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Got a client who needs to fill in a position? Well, you can send out a mail to a candidate you deem fit for the position by letting them know you are looking for a candidate who’d be a great fit for the position.


By customizing this outreach mail for clients, you can source the candidate you want to hire and hence saving a lot of time checking out the resumes and forming new emails.


The template is a free and customizable one that will allow recruiters to change the constituents within just minutes.


Subject: Hiring for a client




Dear [candidate name],


We are not familiar with each other; however, we are aware of your work and experience at [candidate’s company] and we are delighted to say that we are impressed with the same.


Obviously, things have gone very well so far and we do wish that you remain there for the long term. However, your name came up as one of the suggestions when we were searching for candidates who are ready to join the new opening for our client. They are a firm that tackles some of the problems within the company and I’m sure you will get plenty of solicitations as we approach the bonus season.


We can get on a call if you do not mind to let you know further details about the position and what entails around it. If you are interested, please do let us know so we can schedule it at the earliest.


Looking forward to hearing from you.






[Your name]




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