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Logistics Manager

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Who is a Logistics Manager?


A Logistics Manager is a professional whose key role is organizing safe storage and efficient distribution of goods from one location to another. They have to ensure that the orders passed by the seniors of the organization are carried out appropriately. Logistics Managers are sometimes called Supply Chain Managers. They usually act as the middle management professionals in the supply chain. 


What does a Logistics Manager do?


Logistics Managers are mainly responsible for supervising the storage of goods, supplies, and company materials, their movement, and distribution. They plan routes for the movement of goods, analyze budgets, and process the incoming and outgoing shipments. The tasks of a Logistics Managers are similar to a Warehouse Manager, however, Logistics Managers find more of their duties at a macro level. 


Job brief


Our company is looking for a qualified Logistics Manager to oversee regular supply operations and employees in logistics. You must be proficient with logistics and inventory systems and be a highly organized individual to fulfill this job. If you are interested in working in the supply chain department, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. 


Duties and responsibilities

  • Manage all aspects of the logistics process
  • Oversee inventory, warehouse duties, and transportation 
  • Make sure customers receive deliveries on time and are content with them
  • Ensure the quality and quantity of goods
  • Identify issues with the logistics process and suggest solutions
  • Report on performance metrics and analyze regular data
  • Attend meetings with suppliers, manufacturing companies, and customers
  • Train the logistics team and manage them
  • Design budgets and maintain them


Key requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in transportation, business management, logistics, supply chain, or related field
  • 4+ years of proven work experience in logistics, supply chain, or similar role
  • In-depth knowledge of logistics, supply chain, and inventory management
  • Ability to create reports and present them
  • Strong communication and organizational skills

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