and screen candidates faster and easier.

TurboHire has AI-based filters and which has huge significance in the screening process. With this filter, you can quickly filter the ineligible and underqualified candidates and the recruiter will have to open/read a few resumes. This is a huge time saver for the recruiter also the AI will help provide objective filtering of candidates reducing human fatigue and error.

4. Recruitment Tracking

With the revolution of AI, Applicant Tracking Systems are helping intelligently filter applicants and manage communication via conversational AI. Our AI-powered applicant tracking software enables businesses to improve the recruitment process. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software help recruiters find qualified candidates by filtering, organizing, and streamlining job applications. Eliminating unqualified candidates when resumes arrive is the main purpose of ATS so that recruiters spend their time on candidates who are more likely to fit the position.

Companies are pushing for leaner and faster processes and the same applies to the recruiting process as well. Therefore applicant tracking systems have already engaged the attention of businesses, 90% of Fortune 500 Companies are using ATS software to bring the best talent to their companies.

TurboHire helps recruiters to configure the workflows based on the type of job. One is also facilitated with automated templates for repeated tasks. Once the information from candidates is collected they are used to structure the forms. To add to this feedback from Hiring Managers is collected automatically as well. The best part of using our platform is that our platform utilizes bulk emails and SMSes for better functionality. Furthermore, chatbot assistance is also provided for better candidate communication.

5. Talent Interviews

The interview is the final stage after the completion of the screening process. If you consider the recruitment funnel the average number of candidates who enter the interview stage will be 10% of the candidate pool. This means if 100 candidates apply for a job only 10 candidates enter the interview stage.

Due to the advanced screening provided by the platform in the previous stage less but quality candidates enter the interview stage. TurboHire platform has a built-in Audio/video interviewing platform and the process of scheduling and syncing interviews are simple and easy in TurboHire. With a click of a button, we can schedule an interview and the information with regards to this interview will be communicated to both the candidates and the interviewer.

TurboHire also supports an asynchronous mode of the interview where the interviewer can pre-set questions to be asked which the candidate will answer, and the recording will be saved for the evaluation.

This model has three significance:

  • First, the presence of a recruiter/interviewer is not necessary.
  • Second, there will be uniformity in the interview flow.
  • Third, it reduces the time for the interview stage as multiple interviews can be conducted simultaneously.

Talent Acquisition faces the challenges of time, cost, and human bias. TurboHire is intelligently optimizing efficiency. Additionally, data extraction through AI reduces human bias and error. Employers increase time connecting with qualified candidates as a result. Use fewer resources for candidate sourcing and screening. Spend more energy on connecting. We, at TurboHire, believe that a quality hire saves costs on training, training time and contributes to the RoI of the role much faster. And each day, we are working towards revolutionizing the process.

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