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🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more

Recruiting a talented candidate is an art. There is stiff competition between companies to acquire talented candidates, which have led to a staggering  73 percent of hiring managers saying they struggle to find qualified talent. Recruiters are turning to new channels for candidate sourcing to fill this gap. Social recruiting is one of the emerging trends in talent acquisition, where recruiters engage candidates on a social media platform and can complement the traditional recruiting methods to find talented candidates. 25% of all job seekers use social media to do more than just find and connect with friends. They use it to pinpoint their next career opportunities as well. and Social recruiting can help organizations as well as candidates in such cases.

But how to start begin with social recruiting? Here are 3 ways to get started with social recruiting.

Represent as illustrations: 73% of 18-34 year-olds found their last job through social media. 59% of recruiters rated candidates sourced through social media as “highest quality.”

3 Ways To Get Started With Social Recruiting

1.Building An Employer Brand On Social Media Platforms

Candidates require more than just a job. Candidates look for company culture, possible career growth opportunities and proper training provided. 33% of C-Suite candidates agree on taking a pay-cut to work in a company with missions and values that align with theirs. Therefore, recruiters should make sure that company culture, mission, values and work environment is well communicated to potential candidates through multiple channels. Recruiters can share employee stories, information about company events, celebrate employee milestones, involve leadership in the posts and ask employees to share their experiences on their handles. Building an employee brand takes time and continuous consistent efforts but the yields surpass the efforts in long term. Source

2. Reach Out To Potential Candidates

79% of active candidates use social media in their job search. Recruiters should connect with such candidates on a personal level without coming off as a spammy person. Proactively approaching candidates can help you build a talent pool for future requirements.

Other than direct messaging, recruiters could try targeted social media advertisements to attract candidates for particular job openings.

3. Involve Employee Advocates

Every company crafts its narratives for potential employees. But companies must increasingly rely on their employees to be their spokespeople on the employee experience as they are the best way to gain credibility from potential candidates.  50% of satisfied employees share their positive experiences on social media.

Satisfied employees would naturally write and spread good words about company culture and thus, using their experiences, it would be easier to widen the reach and source talented candidates for any new vacancies.

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