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Program administrator

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Who is a program administrator?


A program administrator is a professional who coordinates and manages the day-to-day administrative activities and provides program support for the programs that are designed to support the organization’s needs.


What does a program administrator do?


Program administrators are responsible for a variety of directional level duties such as planning, implementation, supervision, and optimization of a program that has been offered by an organization. They need to keep financial accountabilities which may include managing budgets and overlooking the funding processes.


Job brief


We are looking for a program administrator who will be able to coordinate operations and people for various programs that are conducted in the organization. You will be needed to manage budgets, recruit staff members and establish various policies. To be able to succeed in this role you will need to have strong communication and organizational skills while also being well-versed in people management.


Duties and Responsibilities


The duties and responsibilities of a program administrator include the following:


  •       Review and improve the applied standards and practices
  •       Preparing and monitoring program calendars
  •       Reschedule or rearrange tasks or projects based on urgent needs
  •       Resolve issues to keep the programs rolling
  •       Prepare reports on the programs’ status or problems
  •       Lead fundraising campaigns as and when needed
  •       Monitoring the operations, budgets, and activities for each program plan
  •       Manage relations with the vendors and partner organizations
  •       Hire, supervise and coach the team members
  •       Ensure there is compliance with all relevant regulations for each program


Key requirements


The key requirements for a program administrator include the following:


  •       Proven experience as a program administrator or a similar role
  •       Analytical thinking skills
  •       Strong leadership and organizational skills
  •       Knowledge of recruiting procedures
  •       Familiarity with laws and regulations associated with the industry
  •       Tech-savvy with a good knowledge of time and project management software such as Basecamp and Confluence
  •       Problem-solving aptitude
  •       Degree in business or relevant field

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