🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Cipla onboards TurboHire to Digitally Transform its Hiring

TurboHire is proud to announce to its readers that we are the winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award, 2022. This award has recognized TurboHire in 3 significant areas of business growth, ie., innovation, customer service, and operational excellence. 

About Great Companies

Great Companies was founded with the sole purpose of giving the credit and limelight to extraordinary entrepreneurs. We are accomplishing our purpose by providing a unique platform that is looking to connect with ordinary people who made it big, not only for themselves but also for the world at large.

The main aim of Great Companies is to bring startups by a lot of entrepreneurs with great ideas into the limelight by awarding them and providing a unique platform where people can connect.

Why does Recruitment Automation as a category matter to TurboHire?

Recruitment automation does not only allow recruiters to find an easy way out of the daily manual tasks, but it also allows candidates to reach out to recruiters for better opportunities. 

Hiring is not just about finding the best candidate, it is also about considering factors such as hiring time, hiring cost, and to top them all hiring quality. With TurboHire, recruiters can hire the ideal talent with an efficient and structured human-machine collaboration. 


Deepak Agrawal, CEO, on the vision of TurboHire


“TurboHire‘s vision is to decipher and deepen understanding of ‘professional talent’ globally across industries, roles, and seniority.


We are a bunch of extremely enthusiastic human beings who are innately helpful and want to do good for our customers and talent fraternity. We are advised by some amazing people who understand Technology, Talent, and the HR domain.


As a team, we believe in research and development. With our panel of advisors in academia and customers, we take pride in unraveling the problem layer after layer. When we have a concrete grip on a problem, we offer an AI solution.


With our panel of advisors in Industry and customers, we try to understand recruiter activities and how they expedite and affect their decision-making. When we have understood a pattern of activity and process of decision making, we offer an Automation solution.


And every day we focus on our users to know that they can understand and use our AI and Automation solution in an easy-to-use manner with outcomes that are relatable to users and measurable for the organization. At the end of the day, we are solving the problem of talent identification through a platform that enables discovery, interview, and structure of the entire process.


We partner easily with anyone who can further the above-stated agenda with TurboHire. Lastly, with our investors and advisory board, we are in it for the long haul.”

TurboHire recognition by Great Companies 2022

More recognitions in 2022

Various market researcher who has recognized TurboHire as a leader in the recruitment industry includes:

  • Capterra

Capterra helps customers to find the right software solutions. They also help rank various software based on customer reviews. 


TurboHire has also attained a recognition as Noteworthy Product 2022 by Capterra

  • GetApp

Customers get to compare various software solutions that are available in the market to select one that suits their requirements the best. 


TurboHire has attained recognition in the category of staffing agency software by GetApp Category leaders in 2022

  • Scrut

Scrut aims at providing the best data security solutions that will ensure that any sort of data that is being provided by the customers will be both safe and secure. 


TurboHire has achieved GDPR, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certifications from Scrut. 


Why is Data Security important for customers?

We value the data posted by our customers and hence we make sure that any sort of information that is being uploaded is secure at all times. 


TurboHire makes sure to use the industry-standard TLS also called Transport layer security 1.2 or later protocol with 2,048-bit RSA/SHA256 encryption keys, as recommended by CESG/NCSC, to encrypt all the communications that occur between the customer and the cloud, internally between Azure systems and datacenters


Global HR Leaders love us 🙂


“ Recruiting platform with Intelligence at various steps – Ability to centralize the resumes into one place and allow rediscovery on top of it. Additionally, the entire workflow is helpful for stakeholder management in recruiting “ 


Amit Kataria

Global HR Leader | Ph. D.(HRM)* | Asia’s 100 HR Power Leader | CHRO of the Year | Talent Development Prefect | C-Suite panelist & Speaker | HR Innovator


“The story of Kauvery hospital adopting TurboHire goes beyond numbers, it’s about the penetration of technology in domains beyond IT.”

Uma Maheshwari

Head of Innovation & Talent Management, Kauvery Hospitals


“I would really urge each one of you to reach out to us so that we can help you understand the magic that TurboHire can do to the effectiveness and success of your Talent Acquisition and your Employer Branding. Come reach out to us and talk to us. Look forward!” 

Prabir Jha

Founder & CEO at PRABIR JHA PEOPLE ADVISORY | ex-CHRO of 2 New York Stock Exchange listed companies and 2 Fortune 500 companies

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