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Team Relations Survey Questions

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Why is it important to ask team relations survey questions?


Employee engagement leads to higher productivity and it is hence needed that there is proper team relations are maintained at all times. To ensure that the team relations are strong and there has been no issue with the communication in the team, HR can conduct a survey using the team relations survey questions template provided below. 


20 examples of team relations survey questions


  1. On a scale of 0 to 10 how satisfied are you with the spirit of teamwork in your organization?
  2. Do your team members have a clear idea about their roles in the team?
  3. Is there an effective mechanism within the team for conflict resolution?
  4. Does your department encourage teamwork?
  5. Are the team members in your team held responsible for the decisions that they make?
  6. Is the work assigned in the team distributed fairly?
  7. Is there sufficient efforts made to obtain the opinions and ideas of the employees?
  8. Is there a good alignment between the department and the others with whom you are supposed to coordinate?
  9. Does your department have an idea about the other departments in the organization?
  10. Does working in a team inspire you to do your best?
  11. When the role changes in the team is it communication efficiently?
  12. Are the team members supportive of each other’s roles?
  13. is the communication conducted between the team members transparent?
  14. Do the team members provide timely feedback to each other?
  15. Do you think the team helps the organization achieve its goals?
  16. Do you think team lunches with your team help build a better relationship with your team?
  17. What are the ways that you think the team can communicate in a better way?
  18. Do you think team meetings constructively help you?
  19. Do you think remotely working has affected the team skills?
  20. Are there any suggestions to improve team skills with company goals being kept in mind?


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