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With the help of referred candidate mail, you can let the candidate know why they were recommended and why you deem them as a perfect fit for the role.


The referred candidate mail template will also help recruiters to clearly state all the details regarding why the candidates are being considered and how they can take this further.


Outreaching to candidates with the help of a customizable referred candidate mail will now be simple with the following template being available.


Subject: Recommended you for a new position




Dear [Candidate name],


Hope this message finds you well!


One of our employees is more than happy to refer you for the role of a new opening at [position name]. We are a firm that is looking for a candidate that fits this role well.


While here, you will get to work with some of the biggest partner companies and hence help you grow along the process. As you are highly recommended, we’d love it if you could apply for this position and from there, we can take this further.


Hoping we can get in touch soon.






[Your name]




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