🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023 Learn more
🎉 Recognised by G2 among Top 50 Global HR Products in 2023Learn more


SAP Success Factors

TurboHire Plus SAP SuccessFactors

Partnership that drives hiring success from job requisition to offer and
onboarding. It’s intelligent. It’s smart. It’s collaborative. It’s agile.

Together what does this partnership have to offer?

With SAP SuccessFactors’ partnership with TurboHire you can

AI & Automation

Cutting-edge AI and automation across the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to offer letter


Engagement at Every Level

Tailored experiences for all stakeholders – recruiters, candidates, interviewers, approvers, and leadership


Seamless Integration

Directly integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, augmenting the HRMS without altering current workflows


Broad Industry Fit

Globally compliant, adapting easily across industries, and enabling digital transformations for business impact

A fully integrated hiring solution?
Double the yes.

Discover advanced talent acquisition through recruiter, candidate,
interviewer, approver, and leadership experiences, featuring real-time
insights and seamless engagement processes.

TurboHire complements SAP SF, elevating recruitment with AI, from job
postings to pre-onboarding, transforming the hiring process to create real
business impact.

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Recruiter Experience

Source 2x more qualified candidates with 98% accuracy, focusing on recruiters’ productivity

  • Advanced AI Screening

    Leverage advanced AI to screen profiles and repurpose existing data, ensuring top-notch job matching based not only on skills but also on education and work experience.

  • Expedite Time to Hire

    TurboHire streamlines the recruitment process, facilitating faster decision-making and the swift hiring of elite talent.

  • Interview Experience

    Interview Hub is a centralised platform for easy interview scheduling, feedback collection, and collaboration, boosting efficiency for recruiters and interviewers.

  • Expanding Talent Access

    Leveraging AI technology enhances the ability to discover untapped talent pools and make informed, data-driven hiring decisions, leading to improved recruitment results.

Candidate Experience

Cut TA team effort and time by over 50% with with a mobile-friendly, end-to-end digital journey, including customizable assessments.

  • Mobile-Optimised Experience

    Candidates can easily apply, undertake activities, track progress, and get updates on their mobile phones.

  • Candidate Engagement

    Seamlessly communicate with recruiters via WhatsApp, SMS, emails, and more.

  • Recruitment Intelligence

    Eliminate manual effort and time spent creating jobs. Add intelligence to offers to ensure quality hiring.

  • Data Collection Forms

    Access inbuilt form functionality to collect all types of data across hiring stages.

  • Collaborative Integrations

    Access over 25 integration partners to extend your global recruiting management solution.

Interview Experience

TurboHire's AI-powered tools cut interview time in half, enabling quicker identification of qualified candidates.

  • Automated scheduling

    Use the best tool for easily finding the most appropriate interview slots.

  • 1-way interviews

    1-way video interviews for automating phone screening.

  • Evaluation scorecards

    Collect feedback from interviews using configurable templates.

  • Configurable integrations

    Easy schedule interviews on platforms such as Meet, Teams, and Zoom.

Approver Experience

A streamlined multi-tier approval workflow requiring minimal login.

  • Job Requisitions Approval

    Manage and approve job requisitions, ensuring position control and requisition compliance efficiently.

  • Offer letter Approval

    Approve the offer letters with a single click and minimal login..

Leadership experience

Keep track of hiring analytics across the organisation and access dashboards for insights.

  • Reports

    Evaluate recruiting effectiveness, feedback, and talent quality through organisational hiring metrics.

  • Dashboards

    An interactive dashboard for hiring performance and metrics allows for one-click access to insights without the need for presentations or slides.

Globally Compliant and
Deployed Across Countries

A tool to handle even the complex non-linear process
across multiple geographies.

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TurboHire is available on the SAP Store