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Operations supervisor

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Who is an operations supervisor?


An operations supervisor is a professional who monitors the efficiency of a department and applies various methods to overall improve the processes including customer service and data analysis procedures.


What does an operations supervisor do?


Operations supervisors are responsible to keep a track of key performance indicators also known as KPIs across various functions, including IT, finance, and customer support. They check the compliance with operational policies and the progress of administrative tasks.


Job brief


We are looking for an experienced operations supervisor to help us act on the right processes across the company and enable business growth. You will need to assess our departments’ operational methods and propose various ways to additionally improve them.


Effective communication skills and project management skills will be required to qualify for this role. You should also be skilled as a good problem-solver with appreciable analytical thinking.


Duties and Responsibilities


The duties and responsibilities of an operations manager include the following:


  •       Overlook the efficiency in the operational procedures
  •       Provide administrative support
  •       Monitor and report on the departmental performances
  •       Supervise and train employees
  •       Provide administrative support
  •       Ensure there is compliance with company policies and regulations
  •       Analyze the requirements of a customer and work on their needs effectively
  •       Research various methods that will help improve operations and reduce costs in turn


Key requirements


The key requirements for an operations manager include the following:


  •       Previous experience as an operations supervisor or a similar role
  •       Team leadership
  •       Organizational skills and attention to detail
  •       Excellent project management skills
  •       Knowledge regarding operational principles and policies
  •       Hands-on experience with implementation of operational processes
  •       A degree in operations management or business administration would be a plus

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