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Requesting reference for new employee

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When you hire a new employee it is important to get to know the employee and his or her background. This can be done by reference checking. With the help of the below-provided,  requesting a reference for the new employee mail template, recruiters can now check in with either the employee or the previous employer of the candidate to provide the details of the employee to cross-check the details provided. 




  • Could you provide a reference for [candidate name]?
  • Request for a reference on [candidate name]


Template for requesting reference for new employee


Hello [name],


I am [your name] and I work for [company name]. We are in the process of hiring a [title of the job] and one of your former employees [candidate name] has made the final cut.


Before we go ahead and make an official offer to the candidate I’d like to know more about [candidate name] to ensure that we are making the right choice. I am reaching out to you because [candidate name] has mentioned that you were his/her manager for several years/months. It’d be great if you could let me know your overall experience with [candidate name] and whether you’d like to recommend [him/her].


Could I call you for a brief discussion today or maybe tomorrow? Please let me know if the number given by [candidate name] is accurate or not: [+0000010000]. If you’d like to send me the information via mail, please feel free to do so.


Of course, any information that is shared will be completely confidential.


Thank you for your help,


[your name]



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